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Yesterday, M turned thirty-one months old.

Thirty one months.  She’s over two and a half now, she’s inching closer and closer to three. 

I see changes all the time. 

I see it in the way she carries herself.  She’s got so much more confidence in her movements.  She climbs, jumps, and runs like it’s second nature to her. 

I see it in the ways she’s more aware of her surroundings.  She’s more aware of pains, or “ouchies.” She’s feels more and is more in tune with what she feels and observes.  Little scratches or bumps that she used to ignore now cause her to pause and acknowlege the sensation. 

I see it in the way she talks to me.  Her vocabulary just grows in leaps and bounds as the months go by.  We can now have conversations.  We don’t have to play the guessing game as much when trying to figure out what she wants.  She can request things, like what to watch on TV, or what books to read, or what she wants to eat. 

I see it in the way she plays.  I love watching her role play.  I love watching her create little scenes with her toys.  I love watching her reenact scenes from her favorite movies, videos and TV shows.   I love watching her pretend to talk on the phone.  I love watching her hug her stuffed toys.  I love watching her feed her toy horse.  Playtime with her is always filled with such entertainment.

I see it in the way she figures out how the world works around her.  I love how she’s figured out how to take her step-stool around in order to get to things she knows are beyond her reach.  I love how she’s figured out which remote control to give us based on what she wants to watch.  I love how she’s figured out how to find the fun in a laundry basket.  I love how she’s figured out how to use my legs as her personal slide.

Happy 31 month birthday, M!  I pray you continue to grow and learn and change.  You amaze me everyday.

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The other day, M was eating a banana with Hubby.  Hubby had to tend to something, so he put the rest of the banana in the kitchen counter and told her that if she wanted more she could ask me and I would help her.

About 15 minutes later, we notice that M was holding on to her banana and just eating away..

She grabbed the banana herself and just continued eating it.. like a big girl.

I lost it.  I started crying.  It’s definitely not “hormones” in the sense that you are all thinking.. no I’m not pregnant.  I’m just so super sentimental.

Sometimes I forget how independent M can be at almost two and a half years old.  I forget that she doesn’t need me for every little thing anymore.  She’s learning how to fend for herself and she’s learning how to be independent.  It’s part of her growing process and I should be so happy for her development.  She’s grown so much in these past two and a half years, from being completely helpless to grabbing her own bananas off the kitchen counter.

Yes.  I cried.  I cried tears of happiness, nostalgia, and love.  Those are what I call the tears of a mom..

M’s whole “mine!” behavior is becoming more and more apparent.

We were at the playground when a little girl was using the little toy steering wheel that M loves to play with.  With so much conviction in her voice, she goes up to this little girl and says, “No! Mine!” 

Luckily, that little girl wasn’t aggressive or mean.  She just looked at M.  Maybe she was just as shocked as I was that M reacted that way.

Well, I guess it’s really something that occurs naturally as a child gets older. 

I just hope I can keep it under control…

I was watching M a lot yesterday.

Just observing her.  I was watching her play, listening to her talk, watching her run around from room to room.

It’s the first time in awhile where I just sat and observed.

Being her mom, I don’t notice the changes unless I really sit and take notice.

She’s grown.  She’s definitely gotten taller.  She’s all legs!  She can reach the door knobs without getting on her tiptoes.  When she lies on the couch with her leg dangling off, she can now reach the floor.  She climbs in and out of the desk chair and couch with so much ease. 

She has a full head of hair.  It’s not thick, but it’s not so thin that you see right down to her scalp.  There’s a bit of her hair that can reach down her neck and a little past her shoulders.  She has a curl at the end of her hair.  She constantly has hair in her eyes which makes me want to go get her hair cut, but there’s another part of me that’s totally terrified of her hair getting messed up.

Her type of play consists of pretending to eat, cook, or feed.  She loves her dolls.  She will carry and sway them.  She bounces her baby doll and says, “Jump, jump, jump.”  She knows how to match colors on her pegboard (see here). 

After the library incident (see here), I’ve been working on sitting with her and coloring.  She loves markers over crayons (who doesn’t?!) and can tell me the colors of most of them.  Her hand/eye coordination has improved tremendously as she can uncap and cap the markers with minimal help.  She can sit and color with me for anywhere between 5-15 minutes, depending on her mood. 

She knows how to match people with pictures.  When there is a picture of me somewhere, she will point to the picture and point to me.  It’s as if she’s saying, “that’s you in the picture.” 

Her pronunciations of words has gotten a lot better.  She has the ability to answer questions without forcefed answers.  She constantly repeats when she hears on TV, plays along with her TV shows, and the words are easily understood.  I love listening to her talk. 

She LOVES to sing.  She’s my duet partner.  We can belt out a “Sofia the First” song like nobody’s business.  She’s still not into dancing, but I’m hoping that will kick in later.  Right now, she’s my little singer.  I love duets!

