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Ok.. so something happened within the last few weeks and it’s been almost impossible to get M to use her Elmo potty..

She was doing so well, keeping a diaper dry for most of the day..

But suddenly.. it stopped after her whole constipation issue.. since then it has been absolutely impossible to get her on the potty.

It got to the point where she would actually kind of whine and cry every time I tried to sit her down on it. 

I would cater to her little whim of removing all her clothes when she would sit on the potty.. but no success.. 

I figured it was because she was watching a video or playing a game, so I would physically show her that I would pause the video or put her toy to the side so that she would know it was waiting for her to come back.. no success.. 

Then.. I tried something.. 

I decided to take the potty OUT of the bathroom and into the living room.. maybe a change of scenery would help.. 

And it did!

I don’t know why I tried a different room.. and in hindsight, I should have just tried to use the other bathroom.. but I was desperate and took the potty to the closest area I could find..

We started it this weekend and it’s actually worked well.. she’s told me several times that she’s wanted to go potty to poop.. and we’ve been pretty successful about catching her before she wets her diaper..

I’m going to slowly move the potty back towards the bathroom, but I will make it a slow process to make sure she gets used to the potty again..

Has anyone else done this?? 

I promise that I will not let her go to the potty in the living room if anyone is over to visit.. hee hee!

M has been having fun discovering the joys of Youtube videos.  She totally knows how to navigate from one video to the next.

It’s actually quite surprising how she can get from Mother Goose Club videos to Mickey Mouse videos to her Masha and the Bear videos to phonics song videos.. and she hardly asks for help.

She is also very proud of her navigation skills.  We often hear her saying, “Ah found it” when she comes across a video she is familiar with.

“Minnie!  Ah found it!”
“A club, ah found it!”
“Doc!  Ah found it!”
“Masha beah, ah found it!”

The cutest part about it all is that she has to physically come to my side to tell me she found it.

I can be all the way across the room from her and she will walk through everything just to come up to me, look me in the eyes, and tell me, “Ah found it!”

She’s got the look of such pride and joy in finding her video.

In fact, it’s not always a video.. it can be a toy she found in one of her bins, or a picture of a character in one of her coloring books.. anything she finds, she loves to proudly proclaim that she found it.

You can’t help but feel so excited for her!  She found it!

This past weekend was a loooong overdue 3-day weekend.

I cherish these weekends so much because it gives me one extra day to spend it all with my family.. I love being woken up by M instead of having to sneek out of the bed in the early hours of morning, hoping that I don’t wake her up.. but that issue is a whole different blog post for another day…

The weekend started off like any normal Saturday.. we slept in.. and stayed in bed for as long as M will allow.. Hubby made breakfast and while M ate, we did a major clean up of the apartment.. another long overdue task..

After lunch, I wanted to take M out.. either to the playground or the pool.. I was debating which place to take her, but the minute she heard “pool” her mind was made up to go there..

She’s such a waterbaby and LOVES the pool.  We have one of those shaded floaters for her, but she’s discovered that it’s so much fun to swim around without it.  She prefers daddy carrying her in the water now..

We stayed there for about 30-45 minutes because it’s always soooo hard to get her out of the pool.. then we took a shower and before we were even able to get her dressed.. she fell asleep!

The day was pretty lazy from then on..

Sunday, we decided to go to Balboa Park and visit a museum.. initially, Hubby and I wanted to go to the Museum of Man and look at the Torture exhibit, but they said that it wasn’t suitable for children.  We’ll probably go back when we can find the time to leave M with grandparents to check the exhibit out..

We settled on the Natural History Museum because my cousin recently went there and said there was a pretty cool dinosaur display.  The dinosaurs acutally moved!!!  Pretty exciting stuff.  M liked some of the dinosaurs but was a little scared of the moving T-rex.. who wouldn’t be? 

She had so much fun with all the interactive exhibits.  I’m so glad she has the opportunities to go to such places.  We all have so much fun as a family.

We stumbled upon an international food festival while we were there and we had to go.  We bought M a slice of pizza and Hubby and I enjoyed about 3 entrees from 3 different countries.  M ended up liking my paella, so instead of her pizza (which she was about half-way through with at this point) she ate my paella instead. 

We went home in time for M’s nap.  That’s the wonderful thing about living in San Diego.  Everything is so close by that we can enjoy it in the morning and be home in the afternoon for M’s nap! 

The rest of Sunday was pretty lazy…

Monday was just as lazy.  We slept in, again!  Then we had brunch at a local cafe.  Afterwards, we did a little grocery shopping at Sprouts.. Hubby and I are looking into some rice alternatives.. but again, tha’ts a whole different blog entry to get into eventually…

We went home and M napped.. longest nap ever! 

