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As a parent, there are tons of gross things that we all have to deal with.

Getting pee’d on.
Cleaning up leaking pee.
Poop that falls out of a diaper.
Poop explosions.
Oozing poop.
Chewed up food.

I can tolerate all of those things, except vomit.  I can’t do vomit.

Yesterday, M vomited.  Not only was it just vomit, it was projectile vomit.  It was almost “The Exorcist” like, projectile vomit.  It had range.  It was substance.  It had smell.

Ugh.  The smell.

I can’t do the vomit smell.  I makes me want to vomit too!

I’m so glad I hadn’t eaten dinner yet when this occured. 

Of course, she was sitting on my lap the whole time this vomit-fest occurred, so we were both pretty much soaked in grossness.

Even SHE thought it was gross.  She would shake hands and whine to get all the ickiness off of her.  So disgusting.

Toddlers do a lot of disgusting things that appear to be very normal to them.  If a toddler thinks it’s disgusting, then it MUST be disgusting. 

M and I both jumped into the shower immediately and I let me iron-stomached Hubby take care of the clean up.  Thank God for my Hubby.  He’s always willing to deal with the vomit. 

I think M finally caught the bug that’s been going around lately.  That bug I’ve been so desperately trying to fight has finally caught up to us.  I’m still not 100% better, and she’s starting to have fevers. 

Poor kid.  This year has just been one virus after another.

Will it ever end?

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It started on Monday.  It was a little scratch in my throat.  I fought it and fought it until I couldn’t fight it anymore.

By Tuesday night, I was not feeling good anymore.  I was tired and my throat was painful. 

I tried to just work through it all.  I tried to still be the normal mommy, but it hurt to even talk.

By 9 o’clock, I decided to just call it a night.

God bless Hubby for trying his best to keep M from bothering me in our bedroom.  He tried to keep the bedroom door closed, but she knows how to open doors now. 

She probably isn’t used to seeing me sleeping so early.  She probably isn’t used to me trying to keep my distance from her too.  She was all about snuggling up to me.  I did my best to turn my head away from her so I wouldn’t breathe on her.

It was sad.  I had to explain to her that I wasn’t feeling too well and that I didn’t want her to get sick either.  I think she understood.  She would say, “Mimi, sick.”

Thankfully, Hubby was able to keep her busy and I was able to get some rest.  I woke up this morning much more refreshed.  My throat doesn’t hurt as much anymore, but it’s still not 100% better. 

I’m hoping that I can get one more good night’s rest tonight.  It seems to be working.

I just hope M doesn’t catch it. 

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It started on Friday.

I had the day off because M had her two-year well baby check up..

It all seemed normal enough, except that when M woke up she felt a little warm.

She was still in good spirits, but I was beginning to feel a little weary. All the germs floating around tour buses, restaurants and airplanes had finally caught up to her. Darn post-vacation sickies!

Her well-baby went well. But when the time came to give M a booster to her Hep A vaccine, I asked the doctor is she could have M’s temperature taken.

101.0 F


So instead of a shot, she got a dose of fever reducer.

Her fevers were so consistent during the remainder of the day. It only went down while the fever reducer would kick in, but after four hours her temperature would shoot up.

That lasted throughout the entire night.

The morning for her party, I gave her a dose at 7am. By the Grace of God, her fever didn’t return until the afternoon. And the fevers would take a little longer to return after that.

She enjoyed the beginning of her birthday party. She progressively got grumpy as the day went on. I’m sure she wasn’t feeling all that great to be partying…

As the fevers have been subsiding, her attitude has been declining. She’s so much more irritable. She’s super sensitive. The littlest thing sends her into a major crying fit.

I can’t even leave to use the restroom without sobbing for me.

I can see that she is experiencing some form of discomfort. I’m assuming its her molars. I’m hoping that its just her molars.

On Friday, the pediatrician checked her ears, throat and lungs and said they were all clear. So I’m hoping that these fevers are because she is teething.

I’m taking her to see her pediatrician today, so I hoping we can figure out what’s wrong.

I just want my happy little buggy back. It breaks my heart to see her like this. I feel so absolutely helpless.

I hit a hard parenting reality this past week..

The “no sick leave” reality…

I haven’t been feeling too great over the past few days.. headaches.. just overall icky.

Hubby would try to be nice and tell me to curl up onto the recliner and take a nap.. or just rest.. and he’d take care of Little M.

That only works for 2 minutes..

I close my eyes, starting to drift off into nap-town, when I feel little toddler hands on my leg.

“Mimi, mimi!”

She hands me a book.. I read it.. she goes down to play.  I close my eyes..

“Mimi, mimi!”

She hands me a Princess.  I tell her who it is.  She takes it back.  I close my eyes..

This happens several times before I realize that this nap just isn’t gonna happen.

Oh well.. I guess that’s just the way it is now..

I got sick over the weekend.  Last week, my throat was starting to bother me, but I got over it.

I was fine all day Saturday.  I spent the day at the beach and at the Orange County Fair..

By the end of the night, my nose was stuffed.. I mean.. seriously stuffed!

Sunday was worse.  I couldn’t breathe through my nose at all. 

Monday was terrible.. I went to work but I seriously don’t even remember doing anything at all.. my brain was just not here.. it was stuffed in all the cold ickiness.. I think that was the peak of this cold..

I’m feeling better today.. I can breathe through my nose.. but my head still feels rather goopy.. I still can’t think straight.. and that’s why this blog is so terribly written..

I’m hoping to recover from this cold by the end of the week.. it just sucks that I had to miss out on a camping trip this coming weekend.. I don’t think my recovering body can handle it quite yet..





This royally sucks.  As a person that loves to sing, this is something that is always feared and dreaded the most whenever I catch a cold or get sick.

This is apparently the cold that never ends..

I’m trying not to cough.  I’ve been traumatized by what has happened to my mother’s vocal chords as a result of a bad cold that left her coughing for about a month.  Coughing is a singers mortal enemy.  As a result of her cough, she now has nodules on her vocal chords.  She’s been going to through some vocal therapy, but with her constantly losing her voice, she isn’t getting very far.  Surgery may be the next option.

Anything involving cutting me open.. and working on my vocal chords.. something I never ever want to risk.. I love to sing too much..

Thank God I don’t have any singing engagements coming up.. ugh.. I don’t like being sick.

It was more like a weekend to forget..

Today is the boyfriend’s birthday.  The plan was to be down there this weekend to celebrate.  But we all know I got sick.. and I was stuck in bed all week.. and by default.. I was stuck in bed all weekend.

I missed my boyfriend’s birthday weekend.

Good part was I got to  miss three days of work.. plus the weekend.  It was like a mini-vacation.

Bad part is coming back makes me feel all out of sorts as I’m trying to catch up and make sense of all the things that have happened while I was sick.  I hate missing so much work because I always feel lost when I get back.

I feel really bad for missing out on his birthday and not being able to spend his birthday with him.  It’s my thing about “firsts..”

It is his first birthday with us as a couple.. and we celebrated mine together.. I really wanted to be there to celebrate his.. sigh.

There’s always next year.. and if God allows.. many  years to come..

But lets not get ahead of ourselves.. let’s just take this.. one year at a time..

Sad thing is.. I still feel a little down.. as in.. sick.. as in.. blah!

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