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Over the weekend, M turned thirty two months old.. that’s two years and eight months old.  She’s definitely on the downhill trek of age two and quickly approaching age three.. where has the time gone?

She continues to be an amazing little kid.  We communicate now.  She tells me stories.  She knows how to create stories mixing up various characters from various TV shows and just creating these scenarios that are so entertaining.  She loves to laugh and play. 

She’s recently become a little dramatic.  At the drop of a hat, she can burst into tears in the most dramatic fashion.  She loves to just throw her face into her hands and just wail.  I think she gets it from the Disney movies she watches.  It’s in true Disney princess fashion that she throws herself onto the nearest surface, usually the floor, and just covers her face with her hands and just cries.

While it’s totally amusing, I know I need to start controlling that sort of behavior.  I can’t have her just burst into tears for the tiniest reasons.  I can’t have that at all! 

Happy 32nd month birthday, my dear M.  Stay happy and blessed always.  Continue to grow and learn.  Keeping being the loving person that you are.  I love you with all my heart.  You always keep me on my toes, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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M turns 20 months old today..

20 months..

That means in 4 months, I will have a two year old..

Four months.. oh my gosh!  I need to start planning!

I just can’t believe this little girl has only been in our lives for 20 months.. it seems like she’s always just been a part of my life.. I have a hard time imagining my life without her..

Any hint of infancy is gone.. in her physical appearance and her developmental status.. I feel like she’s practically a kid with the way she moves around and talks to me..

Each month just brings so much more development and so many surprises.. now she’s talking in 2-4 word sentences.. I can actually have a conversation with her.. she is so much more interactive than before..

But with that also comes the beginnings of tantrums, crying fits, and the hints of a “terrible two” attitude.  So far, it’s nothing I can’t control.. but I also know that I don’t show her who’s boss now, she’ll be walking all over me in no time!

This little girl is so full of love and will never hesitate to give me the biggest hugs around my arms in a second.. in fact, she’s hugging my arm as I type this.. I gotta love this little girl.  Her hugs are the best feeling in the world.  I never take them for granted and I wish she’ll still hug me this way until she’s twenty YEARS old.. and older!

I’m so happy that we were blessed with this young lady.. she is our source of humor.. and my ultimate test of patience.. through the ups.. and occasional downs.. I am so proud to be this little girl’s “mimi.”

Happy 20 months, buggy.  I love you more than words can ever express!

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