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We moved ahead an hour this past weekend and I’m definitely feeling the effects.

I’ve never been a fan of this time change.  It just plain sucks. 

Now, with a toddler, I loathe this time change.  As a working mother, I absolutely LOATHE this time change.

If I was drinking coffee, I would probably be drinking two right now.

Our usual “plan of attack” for these time changes are to just run things “business as usual.”  We eat at our regular time and we sleep at our regular time.

As adults, I feel like we adjust better.

Toddlers do not live on a clock.  They don’t know the difference between the times of day.  They live their lives based on their internal clocks.  Actual time changes, but their internal one doesn’t.

This causes problems..

M wasn’t hungry at 6:30pm.  So I compromised and fed her at 7pm.  Her 8pm bathtime completely took me by surprise, so she didn’t get into the bath until 8:30pm.   We aren’t usually strict routine parents, so she’s completely flexible about these things.

Bedtime came.  None of us were really sleepy by the time 10pm came, so we compromised a bit and started the bedtime routine at around 10:30pm.  Yes, she sleeps late.  We all sleep pretty late, but it works for us.

Well, 10:30 pm now was 9:30 pm just a few days ago.  And at 9:30pm, M is usually running around the apartment singing at the top of her little lungs.

M didn’t sleep for about an hour and half.  She was tossing and turning in the bed, making it hard for us to sleep too. 

So I literally lost an hour of sleep!

Coffee.. give me coffee!!!

I know it’s only the first week.  I know she’ll adjust.  It’s just torture!!!

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The time change at this time of the year is always my favorite.  It feels like gaining an hour of sleep.. and I LOVE it..

I never know if it’s either the end or the beginning of Daylight Saving Time.. but it doesn’t matter to me.. it’s the mind trick of making it seem like I just gained some sleep..

Eventually my body will adjust, but lets just let me enjoy this for the first week or so…

What I don’t enjoy is how late it feels at 5pm.. that feeling always throws me off..

I’m trying to keep things normal around the toddler.  I’m sure M feels the difference, but I want her to adjust as fast as possible.  I try to keep her meals at around the same time as normal, even though compared to last week, they are all an hour later.  I try to get her to bed at the same time as well.  It’s the same thing I did when we were in Hawaii and when we got back.  Thank God I have a pretty laid back child, and she pretty good at being flexible to change..

How do you adjust your children to the time change?

Thankful November
November 4 – I’m thankful for sleep.  Simple.

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