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The Little Charmers is a new television show on Nick Jr.  This show is M’s current favorite television show.  This show has got to be the girliest show that M has gotten herself obsessed with.  It’s pretty interesting to see her into something this girlie.  She’s usually more into action-packed shows like Paw Patrol, and most recently, Blaze and the Monster Machines.

She loves that they have magic wands and brooms (the call “broomies”) to fly around to get to the places they need to be.  She loves their individual pets.  She’s memorized their theme song and the little song they sing when the put all their little charming powers together.

I won’t be surprised if she wants to buy the merchandise when it starts hitting the stores.

While googling a photo for this particular blog post, she got so excited to see “Little Charmies” on my computer screen.

I’m glad she’s well rounded in the types of shows she likes.

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It’s been fascinating to see M’s imagination developing..

She loves to watch certain television shows and DVDs of television shows..

One in particular is Lalaloopsy Land.. something about pillow.. I can’t think of the name.

One of the main characters is called Pillow Featherbed.. she LOVES Pillow.. so much so that we actually had to scour the internet to try to find a Pillow doll for her..

Lately, she’s been pretending to be Pillow.  There are times where she’ll lie down on a pillow and say, “Shhh.  Pillow sleep.”  Or she’ll pretend to catch Sheep, Pillow’s pet.

Sometimes she likes it when we call her Pillow.

Or she’ll watch another show and she’ll pretend that she’s running and jumping with the other characters.. or she’ll copy their dialogue..

Sometimes, when the TV is NOT on, she’ll reenact dialogue or sing a song they sing while doing a dance they do.. or she’ll call her self that particular character and mimic actions they do in the show or movie..

It’s pretty amazing watching her imagination develop with the shows she watches.. and how she begins to actually interact with the characters she sees on tv and how she incorporates that into her play time..

It’s so much fun to watch..

Ok.. I have a confession.

I was a total Hannah Montana fan.

It wasn’t like this show was on when I was a tween.. I was in my twenties when this show came on.. and yes.. I was a fan.

I was such a fan that I actually went to watch her 3d movie AND that other movie that came out a few years later.. yes.. my mom and I were the only adults WITHOUT kids going into that movie..

Flash foward years and years later.. I have a 21 month year old daughter.. and here we are.. watching Hannah Montana episodes on Netflix.

As I type this, she’s saying “Yiyee, there” (Miley, there!) on the side bar of the WordPress new post screen..

It actually started back in March.. during Hubby’s birthday party.. the Hannah Montana concert came on TV.  Our niece was watching it and M totally loved it.

I looked for the concert on Netflix but found the episodes instead.

Now.. she loves watching it.. not as much as she loves her other shows, but if she sees the thumbnail of the Hannah Montana show, she will ask for it..

It’s pretty cute hearing her sing the theme song.. right down to the laugh she does at the end..

The show was cute… and so were the little songs… so I think it’s cute that M’s enjoying it like I did..

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