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It would have been perfect!

We had a 4-day weekend to celebrate the 4th of July…

Wednesday night, we decided to go to the playgroup at the park with M. All was fine until we went home when M’s nose decided to start running like a faucet. I thought to myself, no big deal. It was allergies. Once we got all of “park stuff” out of her system and cleared out her nose, it will all be good.. So made sure to really clean her up well, and really was her face during that night’s bath..

We woke up Thursday morning and she was soo stuffed up. We ended up taking her into the bathroom with us while we showered so that she could benefit from the steam. It helped loosen up her stuffy nose and throat, so we went to the park to celebrate the 4th of July with the rest of the community.

As the day went on, we could see she was getting worse.. her nose was either constantly running, or stuffy. She was getting tired and grumpy.. so we just went home. We didn’t go out the rest of the day, we didn’t see fireworks that night.

During dinner, we noticed that she would clamp down really hard and would tense up her jaw.

Uh oh. Teething.

I peeked into her mouth and noticed that her little canines finally broke through and were little points outside her gums. I also noticed that her gums in the back of her mouth were swollen too. The poor girl was miserable. I gave her a half dose of PediaCare and it took care of the pain.

On Friday, we decided to rest. That’s when MY throat started to feel bad. I knew I was next. My parents came over that night to celebrate the rest of the weekend with us.

Saturday and Sunday, I was miserable! My throat stopped hurting but my head was aching, and my nose was stuffy. M started coughing because all the mucuous from her nose would travel down to her throat at night. That led to her coughing all day!

I had planned on taking my parents and brother to the beach. I planned on taking them to a Farmer’s Market and spending a whole day out and about San Diego..

But… with a toddler, nothing can really be planned.

M and I are both recovering. Thank God, this cold didn’t lead to ANOTHER ear infection for M.. she just finished her final dose of antibiotics for her LAST ear infection about two weeks ago!

Hope everyone else had a great weekend.

Once M’s first tooth finally broke through, she’s been sprouting teeth left and right!

Currently she has three teeth.  Her bottom two and her top front left.

It’s kinda funny how they grew in. 

First it was her bottom front left… then it was her top front left.. then her bottom front right!

It’s a new thing in her mouth and sometimes we hear her grinding her top and bottom teeth together.  That sound is like nails on a chalkboard to me!

I guess it’s all part of her discovering..

She’s gonna have a mouthful of chompers soon!

It finally happened..

Little M FINALLY has a tooth.. maybe even TEETH!

Her gums-of-steel finally cut a day or two after her first birthday and her little bottom tooth is finally making it’s way into her world.. I think the little tooth right next to it is coming out too.

It’s cute.  I’ve felt it a couple of times when feeding her as her spoon goes “clink” against her tiny tooth.  I’ve also felt it as she grabs my finger and brings it in for a nice little bite.

Sigh.  She’s really growing up now.

Now that she has some chompers, we have to start adding to her “nite-nite” routine.

Change diaper.  Changes clothes.  BRUSH TOOTH (or teeth).  Take bath.  Nite-nite!

I wonder what she’s gonna look like with a mouth full of teeth…

Now we just gotta wait on a full head of hair and my child will be complete!

So Little M is teething..

The poor little girl, she’s so uncomfortable.  She’s drooling like crazy.. she’s got her fingers and thumbs in her mouth all the time.. she gets soo frustrated and annoyed that she gets whiny.. I feel so bad.

Yesterday, I thought her teeth finally cut through.. Her bottom gums are pretty much so transparent that you can see the two bottom front teeth.. and the little itty bitty ridges of those two tiny teeth.  I thought her teeth came in because you can see them so clearly.  But when I ran my finger onto her bottom gums, I didn’t feel them.. but they are sooo close!

She’s rubbing her gums with her hands and she’s biting everything she can get her hands on.. including my shoulder..

The pediatrician said that I should freeze a wash cloth and have her chew on it.. or wrap an ice cube in a wash cloth and rub it on her gums.  She said to try various teething rings and toys to she what she prefers too.. and if she’s really uncomfortable to give her tylenol or advil…

Her pediatrician also says absolutely no oragel because of the risk of overdosing on lidocane (sp?).   She says that lidocane slows down heartbeats and that there is a tendency to overdose because you just slather it onto babies gums and reapply when the discomfort starts again.  I’m sure the directions specified how to properly use oragel, but I don’t want to risk anything.  I’m going to try some of these safer, no medication remedies to see if she can find some relief…

What kind of things did you other mommies (and daddies) do to help relieve your little one during their teething time?

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