After that 4hr nap, we went out for more grocery shopping and dinner..

It was a very busy weekend, and I wasnt’ surprised when M pretty much fell asleep instantly once we went to bed..

It was full of great memories and pictures that I can’t wait to scrapbook!!!

Masha and the Bear is a Russian cartoon about a little girl and her bear, obviously. 

It’s all in Russian, so I’m not 100% sure what going on.  From the looks of it, it’s a little girl named Masha that lives in the forest and has a bunch of animal friends…

It’s super cute and the stories are super entertaining.  Masha is a bit mischevious and that seem to get her into trouble at times..

This picture is from M’s favorite episode:


How did we find this?

Well.. M did.

I’ve mentioned before that M’s current obsession is Youtube.  She knows how to navigate around the site and will usually click on video thumbnails that seem to spark her interest.  This particular show’s thumbnail sparked her interest and she loves to watch it.

For the longest time she was calling it “rice” because of what little Masha is eating in the video.  When it wasn’t on and she would ask for it, would couldn’t figure out what “rice” was.. until she found it herself and exclaimed, “rice!”

When Hubby and I used Google Translator to figure out what this show was about, we learned that it was called Masha and the bear..

So when she asked for “rice” we told her what it was actually called. 

Now, she calls it “Masha beah.”

I actually like this cartoon.  It’s cute and playful.  I don’t speak Russian, but I pick up the storyline easily. 

I do recommend this for kids because it’s too darn cute! 

Just do a search for “Masha and the bear” on Youtube and you’ll find so many more episodes.

Something is happening to my little girl.

Something is changing in her.. my happy little girl that used to be able to go for days without crying…

Now.. oh now..

Now, everyday there is a reason for a meltdown.. everyday she cries.. its a daily tantrum.

Tantrums occur mostly when something gets taken away from her.  This used to not bother her before.  We mainly take things away from her if they make a mess or are an obvious hazard.  She used to be ok with that.  She used to just move on to the next thing.

Now, taking away something from her is like the worst thing in the world for her..

If we tell her she’s done watching her shows on the iPad or on Youtube, it’s like the most devastating thing she could experience!

Everyday.  She cries.  Everyday.  She’s on the floor crying.  Every. Day.

Luckily, these episodes don’t last very long.  It’s still pretty easy to distract her away from her drama…

Is this what terrible twos is like?!

Last night, after M took her bath, she wanted to go to bed.  That was about 9:30pm.

Ok.. an early night.. that’s great!

So we went to bed, she played around with the millions of stuffed animals she’s accumulated on our bed.. suddenly, she got antsy..

She started whining and I couldn’t figure out why..

I told her that she had to tell me what was wrong but she just kept whining..

I started listing off all these things that it could have been.. milk?  potty? more toys? something hurt?  teething?  daddy?


Suddenly, these exact words came out of my little girl’s mouth:

“Carefoo hawt watch pew-tah, yes?”
Translation:  “Be Careful With My Heart.  Watch on the computer? Yes?”

I looked at the time and it was a little passed 10pm, that’s when the next day’s episode of BCWMH shows on the computer..

I didn’t even think that it’s become a part of her little routine, but it has! 

The other night, we had watched it on my laptop in the bed, but my laptop has since lost it’s charge, so we had to go to the living room desktop computer.. I know she kind of wanted to watch it in bed, but at least she wasn’t super fussy about that detail.

She actually stayed on my lap for the most of the episode and when it was over, we went right to bed.  She fell asleep shortly after..

Such a funny story.  M really loves to keep my life interesting..








I guess you can say I’m starting her young.. but in fact, SHE started it young.

I’m not a jewelry person.  I admire jewelry, but I don’t NEED to have jewelry.. in fact, that’s the one things Hubby loves about me.  I don’t ask for jewelry.. all he had to give me was an engagement ring.. and I don’t ask for anything else.. he did give me a beautiful necklace on our first year anniversary.. I love it.. but I will never expect anything else.. or anything more.. that’s just me.

That being said.. I totally fell in love with Origami Owl necklaces.. ha!

These are lockets that they call “Living Lockets” because there are so many charms and accessories that you can put in them to customize to your own personalities.  It’s probably the only piece of jewelry I actually wear outside of my wedding/engagement rings..

When M saw me wear mine for the first time, she fell in love with it too.  She ended up wearing it more than me..

So what does my mother do?  She buys M her own!


Hers is the smaller locket.. it has an angel, a cross, an M, and a little girl with a sapphire birthstone.  Her plate says, “love” or “blessed.”  I can’t remember.  Mine is the larger one with “mom”, a Q for our last name, an October stone for our October wedding, a little girl with a sapphire birthstone for M, a cross and a plate that says “love” and a larger plate that says “blessed.”  I put a pink dangle on the side for a splash of pink that I always love.

