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Hanging out with the niece and nephews this past weekend, and playing with our little baby nephew got us thinking..

M loves her little baby cousin.

Would she be open to the prospect of a new baby in the family?!

She knows what a baby is.

So, we asked the question.

Me:  M, do you want a baby brother or baby sister?
M: Baby sisser.
Me:  Do you want a baby sister or baby brother?
Me: Baby sisser.

Ok.  Sister.

But does she know what a sister is?

So, we asked the question.

Me:  M, do you want a baby boy or a baby girl?
M:  Baby girl!
Me:  Do you want a baby girl or baby boy?
M: Baby boy!

Ok.. some confusion.

Me:  M, a baby brother is a….
M:  Girl!
Me: A baby sister is a…
M: Boy!

Ok.. major confusion.

Now, we are in the process of teaching her that brothers are boys and sisters are girls. 

Surprisingly, she already knows the difference between boys and girls.  More often than not, if we ask her about a person she knows and if he/she is a boy or a girl, she’d get it right.. maybe she’s a really good guesser. 

She wants a sisser…



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