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Over the weekend, M started asking me to sculpt various objects from pieces of Play-Doh that she would hand to me. 

These objects range from spoons to dogs to little boys and little girls…

They were pretty bad, but I thought that M was ok with it.  I mean, they LOOKED like what she wanted and she smiled like she knew they were what she wanted.  I’d ask her if it was what she wanted and she’d say, “yes.”

So, I thought I was golden!


What do you see in this photo?  I see a bed, a refrigerator, a chair, a hotdog, a plate, a house, and several spoons..

Last night, M was asking me to do make little sculptures again.  So I would.

I’d hand her the finish product and she’d set it on her table.  Seconds later, she’d come back and ask for the same object, but this time she’d add, “to make it better..”

Say what?!

She wants me to make it better?  

She asked me to remake an ice cream cone “to make it better..”  She asked me to remake a cupcake “to make it better..”  And other things…

What a critic! 

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M has been obsessed with Play Doh for awhile.  Why haven’t I posted a product review yet?  In any case, here we go!

Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Ice Cream Cone Container Craft Kit

I bought M this basic set to get her started.  It came with one can of Play Doh Plus and two cans of regular Play Doh.  The accessories are two small ice cream cones, a spoon and an ice cream scoop, and an extruder that looks like a syringe.  The base of the main container contains a lot of different molds that look like ice cream toppings and candies.

From the start, M loved it.  She loved to put Play Doh through the extruder and make “noodles.”  She loved to fill in the ice cream cones.

From a mommy’s perspective, it’s great.  It’s a great way to keep M busy for an hour, sometimes longer!  It’s much better than having her time occupied with WATCHING Play Doh videos on Youtube.  I’d rather that she actually PLAY with the Play Doh.  

I do have a few issues with Play Doh. 
– It smells.  Play Doh has a distinct smell that isn’t super pleasant.  I did play with Play Doh in the past, so opening a fresh can of it does smell like my childhood, but it still stinks.  The smell doesn’t linger, nor does it fill up the whole room.  It just smells. 
– It sticks.  We have carpet in our apartment.  We have to layout a plastic trash bag underneath her play table.  If the Play Doh gets on the carpet, and someone steps on it, then it’s stuck.  It’s pretty much the same affect when Play Doh gets on clothes and gets pressed into it.  I’m sure there are methods of removing playdoh, I’ll have to do my research.
– It sticks on hands.  I’ve noticed that the Play Doh sticks onto M’s hands.  By the time she’s done playing with it, she’s got a thin layer of stuck Play Doh residue on her fingers.  This isn’t the greatest since M is still a thumb sucker.  I have to make sure that there is no Play Doh residue on her thumb when she’s done.  If I don’t, she’ll be ingesting it due to her thumb sucking.  I know Play Doh is non-toxic, but the idea of her ingesting it is disturbing. 

Overall, I love PlayDoh.  I’ve always loved it as a kid, and I’m so happy that M loves it as much as I did. 

Before I purchased the actual Play Doh, I researched some homemade versions and made them.  I wanted to test out the interest factor without spending the money.  I also wanted to see if she was ready to play with it without putting it in her mouth.  There are tons of homemade play doh recipes on line.  All you have to do is pick one to try it out!

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Because M has had an obsession with Play Doh videos on Youtube, I decided to make my own Play Doh.

I wanted to see if she would eat it.  She still has a habit of putting various toys in her mouth, so I wanted to make sure she wouldn’t eat it.

Making my own Play Doh would be totally cost effective since I had all the ingredients at home already.

Lastly, Play Doh kinda stinks.  I remember the distinct smell of Play Doh and now that I’m a mother, it makes me worried of what actually in it.  I know that it’s non-toxic, but anything that smells that stinky couldn’t be completely safe.. right?

I researched and found this video on Youtube:

I basically made one fourth of the recipe, thanks to Hubby’s awesome math skills.  I didn’t have any food coloring, so the play doh was just white.

I have to say that it was totally a hit.  M LOVED it.  She sat and played for at least an hour, which is a record for my two year old!

I stored it into a ziplock bag and into the refrigerator.  About 4-5 days later, I took it out for her to play again.  It was cold, so I warmed it up a bit by kneading it on the kitchen counter for a while before I let her play with it.

The second time around, the play doh was much more pliable and much stickier.  Our hands had a thin film of the doh on our hands by the time we were done playing.

My cousin recommended using Kool-Aid instead of water to moisten the Play Doh mixture.  She told me that was what she used to color the doh instead of food coloring.  I will definitely have to try that next time.

I highly recommend this recipe.

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