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 I’ve been trying introduce M to activities that keep her busy and entertained.  She enjoys drawing and markers, so I figured she’d enjoy painting. 

Crayola Color Wonder Fingerpaint

This is great.  This paint only works with the Crayola Color Wonder paper.  The color doesn’t get anywhere.  Because it’s a gel, it’s easy to clean up.

At first, M was a little apprehensive about touching it, but it didn’t take her long to get used to it.  She loved making splotches all over the paper.

The colors are a little muted on the Color Wonder paper.  The colors are not bold, but it’s a only a kid’s fingerpaint.  She’s not the next Monet.  We did notice that the longer the paint sits on the paper, the stronger the colors came out. 

The gel dries a little sticky, so if you want to save your child’s artistic creations, I would not stack the pages on top of each other, even if you think that the paints are dry. 

This set seems to be a “one time use” fingerpaint set.  M dug through the gel pots and used up the fingerpaint in one sitting that lasted about an hour.  I did try to save as much as I could by scooping up the globs of gel on the piece of paper and scraping it back into the pots. 

You can find fingerpaint refills here:


Crayola Color Wonder Paint Refill – Set of 2 (Tropical and Classic 75-2038)

M enjoyed this very much.  I look foward to getting some refills and letting her paint again.  It’s a great activity that keeps her still and quiet for at least an hour. 

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This past weekend, I caught up on M’s laundry.

Usually, I try to do a load or two during the week, but that limits me to a load a day.  With the amount of clothes M goes through, it’s no wonder I found myself so far behind.

Luckily, I was able to catch up this weekend. 

I think a big reason why I was able to catch up was because M is starting to become a lot more independent and she’s also able to entertain herself a lot easier than before.

Granted, she still wanted me to be within eye sight, but it wasn’t bothersome. 

Sometimes, she’d just stand with me.  I’d pass her some items to throw into the dryer and she LOVED it.  She was my little helper and it was the cutest thing.

Sometimes, she just stayed in the living room while Hubby watched her.  She’d be scattering her toys, or watching TV, or both!

Other times, she would have her iPad with her.  She’d carry it to where I was and just sit in the hallway while I hung her clothes to dry.

Yes, I had THAT much laundry that I needed to do for her..

There were other domestic errands I was also able to do without much toddler distraction this weekend..

Its bittersweet.  She’s old enough that I can start to leave her to be while I pull more of my own weight around the apartment.  I’m happy that I can start feeling helpful again, but its sad that she isn’t my super dependent little baby anymore..

The family can start to have a little more routine now..

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