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We found flower growing kits at the Target dollar area a week ago.


We were still living at the in-laws when we found them. Click here for the back story.

Now that we are finally back home, M and I decided to give this little flower growing thing a try.

It’s spring, right?  The season of growing, right?

Well, let’s get to it!

These little kits come with a packet of seeds, the flower pot, and a pellet of ‘growing medium.’

The directions say to add a tablespoon of water to the growing medium and allow it to absorb the water.  Boy, those little pellets really grew.  Once hydrated, the filled up the entire flower pot.

Then, add no more than five seeds into the pot.  I had no clue poppy seeds were as tiny as they were.  They were even a bit too tiny for M’s tiny fingers!  I think we got enough poppy seeds into the flower pot, we’ll find out if they grow!  The daisy seeds were much easier to handle.

Once we did all of that, we placed the flower pots outside.  I have to double check if the area we placed them gets some sunlight.  Silly me, I haven’t had a chance to check if the sun hits the spot we placed them.


Of course, I forgot to label which pot had daisy seeds and which pot had the poppy seeds.

We planted them on Easter Sunday.  We’ve been watering the lightly every day since, and so far nothing has happened.

Does anyone know how long it takes for these plants to show any signs of growth?  How long do I wait before I call it a failure and try again?

I’ll keep you posted.

I’m a person that likes warm weather.  I’ve grown up in Southern California.. warm weather is pretty much how I thrive.

The weather lately has been.. well.. questionable.

The sun is out.. the sky is blue.. but oh.. my.. stars.. is it cold.  The wind blows the coldest air I’ve ever experienced and it’s not fun to walk around.

I need my sunny Southern California weather.  I don’t like wearing sweaters and jeans.  I am a short skirt and top kind of girl.  I love the sun.. I love warm.  I’m not a cold person.  I don’t enjoy the cold.

I don’t mind the rain if the weather is warm.  I like walking in the rain when I don’t have to bundle up in a thick coat and sweater and layers and layers.

I really shouldn’t complain.  When I went to Arizona, I was talking to so many people from the east coast and mid-west.. and boy.. am I lucky to live in Southern California.  I don’t think I could handle the weather that they deal with over there.  I think I would absolutely die!

I miss warmth.

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