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We all know the song.  We all know the video.

This is currently M’s favorite song.  She LOVES this song.  Whenever it comes on the radio, she has to stop what she’s doing to sing it.

Even if she’s just about to fall asleep, if she hears the song, she will sing it, eyes closed so that she can fall asleep right after the song is done.  If she’s at the tail end of a nap and just barely waking up and she hears the song, she will sing it.

At home, will will project the video via Chromecast and she will wear her pink little dance tutu outfit.  She will sing and dance along with Taylor.  She just LOVES this song!

I have to admit, it’s pretty catchy.  I’m not a fan of ALL of Taylor Swift’s music, but this one I can get behind.  It’s got a fun loving tone to it.

It’s so cute listening to M sing the chorus.  She’s even got the little rap part down!

What pop music songs are your little ones into?  Post them in the comments below!

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When M was younger, we used to listen to child-appropriate music in the car.  This meant that we would listen to CDs full of nursery rhymes and kid songs. 

The music eventually transitioned into the Sofia The First soundtrack, and now it’s all about the Frozen soundtrack.

The music gets to be way too repetitive as we have to listen to the CDs over and over and over and over again.  While it’s super cute to hear M sing along, we do get very tired of the songs. 

So, we listen to the radio.

She used to never really sing to the songs on the radio, so we never really realized she knew what she was listening to..

We were wrong.

Here are a list of songs that we had no idea M knew enough to sing along to:

The Monster – Eminem feat. Rhianna
Roar – Katy Perry
Talk Dirty – Jason Derulo
I Don’t Care – IconoPop
Turn Down For What – Lil Jon

There are probably many more that I can’t think of the moment and many more that she will surprise us with singing along. 

How did we find out that she knew some of these songs?

Hubby and I have a habit of absent-mindedly singing some of these songs at home while doing some things.  Suddenly, M would finish the line to the song.  This was especially true with “Talk Dirty.”  I would hum the little musical part right before he sings, “Talk dirty to me..”  I was humming it while I was working on cards at my craft table and M was playing in the room with me.  Suddenly, M says, “Talk dirty to me..”

That was surprising and so funny.  We had her do it over and over again.

What sort of pop songs do your kids surprise you with knowing??

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