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When we were in Vegas for Thanksgiving weekend, my mom and I decided to let Hubby and my brother watch M while we spent a couple of hours having some fun in the casino.

When we returned, M was in Hubby’s lap and my brother was playing with her.

Once she saw me, she ran to me exclaming “Mimi and Ama came back!”

Then, after she gave me a huge hug, she tells me, “I hit head!”

Apparently, while Hubby and M were playing, she got up and ran away, tripped and bonked her head.  It wasn’t too hard, and she got over it quickly, but she totally felt the need to let me know.

It was the cutest thing and now Hubby knows he can’t hide anything from me so easily anymore…


Whenever things don’t quite work right, or whenever M drops something, or if she bumps something, that object is automatically “boh-ken.”

“Oh no! Teapot boh-ken!”

“Oh no!  iPad boh-ken!”

“Oh no!  Spoon boh-ken!”

My recent favorite, after she slipped and hit her foot as she was climbing onto the bed.. “Oh no!  Foot boh-ken!”

Sometimes, when it’s important to her, she brings the “boh-ken” item and says, “Oh no!  It’s boh-ken!  Mimi, fix it!”

Of course, most of the time, the object isn’t really broken, and  I have to show her that her item is still fully functional. 

She must think I’m a genius that can fix anything!

This morning, in her deep slumber of the early morning, I hear her little voice, “It’s boh-ken.”  I heard it as I was getting up for work this morning.  It was the cutest thing. 

I really love this age.. she is my endless source of entertainment..

M has created a new term.

“Sunny ribbon.”

I don’t know where she got it.  I don’t know what it means.

But she says it all the time.

“Sunny ribbon.”

At first, I thought I was just misinterpreting something she was saying.  But when I said, “Sunny ribbon” back to her, she said “Sunny ribbon” right back to me.

“Sunny ribbon.”

She said those two words perfectly.  No baby babble.  No baby prounciations.

Sunny.  Ribbon.

I actually like hearing her say it.  She sounds so “grown up.”


Hubby and I have a saying to each other when we’re messing around and poking fun with each other..

“Don’t be mean..”

Apparently, we’ve said it enough times that M has figured out how to say it, and in what context..

The other day, I was telling her to sit down and don’t make a mess.  I guess I was saying it a bit too stern for her liking.  She looks at me, and with a little finger wag, she says to me, “No mean, Mimi.

Whoa… I just got put into place by my toddler..



M has been having fun discovering the joys of Youtube videos.  She totally knows how to navigate from one video to the next.

It’s actually quite surprising how she can get from Mother Goose Club videos to Mickey Mouse videos to her Masha and the Bear videos to phonics song videos.. and she hardly asks for help.

She is also very proud of her navigation skills.  We often hear her saying, “Ah found it” when she comes across a video she is familiar with.

“Minnie!  Ah found it!”
“A club, ah found it!”
“Doc!  Ah found it!”
“Masha beah, ah found it!”

The cutest part about it all is that she has to physically come to my side to tell me she found it.

I can be all the way across the room from her and she will walk through everything just to come up to me, look me in the eyes, and tell me, “Ah found it!”

She’s got the look of such pride and joy in finding her video.

In fact, it’s not always a video.. it can be a toy she found in one of her bins, or a picture of a character in one of her coloring books.. anything she finds, she loves to proudly proclaim that she found it.

You can’t help but feel so excited for her!  She found it!

When M was about 7 months old, we took her to Picture People to get her pictures taken.

Because it was Picture People, we left with two frames of pictures.  We hung those on the walls of our apartment.  They are pretty much the only pieces of decoration we have in our apartment.

Ever since then, whenever she would focus on it, we would say, “Look, a picture!”

I guess we should have clarified and said “A picture of M” because now.. she calls herself.. PICTURE.

When we are in front of the mirror together, she says “hi” to our reflections.

“Hi, Mimi!”

“Hi, Picture!”

The other day at dinner, she was feeding us one by one.  With her spoon, she would feed you what she was eating.

“Mimi.”  I take her feeding.

“Joe.”  He takes her feeding.

“Picture.”  Then she feeds herself.

This poor girl.  Have I damaged her for life?!?!


M still loves Dora the Explorer.. and since she was about 15 months, maybe earlier, she’s known the names of every character..

This blog entry is purely for record-keeping.  I love the way she says their names, and I needed a place to record this..

Why not this blog?

The italics are her words..

Doh-wa (Dora)
Boot (Boots)
Pack (Backpack)
Map (Map)
Tico (Tico) – which can also mean “tickle” depending on the context of her saying it..
Ban-nay (Benny)
Eye-sa (Isa the Iguana) – it was Ee-nah at first, but I think it was because of the word “iguana”
Toll (Troll)
Mom and Dad (Dora’s parents)
Ahw-mahn (Swiper) – she calls him “aw man!” because thats what he says when he gets caught about to swipe something
Chi-gun (Big Red Chicken) – or any chicken for that matter
Day-ee-go (Diego)

I think I got everyone.. I really should get some audio for this.. I love baby talk!

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