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I love Gymboree.  M loves Gymboree. 

She loves the freedom of being able to climb, slide, jump and run around an indoor playground that changes it’s set up every week! 

I love that everything is padded.  I love that M has learned so many physical movements and has perfected many physical skills though exploring the play area.

I love Gymboree and all the activities associated with it.


Now M thinks she can climb, slide, jump and run around EVERYWHERE!

She must absolutely think that our apartment is just an extension of her Gymboree playground.  

It’s nerve wracking! 

She used to be a huge ball of energy before she started Gymboree classes, but she wasn’t as brave as she is now to get more physical with her surroundings.  She ran around a lot before, but she didn’t jump off of things like she does now!

She jumps off the couch.  She pust a pillow on the floor to jump on and calsl it her ‘trampoline.’  She jumps on the bed.  She tries to jump from our big bed to her toddler bed. 

She climbs everything.

She runs around EVERYWHERE…

Did anyone else go through this when they enrolled their child in Gymboree??

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