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On Memorial Day weekend, we attempted to go blueberry picking.


We had visited this berry farm two years ago and had a blast.  We knew that we wanted to take the girls berry picking again once K was old enough.

The weather had been cloudy for the past week or so.  Hubby said that one of the ladies at the entrance said that the clouds had possibly affected the rate at which the berries were ripening and that we might not be able to pick as much berries as we were be expecting.

She was right.  We walked through rows and rows of berries that were not yet ready for picking.


I didn’t stop us from having a good time though.  The mere fact that we were there was enough to make M and K very happy.

This was K’s first time at the berry farm.  She loved carrying around the bucket.  However, searching for ripe berries wasn’t quite as fun as filling up her bucket full of sticks!


Asides from berries, the girls loved looking at the chicken coop.  There were quite a few chickens inside and they were so cute!


In the end, we didn’t find enough berries to justify a purchase.  Good thing this blueberry farm doesn’t have an entrance fee.  You only pay for what you pick.  In our case, we hardly picked any!  We ended up leaving the bucket of berries on a bale of hay, hoping someone will find it and add it to their stash of berries.


Can you tell which one was K’s bucket and which one was M’s?

We’re hoping to make our way up to the berry farm again in the next week or so.  I’m hoping we can come back soon enough to collect a bucket full!

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You know you’re a parent when you are so happy to see your child cough up a big phelgm bomb..

Disgusting.. yes..  I know..

But it’s better than keeping all that mucous in her system and getting sicker!

I’m just saying!

1.  M gets on the floor, hands and feet.  Then, she starts shuffling around and rolling on the ground.  Where does she get that? The Fresh Beat Band – the ending song has a little boy in the background breakdancing.. THATS where she gets that..

2.  M spins in circles saying “Fia!” Where does she get that? Sofia the First – During the movie premier of the show, there’s a scene where her step-sister, Amber, is holding a broom and spinning around trying to swat the bad-guy bird… THATS where she gets that..

3.  M puts makes me put on a backpack, then she says “Beat!”  Where does she get that?  The Fresh Beat Band – during seasons 1 & 2, they go to music school.  When they go, they wear backpacks.. THATS where she gets that..

4.  M walks in circles saying “Day!”  Where does she get that?  The Fresh Beat Band – the final song begins by singing, “It was a great day..” and walking in a circle to begin their dance… THATS where she gets that..

5.  M covers her eyes and says, “Oh no!” dramatically.  Where does she get that?  ME!  She also says “Oh geez” and “Oh nuts” because of me. 

6.  M smells her feet, or makes me smell her feet, when she takes off her shoes.  Where does she get that?  That’s ME again.. I love smelling her feet.. baby feet, and toddler feet, are still the best!


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