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I just hope I understand you…

By the time M was about a year and a half, she was talking fairly well.  I mean, I understood her most of the time.  She was able to identify objects, particularly objects she liked or needed..

Since then, I’ve encouraged her to “use her words.”

Now that she’s older, I try to emphasize using her words, especially since she’s well into her terrible two, temper tantrum phase.

She’s been ok with it… as long as I can understand her.

Case in point:
Last night’s bath.  She wanted to go into the bath with her shirt on.  As she was climbing in, I picked her up and took her shirt off.  She wasn’t happy with that and just started crying.  I had to reason with her that she couldn’t wear her clothes into the bath.  Then, she turns to me and says something that started with an “a.”  Through her tears, she was pleading with me with using this word I could not understand.

She was using her words, but I just didn’t understand them..

I ended up sticking her in the bath and she cried for awhile, most likely from the frustration of not being understood, then she was gleefully distracted by the running water and her toys.

I felt bad.  All this time, I tell her to use her words, and when she actually does try to use them, I had no idea what she was saying. 

Sigh.. Toddler problems..

It started out easy enough.

M asked for milk.  However, since M had been sick for the past few days, all she wanted was milk.

I wanted to give her water.

Well, M wanted milk and she was going to let me know that.

She asked me for milk.  I said, “Why don’t you drink some water instead?”

Well, I apparently said a bad thing.  It was as if I told her that she can never drink any liquid ever again.  It was like I told her that she was to be thirsty for the rest of her life.

She threw herself onto the ground and screamed and cried for milk.

When she calmed down, I offered her a compromise.  Drink a little bit of water, and then I will give her milk.

She cried.

But because I’m the mommy, I gave her the water anyway.  She drank it.  And she calmed down.

So, like I promised, I started to pour her milk.

She saw me take the milk out.  She even told me that I was holding milk.  She saw me pour the milk into her sippy cup.

But, I guess she wanted it in a bottle because when I handed it to her, she was on the floor and screaming and crying again.

She turned her back on me and on the milk.

So I sat with her.  I sat with her while she pouted away from me.

After a few minutes of pouting, she put a hand on my leg.  Soon after, she snuggled up into my lap.

I hugged her for a bit, then I told her in a super calm way that what was in the sippy cup was milk.  Then I asked her if she wanted it.  In her small voice, she calmly told me yes.  So I handed her the sippy cup and she took it and drank it.

Victory for me!

There have been many small frequent meltdowns, but this one seems to be the worst.  I’d like to say that I won this battle..

If only they will only be this easy from now on…

It seemed to appear overnight.

Ok, maybe I started to see inklings of it while we were in Hawaii..

But sheesh..

Now, she’s gone full-blown terrible two!

Every little thing that doesn’t seem to go her way seems to just send her into a complete meltdown!

By complete meltdown, I mean on the ground, crying, depending on the severity, she’s either whining or screaming at the top of her lungs out of frustration..

Oh my ears!

At first, I thought it was because she was sick…

But the more she’s recovering, the more these little tantrums happen!

Oh.. these tantrums!

There will be stories.. oh yes, there will be stories..

So far, M turning two hasn’t been fun.

We’re still battling her virus.. she’s had low grade fevers today.. yesterday, she may have had low grade fevers, but I never really took her temperature, so I thought she wasn’t having any.

She’s been coughing and it’s been frustrating her.  The poor girl.  She cries after a small coughing fit.  I know that the coughing is starting to hurt her throat.

Her nose is starting to run.

I thought she was supposed to be in the home stretch?

I’m really hoping so..

If she doesn’t get better, I’ll probably call the doctor again on Friday.

Prayers are appreciated.  I just want my bubbly little ball of fun back…

Thank God M’s fevers have not come back.  She went all day without a fever.  There were moments where I felt that she warmed up, but when I checked her temperature, it wasn’t high enough to give her any reducer.

Thank God!

Her attitude was much better too.  She played around and talked a lot more than she did during the weekend.  She didn’t cry as much, in fact, she didn’t cry at all!  She was full of laughs and songs.

She wasn’t at 100%, but I’m still happy with what I saw of her today.

Her pediatrician said that it might take a few days for her to be at her 100% active-self.

She eats, but she would still rather drink milk.  I’ve been diluting it because she’s developed a little bit of a cough and I’m not sure if the dairy is causing a lot more of the phlegm that she’s experiencing.

Her pediatrician says that she looks like she’s gotten over the hump of this viral infection.  I’m hoping so.  I miss my active little bug.  When she’s well, she’s exhausting.  She crazy-active and non-stop.  But when she’s sick and just sitting around or lying on the carpet, it makes me sad.  I miss the crazy activity.  I miss her being non-stop.

I’m hoping she’ll be over this completely before the end of the week.

It’s like the flip of a switch. The instance she turned two years old I started to hear “mommy.”

I’m Mimi.

That’s what she learned to call me and I love it.

I always knew that she would eventually outgrow it. I just didn’t realize it would actually happen..

At least I still get “Mimi” when she’s being affectionate…

Dearest M,

You’re two!

Yesterday, you were one.  Today, you are two.  We’ve been going over that for the past few months now.  I think you’ve finally caught on! 

You are the sweetest little girl I know.  You’re a neverending source of hugs and kisses.  I love every single one of them.  I will never tire of the feeling of you wrapping your little arms around my neck and squeezing tightly.  I will never tire of hearing the words, “Kiss” and then you coming in to give me a sweet kiss. 

You never fail to show me that you love me, and for that, I am forever grateful.  I hope that you also know that I love you more than life itself.  I try to show you everyday that you mean the world to me.  I hope you recognize that.

This year has been nothing but milestones for you.  You’re language development has been nothing but impressive.  You’ve been singing like nobody’s business!  I love your version of “True Sisters” from Sofia the First.  I love how you like to try to sing both Sofia and Cinderella’s part and how your voice goes up high in a falcetto tone and how you are learning to hold notes for as long as they do.  You’ve got the music gene in you, and it’s showing.

You climb on everything like a little monkey.  It’s so cute watching you maneuver your way around everything.  Nothing gets in your way anymore.  It makes my heart jump over and over, but you make it everytime. 

It made me especially sad when you started climbing into bed on your own.  It’s starting to feel like you need me less and less now.  You’re just learning how to be more independent, and I’m learning to loosen my grip on you little by little.  You may not need me for some things, but there are many more things you’ll be running to me for.  I will always be here.

This might be the year where you finally go into a “big girl” bed.  I’m still deciding if you are truly ready.  Actually, I know you are probaby ready.  It’s ME that’s not ready.  I love your cuddles.  Never fear, even if you are in your own bed, I’m pretty sure you will still be in our room.  I know it will make us both feel better.

This might be the year you become a big sister.  Who knows?  Sometimes when I watch you play, I think to myself, “M needs a playmate.”  We have our playgroups, but I know there’s nothing like having a sibling to play with.  Maybe this is the year you get one.  Only God knows..

This coming year will be another year full of changes and surprises.  Just keep growing.  Stay healthy.  Stay happy.  Stay loving.

I pray that God will continue to bless you.  I pray that God makes sure that nothing changes your happiness.  I pray that God will continue to guide your life in the right direction.  I’m always praying for you.

Happy birthday, my dearest M.

We love you so very, very much..
Mimi & Daddy

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