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It’s amazing how much M’s communication skills have just blown up.  I know, I say it all the time, but I mean it every time.

“I found m&ms on the floor!”
“Get d’milk, in d’fridgerator”
“Marshall eats m&ms, it’s dee-licious!”

It’s also funny listening to her try to put together sentences.  Her sentence structure isn’t 100% complete, but she is trying.

“Cape, take it off, Elsa.”
“Snow monster, Rubble scare, him”

An article in told me not to stop and correct her.  Instead, I repeat the sentence she said, but in the correct order.  Sometimes, she’ll repeat it correctly, other times, she says it the same way she said it the first time.  I know she’ll learn it correctly eventually.  I know I’ll miss her sentence structure when she outgrows it.

Hubby and I are just so amused.  Sometimes, we don’t even realize how well she can communicate with us.  We would ask her a question and we’d be surprised that she would answer us.  It makes us laugh so many times. 

Our little girl is really growing up.  I love watching her bloom.

Whenever things don’t quite work right, or whenever M drops something, or if she bumps something, that object is automatically “boh-ken.”

“Oh no! Teapot boh-ken!”

“Oh no!  iPad boh-ken!”

“Oh no!  Spoon boh-ken!”

My recent favorite, after she slipped and hit her foot as she was climbing onto the bed.. “Oh no!  Foot boh-ken!”

Sometimes, when it’s important to her, she brings the “boh-ken” item and says, “Oh no!  It’s boh-ken!  Mimi, fix it!”

Of course, most of the time, the object isn’t really broken, and  I have to show her that her item is still fully functional. 

She must think I’m a genius that can fix anything!

This morning, in her deep slumber of the early morning, I hear her little voice, “It’s boh-ken.”  I heard it as I was getting up for work this morning.  It was the cutest thing. 

I really love this age.. she is my endless source of entertainment..

M has created a new term.

“Sunny ribbon.”

I don’t know where she got it.  I don’t know what it means.

But she says it all the time.

“Sunny ribbon.”

At first, I thought I was just misinterpreting something she was saying.  But when I said, “Sunny ribbon” back to her, she said “Sunny ribbon” right back to me.

“Sunny ribbon.”

She said those two words perfectly.  No baby babble.  No baby prounciations.

Sunny.  Ribbon.

I actually like hearing her say it.  She sounds so “grown up.”


I’ll admit, my language can be colorful at times..

However, since M was born, I’ve been pretty good at controlling what I say around her, or how I say it..

I’ve replaced certain explicatives with, “Oh nuts!” or “Oh geez!” or “Oh no!”

And she’s picked those up already.  She loves to say, “Oh nuts!” or “Oh no!” and put her hands over her eyes like she’s exasperated.. it’s quite cute!

One thing I was saying for awhile was, “Oh shoot!” which replaced “Oh sh!t” a while back.  However, it can revert to “Oh sh!t” when I catch myself off guard..

M hasn’t been saying “oh sh!t,” thank God!  But she has picked up “Oh shoot!”

I know it’s innocent, but I’d rather not hear a seventeen month old blurt out “Oh shoot!” Something about that doesn’t scream “Parent of the year award!” to me…

Any way, last night, I think she heard me say it when I accidentally spilled milk in the kitchen.  That’s a whole new story for another blog entry.. hahah!

She was saying it all night while we were in bed.

Before she went to sleep she wanted milk, so I was setting up to give her some.  Before the bottle got to her mouth, I fumbled it and it fell out of my hands..

“Oh shoot!” the toddler says!

I really have to make sure that I watch what I say…

I gotta admit, it was really cute…

Today, M turns seventeen months, that’s one year and five months..

In the big picture of life, seventeen months isn’t even that long of a time span.. so it’s amazing to see how far she’s grown and developed in this short amount of time.

She grows so fast that you can even tell a big difference from just last September, when she turned one!

For one, her hair is definitely thicker.  I can put it in a pony tail now.. it’s not very thick, but it’s a pony tail..  trust me on this one. 

Her language skills just amaze me everyday.  We can communicate now.  She makes life easier by telling me what she wants.  When she wants me to go with her somewhere, she tells me, “Go” and then follows it with where she wants to go.. Sometimes she tells me to take her hand (“Han.. han..) and then tells us where we need to.. “Han.. han.. Go.. Elmo..”

Potty training is hit or miss.  Some days shes right on the money.  Then, the next day, it’d be completely opposite.  I don’t put too much pressure since she isn’t even a year and a half yet.  Its just good to know that she’s comfortable with the potty and hopefully when she is truly ready, the transition will be much easier.

She constantly amazes me with the things she knows.  She loves her animal sounds.  She LOVES numbers and letters.  She can point to something and count “one.”  Sometimes she’ll remember and say “two” next.  One day she was counting bananas on the dining table.. “One bana, two bana.”  She loves pointing at letters, though she may not say the correct one.  But, if you ask her to point at a specific letter, like O, or A, she can point to the correct one.  She just isn’t good at naming it yet. 

She knows almost every character of every show she watches.  She still loves Dora and knows everyone on that show.  Having those Dora stickers help a lot too..

She loves chasing after bubbles, sticking stickers on her hands and other places, loves playing with her toy teapot and cups, loves hugging her Cinderella and Minnie Mouse dolls.  She will kiss everything that she likes, even inanimate objects and pictures.  She loves to smell her feet, especially in the bath.  She loves a good tickle and laugh.  She’s still the best hugger I know!

The tantrums stopped for the time being, but I know that it’s only a matter of time before her “terrible twos” kick in and the tantrums will start up again.  She tried to cry and whine to get her way, but I think I nipped that for the time being also. 

She’s so blessed with an awesome sense of humor and love of life. 

I pray everyday that no one ever takes that spirit away from her.  

Happy 17 month birthday, my bug-bug.  You continue to amaze me and I love you so much.

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