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The Target $1/$3 rack is amazing.  It’s got some pretty great little toys for a very reasonable price.  I use that rack to buy M some potty rewards (potty training.. a whole other blog post that I’m still trying to figure out how to put together..).

M earned a potty reward recently.  This time it was a Hello Kitty Imagine Ink activity book.

BENDON_26041_1361588351-1The image isn’t the exact book she played with.

She actually enjoyed this book every much.  She loved that she just needed one marker to color everything.  She loved finding all the hidden pictures on each page.  She also enjoyed how colorful everything was.  She enjoyed it so much, she finished the whole book in two days.

I loved that it was mess free.  The marker only worked in the activity book.  If she tried to color on other things, the marker didn’t work and it didn’t leave any unwanted marks on anything.  I loved how engaged she was every time we played with the book.  I loved, that when opened properly, the plastic holder the marker is stored in can be used to store the marker when not in use.  Less clutter for me!

I didn’t like were that the marker did have a little bit of a chemical smell to it.  I just wish it didn’t smell that way.  I also didn’t like that the marker was starting to dry out after the second day of using it.  Luckily, we finished the book in two days, but I’m not sure the marker would have lasted much longer had we decided to stretch out the fun and only do a few sheets a day.

Overall, it was a great $3 purchase.  She liked it so much, she asked for more of these books.  I’m definitely getting her more.

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