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Something is happening between the dynamic of our family.


Suddenly, it’s all about “fun-Daddy.”

I guess it’s the natural progression in the life of a little girl.  It also makes Hubby very happy. 

Don’t get me wrong, she’s still my little buddy and I’m still the go-to parent for many, many things..

But when it comes to being silly and fun.. it’s all about Daddy.

It’s actually very, very cute to see.

Last night, she kept copying what Daddy would say.  They were teasing me and when I would try to join in by retailiating, M and Hubby kept say, “No, that’s OUR thing.”

Super cute.

The first man in a little girl’s life is her Daddy, and I’m so glad that she’s enjoying her time with hers..

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Over the weekend, M started asking me to sculpt various objects from pieces of Play-Doh that she would hand to me. 

These objects range from spoons to dogs to little boys and little girls…

They were pretty bad, but I thought that M was ok with it.  I mean, they LOOKED like what she wanted and she smiled like she knew they were what she wanted.  I’d ask her if it was what she wanted and she’d say, “yes.”

So, I thought I was golden!


What do you see in this photo?  I see a bed, a refrigerator, a chair, a hotdog, a plate, a house, and several spoons..

Last night, M was asking me to do make little sculptures again.  So I would.

I’d hand her the finish product and she’d set it on her table.  Seconds later, she’d come back and ask for the same object, but this time she’d add, “to make it better..”

Say what?!

She wants me to make it better?  

She asked me to remake an ice cream cone “to make it better..”  She asked me to remake a cupcake “to make it better..”  And other things…

What a critic! 

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The downside to being a mommy, in my opinion, is having to lay down the law..

I hate being stern to M.  I know that if I don’t do it, she’ll eventually take advantage and become a full blown brat.

I’ve noticed over the past few days that she’s been really trying to test my patience.  It’s like she’s suddenly found a brick wall to hide behind and can’t hear us when we call her or try to tell her something..

Most of the time, she’s ok.  But there are just these instances where you can call her about 15-20 times (we counted) and she just won’t listen.

Playing.   She’s too busy playing.

When she wants something from us, and we tell her to do something first, she’ll gladly do it.  But if she’s in the middle of playing, and we tell her to do something.. brick wall.

She’s also decided that playing is far more important than anything else in the world.. like eating, going to the potty, taking a bath, go to bed, brush her teeth…

She used to LOVE taking a bath!  It was only last week that she would still drop everything she was doing and go straight to the bathroom if I went up and asked her, “M, you want to take a bath?!”

Now.. everything is “no.”  Not all the time, but usually, everything is no.

I know she’s getting older.  Her priorities are no longer MY priorities.  She’s testing her independence and seeing how much she can get away with.. and honestly, I have been letting her get away with certain things.. like climbing out of bed to go hang out with her night-owl daddy and going to bed with him at 1am..

But now, I know… it’s time to lay the law.. and it sucks!

I love being happy and playful with her, and I still am.. but I feel like now more than ever lately, it’s been, “Mimi is not smiling.  Mimi doesn’t think it’s funny.  That’s not good, M.”

I know this is JUST the beginning…

A few days before M got sick, we went on our first playdate.

We went through the website.  I was able to find an active group for the area we live in with kids that are born around 2010 and 2011.

We met at a park.

M had a great time.  She ran around and played with the other kids.  She’s still getting used to the social interactions with kids her own age.  Overall, she’s very friendly.  She says “hi” to all the kids she encountered and ran around when they all ran around.

There are times where I had to teach her about boundaries.. but I know that it has a lot to do with her age, and as she matures, she’ll start to establish boundaries and learn how to respect others boundaries.  I also know that it’s my responsibility to teach her about how to deal with social situations.

Overall, M and I had a fun time.  I met with other moms in the area and M met other kids her age.

I do plan on going to another meetup again.  It’s nice to have a social calendar.

It’s getting to that time of year..

It’s getting warm and sunny!

Yesterday, I stayed home with M and we had a blast.

After lunch, I lathered her up with sunscreen and we had a little outdoor adventure. 

We started off in the little play area of our apartment complex.  She loves slides and those little animals you can ride on.  She thought it was some sort of horse, or dog… I think at one point she called it a camel!

She’d go up to it and say, “Good boy, atta boy.” Even at the end of the day, while we sat together to look at the pictures I took of her, she would point at it and say, “Good boy.” I wonder where she got that from?!

She had tons of fun in the little park. It makes me so happy to know that she’s old enough to enjoy such things!

This dome freaked her out a little bit when she walked into the middle and discovered she was surrounded.. she climbed out pretty quickly.. it was an interesting experience for her. 

We ended the little outdoor adventure with a trip to the pool.

It was very impromptu.  I didn’t have any swim clothes on, neither did she.  But I wanted her to experience the pool and I wanted to see how she would react.

When I first tried to get her in, she freaked out a little bit.  She didn’t want to go near it..  I think the size of the body of water was intimidating..

With a little gently coaxing, I got her to come with me towards the pool.  With her little shoes off, we sat at the edge and I dangled her feet into the water.  I held her sooo tightly because I didn’t want her to accidentally fall in.

She just had so much fun. I tried to take her out at least three times but she wanted to go back for more.. now I know she’s ready for the pool!

Finally it was nap time, so we went back to the apartment.  The little adventure must have tired her out because she didn’t fight me at all!

In fact, she napped for about two and a half hours!  It was definitely a good day.. I hope we have many more of these days as she gets older..


These past few days have been a real eye opener for me.

M is truly at that age where she and I can actually play!

Not that we weren’t playing before…

Most of it was me doing something to get a reaction from her.. it was more “one-sided” play. 

There were occasions where we would play “tea party,” but it was still me pouring tea, drinking it.. and waiting for HER to do the same, or laugh, or something..

But it wasn’t truly interactive..

Now.. it is.. and it’s so much fun!  What’s even better is that SHE will initiate it.. and SHE will do something to get a reaction from ME!

My baby’s growing up!

She loves to hide, so she will get on her little Hello Kitty sofa/bed and pull the couch part over her and be really quiet.. she’ll peek ever so slightly.. and then she’ll squeal at me to know she’s been there the whole time.  While she’s hiding, I pretend that I lost her, and ask Hubby if he knows where she is..

Another game we play is that she pretends to be asleep.  She’ll lay down on a pillow, and I will go over and pat her while singing a lullaby.. then she pops right up and I say, “Oh! You’re awake!”  Then I do the same, but instead, she wakes me up and then says “Wake!”

We also love to play peek-a-boo with each other on her Hello Kitty sofa/bed.  We set the sofa/bed up as a sofa, then we duck our heads behind the backrest and then simultaneously lift our heads up and say “bah!” to each other.. it’s the cutest thing watching her peek at me to see when to pop her head up..

The way she laughs when we play together is so infectious.  It makes all the hardwork and tiredness of the workday just melt away with each giggle..

I love this age.  She’s so much fun! 

What kind of games do you play with your little one?

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