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M has a baby doll.  She named it “brother.”

She loves that doll.

It’s supposed to be a baby girl.  It’s one of those that have the dirt marks on it and warm water “washes” it away.

The baby had a bathrobe and a diaper but she removed them and carries the doll around naked.  I think this is why she’s attributed a male gender to the doll.  She calls him ‘brother’ and tells me, “he’s so cute!”

She rocks him to sleep and sings a nap-time lullaby. 

She gently lays him down on the couch and gently kisses his forehead.

It’s so cute watching her give her doll love.  It shows how loved she is that she can emulate the same actions and feelings towards her doll. 

She looks so ready to have a new baby in the family.  I wonder if that’s a sign….


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M loves to sing.

As children, my brother and I had a microphone stand that we loved to use.  We used to get together with our cousins and have little concerts using the microphone.

Naturally, because M loves singing, she had to had one too.  My mother took to Amazon to find the perfect microphone.

Winfun Sing N Jam Platform

This is great. 

This is a stand-alone microphone that can get pretty tall.  It will definitely grow with M for several years.

At the base, there are four buttons that are sounds of applause, cheers, and some percussion.  There is also disco ball lighting that M loves.

The microphone is pretty loud.  The quality of the sound is decent, but it’s a children’s toy, so I didn’t expect super clarity.  There is also a bit of feedback that occurs if the microphone is tilted down or too close to the speakers. 

M LOVES this.. she totally jams out to her My Little Pony songs.  She’ll sing her favorite Strawberry Shortcake songs. 

I’ve been known to belt out a little “Let It Go” from Frozen with this microphone too!

(Don’t mind the mess.. just focus on the cute kid rocking out on the microphone…)

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M received this trike for her second birthday back in September 2013.  She has loved it from the beginning, however, she’s refused to take it outside.  All that changed last week.  We were finally able to take it out and she absolutely loves it more than ever!

Radio Flyer Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer and Stroll Trike

This trike was pretty easy to assemble.  Of course, Hubby did all the assembling.  The directions were fairly easy to read and he had it put together in less than an hour.

This trike is awesome because M doesn’t necessarily have to pedal in order for it to go forward.  That handle in the back acts as a stroller handle.  You can steer and push the trike around.  You have complete control of the tricycle with that handle. 

If M doesn’t move the pedals, the trike makes a ticking noise that can get a bit annoying.  Hubby seems to think that there is a setting within the front wheel that can remove that ticking noise, but so far, we haven’t figured it out.

The back has a little “trunk space”.  You can lift the little back area and there is a small storage space.  It can’t really hold much.  It can probably hold a little baggie of snacks, but nothing major.  We usually find small random objects in them that M likes to place. 

The wheels are hollow plastic, which makes them fairly easy to clean, but I’m not sure how long they will actually last in the long run. 

M loves this trike.  Ever since we finally used it outside, she has been wanting to go everyday! 


I highly recommend this since you actually have a lot of control of the tricycle, especially when a two-year old is at the front!

Clicking the image and the link will take you to my Amazon affiliate account. Any purchases made with those links will provide me a percentage of the price. Please consider using the link if you are looking to purchase this featured product. Thank you.

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M is so interested in Play Doh that a good number of the videos she watches on Youtube involve playing with a Play Doh set.

Not kidding.

She watches this video where they are reviewing some sort of ice cream making Play Doh toy.  She watches this video where someone is making a rainbow with Play Doh.  She watches this video where they are opening a box of some Play Doh toy and just going over what’s inside and then making stuff with it..

It’s pretty cute how obsessed she seems to be with Play Doh.

I won’t buy her any.

Not that I’m against Play Doh.  I used to love Play Doh as a child.  I remember having so many tubs of it.  I also remember being really careful not to mix my colors together.  So the objects I ended up creating were always just one color.  I didn’t like seeing the colors get all mixed up.

The reason I won’t buy her any is because she sticks toys in her mouth.  Yes, at two years old, she still has a habit of sticking things in her mouth.  The scary thing is, since her mouth has obviously grown, objects fit further into her mouth than before.  So we have been SUPER diligent about the objects that are around her.  There are the obvious play foods and table settings that go into her mouth.  She loves to pretend she’s eating, or having a tea party.  Such a girlie girl.  Then there are toys that should be in her mouth, and that’s why I worry.

