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Doctors, nurses and other mothers with more than one child always warned me that once K would arrive, M would regress.

They were right.

When K arrived, suddenly, she was interested in bottles.  She didn’t start drinking out of them, but she would occasionally try to put her mouth on them.

When K arrived, M suddenly wanted to be carried more.

M also started using baby talk and baby grunts to try to get what she wants.  That led to some frustration because neither of us knew what M wanted to communicate.  We told M she needed to use her words.  It fixed the problem, but every once and a while, M will still points, but it’s mostly a playing thing.

M’s potty training regressed almost to the point where she was completely dependent on diapers again.  Luckily we were able to fix this issue relatively quickly.

M’s regression issues have subsided, although there are times when she wants to be “baby’d” a bit.  I know it’s natural.

I just hope this is the full extent of it.  We are trying our best to help her adjustment to the new family dynamic as comfortable as possible.  I think we’re doing ok so far… I hope!

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For the past month, M has been drinking out of a bottle again.

She WANTS her bottle again.  It’s so wierd.

She’ll even request it.  She’ll say, “Milk, in a bottle.. in a bottle.”

If we give her milk in a sippy cup after she’s asked for it in the bottle, she will refuse it. 

I dont know what it is!

She can’t even drink out of the bottle properly anymore.  It almost looks as if she’s totally outgrown the whole bottle sucking motions, yet she insists on it.

I read on that toddlers often regress around this age, so I’m chalking it up to that.  I just hope this is a phase that will soon pass.  I just can’t imagine having to deal with bottles with her again!  I just got her drinking out of a regular glass, and now she wants the bottle.

I wonder why? 

Has your child gone back to the bottle?  What did you do?  How long did it last?

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