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The strangest thing happened when M came home from Grandma and Grandpa’s house this past Monday.

She came home with this huge leap in vocabulary and sentence structure development.

So strange.  Her pronunciations of certain words she was struggling with suddenly became so clear.  She was able to make more full sentences!

One sentence that I remember was during bedtime.  She was sleepy and could barely keep her eyes open. 

She told me, “Close my eyes, turn the lights back on, and sleep.”

“Turn the lights back on” is her way of saying “turn the lights off.”  We are still working on that one..

It was the first time she had said anything so complex like that!

She really is growing up.  There is no holding her back, she can’t be my baby forever…

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It’s amazing how much M’s communication skills have just blown up.  I know, I say it all the time, but I mean it every time.

“I found m&ms on the floor!”
“Get d’milk, in d’fridgerator”
“Marshall eats m&ms, it’s dee-licious!”

It’s also funny listening to her try to put together sentences.  Her sentence structure isn’t 100% complete, but she is trying.

“Cape, take it off, Elsa.”
“Snow monster, Rubble scare, him”

An article in told me not to stop and correct her.  Instead, I repeat the sentence she said, but in the correct order.  Sometimes, she’ll repeat it correctly, other times, she says it the same way she said it the first time.  I know she’ll learn it correctly eventually.  I know I’ll miss her sentence structure when she outgrows it.

Hubby and I are just so amused.  Sometimes, we don’t even realize how well she can communicate with us.  We would ask her a question and we’d be surprised that she would answer us.  It makes us laugh so many times. 

Our little girl is really growing up.  I love watching her bloom.

With M’s two year old birthday quickly approaching, I’ve noticed a significant development in her language.

She’s gone from two word sentences to three word sentences AND she’s starting to show the ability to really hold a conversation.

She’s never been the type of kid that liked being force-fed lines.  She didn’t respond well to “M, say this” or “M, say that.

I could teach her an answer to something, and if she wanted to respond in that way, she would. 

I think that’s why it took her so long to acknowlege that her name was “M” and not “Picture.”

She’s a child with a definite mind of her own.  I absolutely love that about her.  It’s quite surprising finding out what she actually knows.

With that said, here are some examples:

M left her sippy cup of water on the counter of the master bathroom.  We walk down the hall and following conversation occurs.
Me:  Me, where’s your water?
M: (points towards master bathroom) There!  I saw it!

When pretend drinking or eating..
M: Mmm, drinking tea.  Delicious!
M:  (blows on spoon) Mimi, hot. Ahhh.  Delicious!

When she found her bottle on the floor..
Me:  M, why is your bottle on the floor?
M: I dropped it.

Whenever she wants something..
M: I haaaaaave it..

Those are just some examples that I can think of right now.  I’m sure there are so much more that Hubby or her grandparents could add to the list. 

What sort of things does your toddler say that totally surprises you?!

It was inevitable.. the more M spoke, the more her words would be less “baby babble” and more “words.”

I’ve noticed lately that she’s been correcting herself when it comes to certain words and pronunciations..

She hears it so much from us that I guess it was bound to happen.. she’s starting to learn to say her words correctly..

But I do miss her little interpretations.. and she’s also starting to call things by their correct name..

Before: Ah-mahn
Now: Wiper..
Refering to Swiper the Fox in Dora the Explorer

Before: Wah-wah
Now: Wah-teh

Before: Mimi
Now: Mommy
This actually breaks my heart because I LOVE that she calls me “Mimi.”  This isn’t a permanent fix, she still calls me “Mimi” on her first instinct.  It only changes to “Mommy” if she hears it from somewhere else

Before: Mouse
Now: Mickey..
She also does the same for Minnie..

Before: Mulk..
Now: Milk..
I love hearing her say this one…

There are others that I can’t think of at the moment.. excuse the “mommy brain.”

It’s good to know that her language development is progressing well… it just makes me realize that she really is growing up.. a little too quickly for my liking.. but still.. she’s getting to be a big girl now…

1.  M gets on the floor, hands and feet.  Then, she starts shuffling around and rolling on the ground.  Where does she get that? The Fresh Beat Band – the ending song has a little boy in the background breakdancing.. THATS where she gets that..

2.  M spins in circles saying “Fia!” Where does she get that? Sofia the First – During the movie premier of the show, there’s a scene where her step-sister, Amber, is holding a broom and spinning around trying to swat the bad-guy bird… THATS where she gets that..

3.  M puts makes me put on a backpack, then she says “Beat!”  Where does she get that?  The Fresh Beat Band – during seasons 1 & 2, they go to music school.  When they go, they wear backpacks.. THATS where she gets that..

4.  M walks in circles saying “Day!”  Where does she get that?  The Fresh Beat Band – the final song begins by singing, “It was a great day..” and walking in a circle to begin their dance… THATS where she gets that..

5.  M covers her eyes and says, “Oh no!” dramatically.  Where does she get that?  ME!  She also says “Oh geez” and “Oh nuts” because of me. 

6.  M smells her feet, or makes me smell her feet, when she takes off her shoes.  Where does she get that?  That’s ME again.. I love smelling her feet.. baby feet, and toddler feet, are still the best!


Little M has finally learned who we are.. she knows Mommy, Daddy, and her grandparents..

Every once in a while, she does a roll call.. especially when we are video chatting with my parents on the iPad..

M:  Mimi!
Me:  I’m here, baby!
M: Dah-day!
Hubby:  Hi, M!
M: Ama!
My mom:  Hi, sweetie!
M:  Apa!
My dad:  Hi, baby!

Sometimes she does it in the middle of playing..

M: Mimi!
Me:  Yes, baby, I’m here!
M: Dah-day!
Hubby:  Hi, M!
M:  Ama!
Me:  Ama is at her house..
M: Apa!
Me:  Apa is at his house..

It’s so cute.. she’s always checking up on us!

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