She always asks for Play Doh videos, and when she sees actual Play Doh in the stores, she always seems to want it.  I feel really bad about not getting it for her, but it’s for her safety.  I tell her all the time, “I will buy you Play Doh when you no longer put random things in your mouth.”  So far, she hasn’t shown me that she’s matured in this aspect, so.. no Play Doh.

I can’t wait until she is old enough for it all.  I can’t wait to play with the Play Doh with her.  Maybe I’ll show her that it’s ok to mix colors.  Maybe that’s more for me than for her.  I shudder to think of the icky brown color that will result when all the colors eventually get smushed together.. :::shudder:::

Thankful November:
November 13 – I’m thankful that my daughter has the opportunity to discover new toys and new experiences through technology.  I’m thankful that she is blessed with these opportunities to grow and learn and develop.

It’s weird.

When  M was sick, she didn’t really want to play, so our living room was pretty clean.  There weren’t many toys on the ground.  We could walk through our living room without hurting our feet by stepping on one of her toys.  The place was clean.  The place was presentable.

But it came at a price.  The cleanliness came because M was too sick to play.  She wasn’t in the mood to pull all her toys out.  She just wanted to lie around with me.  She just wanted to sit with me.  She was fine with just a book, or her iPad.  She didn’t climb.  We weren’t heard saying “M, no! Don’t climb that!  Get down!  Be careful!”

Now that she’s better, the bins are empty and the toys are scattered all over the place.  Every five minutes “M, be careful!” can be heard in our apartment.  Her books are all over the place.  We can no longer walk in a straight path because there are toys in our way.

Honestly, I’ve never been happier to see the mess.

It tells me that she’s better.  It tells me that she’s pretty much back to normal.  It tells me that she has the energy and strength to play around again.  It tells me that she’s happy to be out and about.

I wonder how long this “happiness” is going to last before my head explodes from the clutter?!

M’s current favorite toys of the moment have been tea sets.

She has about 3 or 4 tea sets, from some super simple ones to elaborate ones with play food.

She loves to pour cups of tea, stir them, and then spoon feed you tea.

It’s the cutest thing!

She will blow on the spoon because she tells me that the tea is hot.  Then, she’ll say “ahhh” and once you open your mouth, she’ll shove that spoon in your mouth.

She’ll also try to feed you with the tea cup.  She also makes those slurping sounds.

She enjoys tea sets so much! 

Tea parties with my little M are always the best…


To store M’s toys, we have an Ikea Trofast.


It comes with these bins:


Playtime in our apartment has come to this:


Sometimes, she dumps the toys and swims in it, or even makes “toy angels!”  You know, snow angels, but with toys.. toy angels.

Well, after one night of her constantly dumping out the bins after I pick them up after her, and her constantly tripping over her toys, I figured enough was enough.

No more dumping!

So I left it there.  The entire mess.  I left it there until the next day when she came home from Grandma’s house and we were all home from work. 

She wanted to watch some of her TV shows.  I said no.  I said we had to pick up all the toys and put them away before she could watch any TV or play with her iPad.

That didn’t settle well with her and she started to whine, but I stood my ground. 

I tried to make it a game.  I tried to make it like basketball and everytime I would put a toy in the bin, I’d say “score!”  It worked for a little bit, but she got bored with that quickly and tried to move on.

I continued to stand my ground. 

Ok, so she’s a year old.. if she didn’t want to physically pick up the toys and put them away, that’s fine.  But she had to learn that she couldn’t do anything else until all the toys were put way.  So when she would try to walk away, I would pick her back up and bring her back to me.

“See?  Clean up, clean up!”  I’d say in a sing-song manner. 

“Out! Out!” she’d whine.

But she wasn’t going anywhere.   She stayed with me until all the toys were put away. 

Then, after she calmed down from all the whining, I let her watch one of her TV shows.

As she was watching, she went over to one of her bins and dumped it all over the floor again.

