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Since August 2015:

  • M started 4yo preschool 3 days a week.
  • I became the classroom’s room mother.
  • M turned 4yo.
  • K walked at 9mo.
  • K turned 1yo.
  • Hubby got a promotion and a raise.
  • We bought an awesome new dining table and started having more family dinners. (Long overdue, I know..)
  • We’ve been to Legoland at least once a month, sometimes more.
  • I started a food blog (Joe, Party of 4)
  • M obsessed over Shopkins
  • M got over the Shopkins obsession.
  • M currently obsesses over Pokemon (specifically, Pikachu)
  • I’ve become obsessed with memory keeping
  • I’ve attempted to do some bible journaling
  • We dressed up as The Simpsons for Halloween
  • We bought a selfie stick
  • We did Elf on the Shelf for the first time
  • We did an Advent calendar for the first time
  • I started selling ribbon clips in my Etsy store, CutieQ Cards n Crafts.
  • This banner became a best seller, selling at least once a month!
  • M started taking a dance class
  • M had a daddy/daughter date watching Frozen on Ice
  • M and I became obsessed with Lush
  • Snapchat became our favorite phone app
  • We’ve been living with my in-laws for the past month and a half while our house gets some work done.



According to the WordPress dashboard, it’s been six months since my last blog post.  I tried so hard to keep a good blog writing schedule.  I tried so hard to keep the blog going, but I just couldn’t.

Honestly, sleep was more important.  I couldn’t find time during the day to add to the blog, so I wanted to write when the girls went to bed.  But this mama was tired, all the time.  So, I chose sleep.

Six months later, I’m glad I did.  Life has gotten a little bit more calm.  We’ve developed a groove.  And I’m ok with sleeping late now that the kids go to bed earlier.

Six months later, I feel like I’ve got a better control over life.  Let me rephrase that.  Six months later, I feel like I’ve got a better control over life MOST OF THE TIME.  There are still moments where life just feels completely overwhelming and I use all of my energy just trying to keep my head above water.  But doesn’t everyone feel that way?

Six months later, I feel like I’m just barely getting this ‘stay at home mom’ life down.  Just barely.

A lot has changed in six months, but I’m glad to say that a lot of it has been for the better…

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