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M is an echo.

It’s good and bad.

It’s great because she is extending her vocabulary and speech by coping various phrases we say.

It’s a not good when we catch ourselves accidentally saying something we shouldn’t and hearing her repeat it.


Oh well.. 90% of the time Hubby and I are really good about surrounding her with words and phrases that are ok for her to repeat..

It’s really cute to hear her say things like, “Honey, mail this out!”

Or, “Honey, I stamped it.”

Or how she sings, “Nationwide is on your side..”

Or, “We are Farmers, bum ba bum bum bum..”

It’s quite entertaining…

What sort of phrases has your child repeated?!


You know you’re a parent when..

You cry a little inside when M realizes it’s “Cinderella” and not “Ah-ya ya.”

M still loves Dora the Explorer.. and since she was about 15 months, maybe earlier, she’s known the names of every character..

This blog entry is purely for record-keeping.  I love the way she says their names, and I needed a place to record this..

Why not this blog?

The italics are her words..

Doh-wa (Dora)
Boot (Boots)
Pack (Backpack)
Map (Map)
Tico (Tico) – which can also mean “tickle” depending on the context of her saying it..
Ban-nay (Benny)
Eye-sa (Isa the Iguana) – it was Ee-nah at first, but I think it was because of the word “iguana”
Toll (Troll)
Mom and Dad (Dora’s parents)
Ahw-mahn (Swiper) – she calls him “aw man!” because thats what he says when he gets caught about to swipe something
Chi-gun (Big Red Chicken) – or any chicken for that matter
Day-ee-go (Diego)

I think I got everyone.. I really should get some audio for this.. I love baby talk!

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