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This past Halloween was Little M’s first time Trick or Treating..

Last year, she was just too young.  She was just a few days shy of being two months old and we didn’t want to take her out.. I don’t think she minded..

This year, she dressed up as Minnie Mouse, but since she isn’t fond of wearing hats or headbands, I didn’t put the mouse ears on her.  I opted to just put her hair in pigtails with cute bows.. she looked adorable.. and I’m not just saying it cuz she’s my daughter.. but.. she was really cute..

I was able to leave work early to go to the treat-or-treating at the local shopping center.  There were tons of families there and it was so cute seeing all the kids in costume! 

Little M wanted to go up to every since Cinderella she saw!  

We had her walking for a lot of it, so she got pretty tired after about halfway through the shopping center.  We ended up going home before we could finish the entire thing.  I don’t think she minded anyway. 

We went home, rested a bit, had dinner, and then went for round 2 which was around our apartments. 

About an hour into it, she fell asleep!

Poor baby, so tired from all the Halloween festivities!

Hubby and I had a lot of fun.. I had forgotten what it was like to go door to door trick-or-treating.  It brought the kid out of me again.  Hubby had fun dumping all the candy out of her little pumpkin and showing her how to sort out the candies.. it definitely brought out the kid in him, as well.

This year was a new experience for Little M.  And I’m not sure she really grasped the entire concept.  I know next year will be better.  Hopefully next year she will really understand.. and I’d love to hear her say “trick-or-treat.”


I told her a few days ago that we took down the playpen.. we put it in the box with every intention of placing it in our storage unit.

Well, we found a new use for it.

It’s now the “gate” that blocks Little M from going into our kitchen.

Months ago, we tried to buy a baby gate from Babies R Us, but the one we purchased was too small for the space of the opening into our kitchen.

So for awhile, we’ve just been just trying to steer her away.. but the darn fridge with all the cute pictures and magnets is just too alluring for a toddler..

The box with the playpen in it is the perfect width and weight for being a barrier.  It’s just slightly shorter than she is, so she can’t climb it.  She can’t move it.  And she actually senses it’s a barrier and doesn’t try to cross it.

Granted, we now have to step over it everytime we want to go into the kitchen, but it’s a small sacrifice we make for the safety of our kid.

It is a little sad to see her at the “wall” begging to join you sometimes.. but we gotta do what we gotta do.

What sort of random items did you use to make barriers in your home?

I’ve been a mommy for almost 13 months now.

Frequent readers know I absolutely love being a mother..

But it’s lately gotten to be so real.

That’s because Little M finally calls me “mommy.”  Well.. it’s more “mimi” but you get the picture…

She’s finally acknowledged that I am her mother, and that just kind of seals the deal on this motherhood thing.

I’ve been taking care of her since minute 1 of her little life and she’s known from the second she came into this world that I am her caregiver.  I feed her, bathe her, change her, and love her..

She knows I’m “mommy” but never had the ability to say it.. until now.

I have to say, hearing her say “mimi” and knowing she’s refering to me is one of the best feelings in the world.

It’s right up there with hearing my hubby say “i love you” and his proposal and our wedding day.  It’s right up there will hearing her cry for the first time.. It’s right up there with hearing her heartbeat for the first time at the OB-GYNs office. 

It’s made motherhood so much more real than it’s ever been before.

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