M loves wearing her little necklace.  She looks like such a little lady when wearing it.  I don’t even have to worry about the choking hazard because contrary to what she always does, she doesn’t put this in her mouth!  The locket is closed by magnets and the little indent to help open the lockets is so small on hers that I could barely get it open.  I do keep an eye on her when she’s wearing it, so protective mothers know that I am very diligent about these things… I think she just loves having something to wear that “mimi” does that it doesn’t even cross her mind to put it into her mouth.. but once she attempts to, the necklace is going away until she learns to not put it in her mouth!

I can’t believe she’s totally into jewelry when she hardly sees me wearing anything.

If you could customize a locket.. what would you put in it?

Yesterday was a pretty awesome Mother’s Day.

It’s started off like any Sunday.. we went to Church, then went to lunch.

We went home after and I had the BEST Mother’s Day gift a mother could ever ask for… A NAP!  Yes.. I took a nap!

Because M fell asleep while we were all eat lunch, she missed out on eating with us while at the restaurant.  We went home for her to eat lunch and my mom and Hubby took care of everything while I lied down on the couch.. before I knew it, I was waking up!

Oh.. it was a wonderful nap!

Then, because it was such a wonderfully warm day yesterday, we took M and spent a good two hours in the pool!  She LOVED it.. it was the first swim of the year and I can’t wait to do it again!

We ended the day with dinner with Hubby’s family.. and then we went home for me to spend some time at the craft table..

All day, it’s like M knew.  She showered me with kisses and hugs, more than most days…

She really knows how to make her “mimi” happy!

I hope everyone else had a great Mother’s day!

Mother’s Day is coming up..

It’s my second one. 

Last year, M was only 8 months old.. didn’t do much.. but reading last year’s blog post reminded me of what she was like that time..

This year, at 20 months, she’s a completely different person.. and I feel like I’ve grown as a mother..

This past year has taught me patience, as M is approaching the “terrible twos” I have noticed a slight change in her personality and her need to do things without my help.  The crying fits that seem to be controled by a hair trigger have taught me a lot of patience.  Potty training has taught me patience..

This past year has shown me a love I’ve never known.  That love between a child and mother is so pure and precious, I could never take it for granted.  I thank God everyday for this particular blessing.  Her hugs are so genuine.  When she looks me in the eyes and says, “mimi?” when she’s doing something she’s proud of.. I feel her love and admiration. 

She loves me even after I have to be firm with her.  She loves me even after I have to pull her away from something she wanted but couldn’t have.  She loves me after she cries her eyes out when I tell her she can’t do something bad or dangerous.  Seconds later, she’s in my arms and smiling and playing with me again.

She is unconditional love personified. 

On this Mother’s Day, I don’t ask for anything special.  I don’t need flowers, candy, jewelry, or pampering..

On this Mother’s Day, I get all the thanks I need from the special little girl I call my daughter.  I get all the thanks I need when she comes home from being at grandma’s house, runs over to me and gives me the biggest hug she knows how.  I get all the thanks I need when she calls me “mimi.”  I get all the thanks I need just knowing that she’s happy and loved. 

Happy mother’s day to all the wonderful mothers, grandmothers, and mothers-to-be..

Monday, Hubby and I started getting a funny feeling in our throats..

Oh no. That’s not good..

Yesterday, I got home and went straight to the craft room to work on a project.. I could tell that I was slowly sinking into a “sicky mode.”

When Hubby and M came home, Hubby said he wasn’t feeling all that great, and as I walked out the room, I could feel myself get achy and some chills came over me.

Immediately, I popped in an Advil to get rid of the aches.

I’m a mom.. I can’t afford to suffer the aches with a wild toddler around!

I sat on the couch for awhile watching M run around the room like she’d never been there before.  I waited for the Advil to kick in..

Once it kicked in, I was ready to go about the rest of the night balancing crafting and mommy-ing…

I woke up this morning with a monster headache.. but in my fog of “just woken up-ness” I forgot to take an Advil before I got to work.. so now.. I’m pretty much suffering.

The thing is… with Hubby and I both feeling under the weather.. it’s only a matter of time before M will start showing symptoms.  Just last night, she was sneezing a lot more than normal.. and for her.. sometimes that’s a sign of things to come. 

But we’re ready!  In true Filipino fashion, I rubbed Vicks on both her feet, her chest and back.  We turned on the vaporizer, but that was mostly for Hubby and I.  We located all her “sicky” tools like her nasal bulb thingy and her fever reducer.. we’re ready!

I just hope it doesn’t lead to an ear infection.. AND that it doesn’t happen this weekend.. the last thing I need is a sick kid on Mother’s Day!

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