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M is so interested in Play Doh that a good number of the videos she watches on Youtube involve playing with a Play Doh set.

Not kidding.

She watches this video where they are reviewing some sort of ice cream making Play Doh toy.  She watches this video where someone is making a rainbow with Play Doh.  She watches this video where they are opening a box of some Play Doh toy and just going over what’s inside and then making stuff with it..

It’s pretty cute how obsessed she seems to be with Play Doh.

I won’t buy her any.

Not that I’m against Play Doh.  I used to love Play Doh as a child.  I remember having so many tubs of it.  I also remember being really careful not to mix my colors together.  So the objects I ended up creating were always just one color.  I didn’t like seeing the colors get all mixed up.

The reason I won’t buy her any is because she sticks toys in her mouth.  Yes, at two years old, she still has a habit of sticking things in her mouth.  The scary thing is, since her mouth has obviously grown, objects fit further into her mouth than before.  So we have been SUPER diligent about the objects that are around her.  There are the obvious play foods and table settings that go into her mouth.  She loves to pretend she’s eating, or having a tea party.  Such a girlie girl.  Then there are toys that should be in her mouth, and that’s why I worry.

She always asks for Play Doh videos, and when she sees actual Play Doh in the stores, she always seems to want it.  I feel really bad about not getting it for her, but it’s for her safety.  I tell her all the time, “I will buy you Play Doh when you no longer put random things in your mouth.”  So far, she hasn’t shown me that she’s matured in this aspect, so.. no Play Doh.

I can’t wait until she is old enough for it all.  I can’t wait to play with the Play Doh with her.  Maybe I’ll show her that it’s ok to mix colors.  Maybe that’s more for me than for her.  I shudder to think of the icky brown color that will result when all the colors eventually get smushed together.. :::shudder:::

Thankful November:
November 13 – I’m thankful that my daughter has the opportunity to discover new toys and new experiences through technology.  I’m thankful that she is blessed with these opportunities to grow and learn and develop.

I’m not one to confine my daughter to strictly girlie things..

It’s not my fault that she tends to gravitate toward pink things (or is it?!), or Disney Princesses, or Dora the Explorer..

When she was younger, Hubby and I experimented in the Target toy aisle.

Hubby and I grabbed an obvious “boy toy” and an obvious “girl toy.”  We picked some Avengers toy for the boy toy.  The packaging was all blue, has all those action toy graphics.. seriously boy.  For the girl toy, we picked some super pink Barbie thing.  The packaging was pink, with florals and swirlies.. totally girlie.

We took her to the middle of the main aisle, so the toys couldn’t cloud her judgement, and we whipped the toys out in front of her at the same time. 

Each time, she would gravitate toward the girl toy. 

Being the scientists we are, we did this several times, on several occasions.. and she always picked the girl toy..

That was when she was less than a year old..

Now, it seems that her love of toys and tv shows has gone beyond “girl” things. 

She currently LOVES Thomas & Friends and Jake & The Neverland Pirates.  Both shows seemed to be geared toward boys. 

Both shows have girl characters in it, but if you notice the marketing, it seems to be more towards boys. 

I really have yet to see any girl clothes with Thomas or Jake on it.  I would really love to get M a shirt, but we haven’t found one yet.  If you see one, please let me know! 

I think its really great that she’s into these things and that she isn’t restricting herself to all princesses and tea sets. 

She has one toy train, and one Jake doll.  She loves them both, and true to her girlie style, she loves to hug and kiss them. 

Would the feeling of acceptance be the same if M was a boy playing with girl toys? 

Share your stories of boy/girl toys here in the comments!

At the end of last year, I said that things were going to be changing..

One major goal for this year was to utilize the space of our apartment, reorganize, and make better use of our space.

We’ve been working a lot on our living and dining rooms and it’s marvelous!

For the living room, we replaced all the cardboard boxes we were using to store M’s toys with a piece of Ikea toy storage furniture:


And pink and white bins.. she’s a girl!

With all the toys and books that M had, I was really surprised that the Trofast holds it all. Using this instead of the cardboard boxes of diapers and wipes really made our living room look more organized, less cluttered, and so spacious!

M really loves the bins too, not only does she love pouring the contents all over the living room floor, she loves sitting in them, or climbing on top of them..