She’s growing up.  I see her everyday and those days just fly on by.  The day to day gets so monotonous, I forget that I’m raising a little human being.

But I’m glad I took a day to step back and really watch her.  I’m glad to see that she’s progressed so much over these past months.  I pray that the progress continues at this steady pace.  I pray that I can look at her again after a few months and recognize changes once again.

Have you ever just watched your child and noticed change?  I’d love to hear what you think.

It’s been several days.. and I’ve definitely noticed a change..

M usually comes home after I do.  Hubby picks her up from his parents house and brings her home.

I’m usually home already, either cooking dinner or in the second bedroom working on some scrapbook layouts or cards.

In the past, she would run straight for me, saying, “mimi!” and giving me a huge hug.

Lately.. she’s gone straight to her toys.. without so much as a “hi.”

It’s heartbreaking.  She’s really starting to grow up.  She’s starting to lengthen the virtual umbilical cord.

I’m not ready!

I miss the way she runs straight for me, like she’s missed me so much from being away from me all day.

I literally have to pull her away from her toys and tell me to give me a hug and a kiss!

She’s growing up..

Today, M turns seventeen months, that’s one year and five months..

In the big picture of life, seventeen months isn’t even that long of a time span.. so it’s amazing to see how far she’s grown and developed in this short amount of time.

She grows so fast that you can even tell a big difference from just last September, when she turned one!

For one, her hair is definitely thicker.  I can put it in a pony tail now.. it’s not very thick, but it’s a pony tail..  trust me on this one. 

Her language skills just amaze me everyday.  We can communicate now.  She makes life easier by telling me what she wants.  When she wants me to go with her somewhere, she tells me, “Go” and then follows it with where she wants to go.. Sometimes she tells me to take her hand (“Han.. han..) and then tells us where we need to.. “Han.. han.. Go.. Elmo..”

Potty training is hit or miss.  Some days shes right on the money.  Then, the next day, it’d be completely opposite.  I don’t put too much pressure since she isn’t even a year and a half yet.  Its just good to know that she’s comfortable with the potty and hopefully when she is truly ready, the transition will be much easier.

She constantly amazes me with the things she knows.  She loves her animal sounds.  She LOVES numbers and letters.  She can point to something and count “one.”  Sometimes she’ll remember and say “two” next.  One day she was counting bananas on the dining table.. “One bana, two bana.”  She loves pointing at letters, though she may not say the correct one.  But, if you ask her to point at a specific letter, like O, or A, she can point to the correct one.  She just isn’t good at naming it yet. 

She knows almost every character of every show she watches.  She still loves Dora and knows everyone on that show.  Having those Dora stickers help a lot too..

She loves chasing after bubbles, sticking stickers on her hands and other places, loves playing with her toy teapot and cups, loves hugging her Cinderella and Minnie Mouse dolls.  She will kiss everything that she likes, even inanimate objects and pictures.  She loves to smell her feet, especially in the bath.  She loves a good tickle and laugh.  She’s still the best hugger I know!

The tantrums stopped for the time being, but I know that it’s only a matter of time before her “terrible twos” kick in and the tantrums will start up again.  She tried to cry and whine to get her way, but I think I nipped that for the time being also. 

She’s so blessed with an awesome sense of humor and love of life. 

I pray everyday that no one ever takes that spirit away from her.  

Happy 17 month birthday, my bug-bug.  You continue to amaze me and I love you so much.

M’s new sippy cup has a simple plastic covering over the spout so when we travel, it’s covered up from all the germs in the air..  In her carseat, she wanted something to drink so I have it to her with the cover lifted up.  She started biting the cover so I took it off, but she asked for it back “ahn” (babyspeak for “on”) again.  I attached the cover back on, and covered the spout with it so she wouldn’t bit the cover.  She figured out how to remove the cover off the spout and proceeded to bit the cover.. TODDLER TRIUMPH!

M has tons of large toys that serve as a silent barrier to places that she isn’t supposed to go to.  A lot of these toys have wheels and can be easily moved, but for the longest time, she never realized this.  The other day, she took one of those barrier toys and wheeled it away.  She noticed the space it created and the area that opened up for her, and without hesitation, walks right into it.  Oh, the look on her face.. TODDLER TRIUMPH!

M loves those toddler cups with the straws (similar brand to the sippy cups we use for her).  I remember the day she realized that she can remove the straw to make a nice wet puddle in her highchair tray… TODDLER TRIUMPH!

These kids are definitely smarter than we give them credit for.  Their curiosity and need to touch everything and anything gives them the drive to discover things you wouldn’t think they were old enough to figure out.  The looks on their faces when then do figure them out is priceless.

Share your toddler triumphs in the comments!  I’d love to hear them!

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