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M’s current favorite toys of the moment have been tea sets.

She has about 3 or 4 tea sets, from some super simple ones to elaborate ones with play food.

She loves to pour cups of tea, stir them, and then spoon feed you tea.

It’s the cutest thing!

She will blow on the spoon because she tells me that the tea is hot.  Then, she’ll say “ahhh” and once you open your mouth, she’ll shove that spoon in your mouth.

She’ll also try to feed you with the tea cup.  She also makes those slurping sounds.

She enjoys tea sets so much! 

Tea parties with my little M are always the best…


At the end of last year, I said that things were going to be changing..

One major goal for this year was to utilize the space of our apartment, reorganize, and make better use of our space.

We’ve been working a lot on our living and dining rooms and it’s marvelous!

For the living room, we replaced all the cardboard boxes we were using to store M’s toys with a piece of Ikea toy storage furniture:


And pink and white bins.. she’s a girl!

With all the toys and books that M had, I was really surprised that the Trofast holds it all. Using this instead of the cardboard boxes of diapers and wipes really made our living room look more organized, less cluttered, and so spacious!

M really loves the bins too, not only does she love pouring the contents all over the living room floor, she loves sitting in them, or climbing on top of them..

We also replaced the TV stand with an old one from my brother in law. It has a smaller footprint than our old TV stand, so it also gave us a little bit more room.

I’m loving our living room. M has so much room to run around, when she doesn’t scatter her toys everywhere.. and it’s so easy to just take and toss her toys into the bin at the end of the day.

I’m loving this reorganization!

Black Friday is coming up…

That means Christmas shopping will be starting up soon.

I’ve got my list, and I’m pretty sure we can find gifts for everyone on the list.. I just have one that I’m unsure of..

Little M.

This is her second Christmas.  She’s fully aware of how to open gifts, play with toys, play with boxes, play with paper.. etc. 

But what am I going to give her? 

My parents are most likely going to get here that Rockstar Elmo that plays the drums and sings songs.  M loves watching Elmo sing whenever we find ourselves in the toy aisle.

I was going to get her the first and second season of The Fresh Beat Band and both CDs of their music.

But, I can always let her watch episodes off of Netflix.. so why spend the money on the DVDs?!?

She’s also very much into Dora the Explorer.. so I can probably find something for her Dora-related..

I just don’t know what to get her..

I think I’m going to have to take her to Toys R Us and let her roam the aisles so I can see what sort of toys she is drawn to.  Then I can make my selection from there..

How did you decide what to give your toddlers for Christmas?

M loves to play with her Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princesses.. she plays with them so much that she knows them by name!

M: Ah-ya-ya
Me: Cinderella!

M:  Ah-wa-wa
Me:  Aurora!

M:  Ah-ee-a
Me: Ariel!

M: Ah-ya
Me: Tiana

She’s totally got it!

So my parents are in town this week.  Mom’s helping out with Little M this week when we go to work..

We decided to reorganize the chaotic toy collection that manifested itself due to M’s birthday and her inability to keep her toys in one area.. toddlers, sheesh!

While gathering the toys, we realized that there were a lot of missing shapes, balls, little people.. etc.

We look under the couch…

My goodness, there was sooo much stuff under there!

I knew that I would usually find Little M with her hand shoved under the couch.. but I had no idea it was because there was so many toys under there!

Did she put them there or was she taking them out, or both?


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