So, I turned off the the TV.  She was NOT happy.  But I said that the TV was going to be off until we picked up all the toys again and no more dumping.

Toys were picked up, TV was put back on.

This cycle continued for about three more times for a day or so, sometimes with the iPad, sometimes with the TV.  Either way, when she would dump the toys, and whatever other thing she was working with was turned off.  She was to stay with me until the toys were picked up and we would say “no more dumping.”

During this, we were also trying to show her that she could pull out one or two toys of choice out of the bins instead of dumping.  We were giving her new options.

A day or so of whining, and then it was over.. sorta.

She’d get near the bin with every intention of looking to dump those toys.  All we had to say, in a slightly “more stern” tone was, “M, no dumping.”  And she’d back away, or pull the bin out and pick out a toy!


Well, like with all toddlers, nothing is predictable..

There are times when a stern, “no dumping” works.. and there are times where she just feels the need to just release some chaos. 

You know what, that’s ok.  If she needs to blow off that steam, that’s fine.  But she also needs to know that after she dumps the toys, they need to be picked up, and that she can’t do anything else until those toys are put away.

What sort of adventures are you having while parenting your toddler?


She has been M’s friend since her first Christmas in 2011.

They were good friends in the middle of 2012.. but as the year went on.. they slowly drifted apart and Violet ended up at the bottom of the toy bin.

Jump forward to now.. April 2013.

M discovered this video on Netflix:

It’s M’s favorite video right now and all she wants to watch.

Last night, when she was watching this video.. I pulled Violet out from the bottom of the toy bin and showed it to M.

Oh my goodness.. M was so happy!  She hugged Violet as if she was a brand new toy!

She sat Violet next to her as they watched the video together.. and she brought Violet with her as she climbed onto the couch to snuggle with me we started her nighttime routine..

I’m so glad she’s finding a new appreciation for her toys..

I’m not one to confine my daughter to strictly girlie things..

It’s not my fault that she tends to gravitate toward pink things (or is it?!), or Disney Princesses, or Dora the Explorer..

When she was younger, Hubby and I experimented in the Target toy aisle.

Hubby and I grabbed an obvious “boy toy” and an obvious “girl toy.”  We picked some Avengers toy for the boy toy.  The packaging was all blue, has all those action toy graphics.. seriously boy.  For the girl toy, we picked some super pink Barbie thing.  The packaging was pink, with florals and swirlies.. totally girlie.

We took her to the middle of the main aisle, so the toys couldn’t cloud her judgement, and we whipped the toys out in front of her at the same time. 

Each time, she would gravitate toward the girl toy. 

Being the scientists we are, we did this several times, on several occasions.. and she always picked the girl toy..

That was when she was less than a year old..

Now, it seems that her love of toys and tv shows has gone beyond “girl” things. 

She currently LOVES Thomas & Friends and Jake & The Neverland Pirates.  Both shows seemed to be geared toward boys. 

Both shows have girl characters in it, but if you notice the marketing, it seems to be more towards boys. 

I really have yet to see any girl clothes with Thomas or Jake on it.  I would really love to get M a shirt, but we haven’t found one yet.  If you see one, please let me know! 

I think its really great that she’s into these things and that she isn’t restricting herself to all princesses and tea sets. 

She has one toy train, and one Jake doll.  She loves them both, and true to her girlie style, she loves to hug and kiss them. 

Would the feeling of acceptance be the same if M was a boy playing with girl toys? 

Share your stories of boy/girl toys here in the comments!

I swear I think M’s toys come to life just like in the Toy Story movies.

I find her toys everywhere and in the wierdest places! 

I was going through a bag of Target purchases that I had tucked away under the dining table, and while looking through it, I found one of M’s pegs from her pegboard.

When we came home the other day, I found her Little People Disney Princess Belle lying in the nicely folded clean clothes basket by the door..

If the toys come to life while we’re gone, that would be kind of neat.  Hahah, I’ve seen the movies and loved them. 

It definitely would explain why we can never keep these toys contained!

Now, if they would only do us a favor and go back to their respective boxes and bins when they are done for the night.. that would help with clean up a lot!

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