We also replaced the TV stand with an old one from my brother in law. It has a smaller footprint than our old TV stand, so it also gave us a little bit more room.

I’m loving our living room. M has so much room to run around, when she doesn’t scatter her toys everywhere.. and it’s so easy to just take and toss her toys into the bin at the end of the day.

I’m loving this reorganization!

M’s new sippy cup has a simple plastic covering over the spout so when we travel, it’s covered up from all the germs in the air..  In her carseat, she wanted something to drink so I have it to her with the cover lifted up.  She started biting the cover so I took it off, but she asked for it back “ahn” (babyspeak for “on”) again.  I attached the cover back on, and covered the spout with it so she wouldn’t bit the cover.  She figured out how to remove the cover off the spout and proceeded to bit the cover.. TODDLER TRIUMPH!

M has tons of large toys that serve as a silent barrier to places that she isn’t supposed to go to.  A lot of these toys have wheels and can be easily moved, but for the longest time, she never realized this.  The other day, she took one of those barrier toys and wheeled it away.  She noticed the space it created and the area that opened up for her, and without hesitation, walks right into it.  Oh, the look on her face.. TODDLER TRIUMPH!

M loves those toddler cups with the straws (similar brand to the sippy cups we use for her).  I remember the day she realized that she can remove the straw to make a nice wet puddle in her highchair tray… TODDLER TRIUMPH!

These kids are definitely smarter than we give them credit for.  Their curiosity and need to touch everything and anything gives them the drive to discover things you wouldn’t think they were old enough to figure out.  The looks on their faces when then do figure them out is priceless.

Share your toddler triumphs in the comments!  I’d love to hear them!

I swear I think M’s toys come to life just like in the Toy Story movies.

I find her toys everywhere and in the wierdest places! 

I was going through a bag of Target purchases that I had tucked away under the dining table, and while looking through it, I found one of M’s pegs from her pegboard.

When we came home the other day, I found her Little People Disney Princess Belle lying in the nicely folded clean clothes basket by the door..

If the toys come to life while we’re gone, that would be kind of neat.  Hahah, I’ve seen the movies and loved them. 

It definitely would explain why we can never keep these toys contained!

Now, if they would only do us a favor and go back to their respective boxes and bins when they are done for the night.. that would help with clean up a lot!

Little M has been surrounded by the same set of toys for awhile and it’s starting to show.

She hasn’t been playing much with her toys.. she’s been more interested in what’s in the recycling bin (mostly milk cartons) and various  floor cleaning tools (she loves to play “vacuum”).

So I’m glad that Christmas is coming and she may be getting some new toys as gifts..

As of now, she still has some toys that we haven’t opened up for her to play with.  I think after the Christmas season, we are going to start packing away her older toys and taking out some of the newer ones.  We’ll pack to toys up for storage for future children to play with.

Maybe it will distract her from playing old milk cartons.. silly kiddo!

This Pegboard Set is found at Lakeshore Learning online.  Click here to go to the specific page on their website. 

This toy is specific for 0-18month old infants and toddlers.

We received this toy as a gift on her birthday.  When I first saw it, I wondered if Little M would like it.  There were no lights, no bells and whistles, no music…

It’s a simple toy.  A bunch of giant pegs and a pegboard base.

This simple toy is actually one of M’s favorite toys at the moment.  She loves to carry those pegs around our apartment.  She’s usually got one in each hand. 

She loves the pegs.  She likes to put the little stump of the peg in her mouth, and I don’t have to worry about it being a choking hazard since they are so big.

She also loves playing with the pegboard.  She sticks her little thumbs into the holes.  The center hole of the pegboard is an actual hole, and she likes to give it to me so I can look at her through it.  She thinks its funny and I love when she says “hi” when I see here through there.

A game Hubby and I play with her is to try to make one big tower with the pegs before she can get to it and knock it down.  She loves to knock down the towers we build. 

I recommend this toy to anyone with a toddler.  The pieces are safe.  No choking hazards.  It’s simple and kids can figure out their own fun with them.

My only complaint is that it doesn’t really come with a nice container to hold the pegs in after she’s done playing.  Pegs tend to get scattered around the apartment as she continuously carries them around where ever she goes.  That’s such a minor issue compared to the hours of fun she has with this toy.

Play on!

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