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This past weekend was my company’s holiday party at Pechanga Casino.

It was the second time Hubby and I had a night out without M.

We booked a hotel nearby so my parents can watch M close by while Hubby and I went to the party.

It was a night I was mentally ready for.  It was a night out to have fun and play around at the casino afterward…

M was totally ok when we had left for the night.  I think that had a lot to do with the fact that she had the iPad and was playing with one of her apps. 

I made sure she saw me leave so there weren’t any surprises for her when she finished playing with the iPad..

Hubby and I had a great time at the party.. and right when we left and started heading towards the casino, I received a phone call from my mom..

“M has been crying for an hour now…  you may want to think about coming back to her..”

In the background, I can hear her little cries.. they sounded so bad..

Mommy guilt washed over me instantly..

Of course we went back to the hotel room.

Her face was so red and puffy from all the crying.. She made me get her immediately.  I didn’t even have time to get out of my dress!  She was so sad and held me so close.

Poor baby.

Is it ever going to get easier (for me AND for her)?!?!


Cry baby.

That’s pretty much what Little M is all about lately.. she cries when she wakes up.. she cries when she is hungry and asleep.. she cries when she doesn’t see me.. she cries when she wants to go down and crawl.. she cries when I don’t let her pound on my laptop’s keyboard.. she cries when I take away something she’s playing with.. she just cries..

Yesterday she cried because she wanted Hubby and I in the same room so she can see us both!

Some days she cries because it’s dark and wants to fall asleep with some light.. then there are days when she cries because it’s too bright and wants to fall asleep in the dark..

Ok.. let me clarify.. she isn’t always bawling with huge tears streaming down her cheek.. she’s more like.. angry, whiny babbling for most of it.. it almost sounds like she’s trying to tell me why she’s upset in her own little baby babble language..

There are occasions where she does cry with the big tear drops.. but that’s really rare.. and it’s not that annoying cry that makes you just want to tear your hair out.. or maybe that’s because she’s my daughter and my patience level is just so unusually up there.. especially for me..

I know she’s learning to express herself.. she’s learning how to communicate what she wants, likes, doesn’t like.. etc..

And I know that she’s at that age where she’s experiencing stranger/separation anxiety..

But this will pass right?

I’ll get my little happy, content daughter back, right?

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