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First, there’s just about everything on the Food Network.

Then.. there’s the stuff on the Travel Channel.  Man V Food.  Bizarre Foods, Bizarre Foods America, all those Worlds Greatest whatever food, all those Anthony Bourdain shows about traveling and food…

Food.  Food.  Food.

It’s no wonder I’m gaining way too much weight!

It’s all I want to watch right now.

Food, and those reality shows on TLC, but that’s for another blog entry.

All the food television makes me crave whatever I watch.  If steak is the feature, I’m craving a steak badly.  If it’s a sandwhich on the TV, I’m calling Hubby to bring home a nice, hearty sandwhich.  If it’s burritos, you better believe Hubby is hitting up the 24hr Mexican place down the street to get me a good California burrito (the ones with the fries inside.. mmmm).

I know I should just avoid all food television, but I just can’t.  It’s like an addiction.  I NEED to watch it.  I NEED to eat it afterwards.

I think I NEED help… 🙂

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I have the worst habit of watching the Food Network and then craving almost everything I see on the show I’m watching..

For example.. I’m watching “Unwrapped.”  The episode is about cheese.. and they just featured cheesecakes.. and now I’m really, really, really craving cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory.. the banana cream one.. Not that it was featured on the show.. because it wasn’t.. I just have an imagination that likes to run with ideas..

The craving doesn’t die until the food is in my mouth..

Last month, I saw the Man V Food episode on the Travel Channel that was featuring Boston.. and those roast beef sandwhiches that would be dipped and double dipped in beef broth..

I craved French Dip sandwhiches from Arby’s.. and it was only yesterday that the craving was satisfied.. thanks to my wonderful hubby!

But because of eating the French Dip.. I’m now craving more potato cakes from Arby’s..

You see how this works?!

A mind is a dangerous thing.. a hungry mind will drive you absolutely insane!

I’m watching one of those Anthony Bourdain “No Reservations” show and he is in Tokyo, Japan.

I soooo want to go there.  There are soooo many places I would love to travel to.

I should make a list.

BUT.. if I make a list, I’m just going to disappoint myself if I can’t get to at least half of the places I’d write down.

But if I had the money and the time and the resources.. I’d be a total jet-setter.. and life would be wonderful.

Maybe I’ll get to travel to some places during my lifetime.. it’ll happen.. and if not.. I’m sure I’ll be fine just watching the Travel Channel all day..

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