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On Sunday, June 28th, K turned 6 months old.


I don’t know how that happened so quickly.  One minute she was born and one second later, she turned six months old.

Obviously we had a half-birthday celebration.  We had an ice cream cake to celebrate.  It was a special request from Big Sister M that we had one.  We all got to enjoy it, except K.  She stared at us with sad eyes as we all ate the ice cream cake.  I felt so bad, but I know that she will soon be able to enjoy all the yummy foods.


A week before K turned six months old, she hit several of her milestones.

She’s mobile. Yes.  Mobile.  She perfected her army crawl and had started moving around all over the place.  My days have now consisted of making sure she doesn’t crawl off to tight corner or crawl towards something dangerous.

She sits up on her own unassisted.  You can see it in the last blog post, here.  Of course, her reflexes aren’t quick enough yet, so she can’t be left completely alone while sitting up.  But I don’t have to always hold on to her anymore.  She can sit up and play around just like her big sister.

She knows how to “close and open” her hand.  It’s a trick that my family teaches the babies at such an early age.  She’s got it down already.  It’s so cute to see.

When she’s in the mood, she can blow raspberries if asked.  She can copy me when I blow raspberries.  She can also stick out her tongue when asked and when she copies me.

She’s been able to get up on her hands and knees into a proper crawling position, but still hasn’t figured out the actually crawling motion.  She’s constantly up on her hands and knees and I can see her little brain trying to figure out what to do next, but the message just hasn’t gotten down to her extremities.  I have a feeling that things will click soon and that she will really be on the go!

One milestone that hit just as she turned six months was the recognition of her name.  I’m assuming she’s recognizing her name because when I call her, she will turn her head to look at me.  At first I thought it was because I was making a noise, but I tried calling out different names and sounds and she wouldn’t turn.  When I would call her by her name, she would turn.

I can’t believe how fast she’s blowing through her milestones.  I like to think it’s because she loves her big sister so much that she is very determined to catch up to her so she can play.  K already likes to follow M around to where ever M is playing.  It’s really cute to watch.

She currently dislikes her carseat.  She hates being strapped down and will cry for the entire car ride.  She is also known to scream and flail during an entire car ride.  It’s a very stressful situation for both of us, especially when I’m the one driving and I can’t be with her in the back seat to try and calm her.  When we get home, and I quickly take her out of the car, she’s a red, tear-streaked, sweaty mess.. It’s so heartbreaking, but there are times we HAVE to go out, like when M has her weekly class.  We’ve resorted to only taking her out with us if we have to know so that she reduces her stress… I’m hoping this phase will pass soon.  Only time will tell…

She’s starting to become more aware of the people outside of her immediate circle.  If we enter a house, or have visitors, and the people start to surround her, she feels a bit overwhelmed and bombarded.  She will start to cry and find cover in my arms.  It takes her awhile to warm up to some people and situations.  But once she’s comfortable, she is super friendly will play with anyone that comes her way..

She’s growing up so fast that I feel like I’m living in a whirlwind.  She’s showing herself to be a very independent little girl with a fighting and determined spirit.  If she doesn’t like something, she will let you know.  She loves to be on the floor discovering all the different toys and textures of her surroundings.  It’s bittersweet watching her just go around.  I’m so proud of her independence, but at the same time, I want her to just sit and cuddle with me.  I’m in awe of the little person she’s becoming.

I can’t wait to see what the next six months are going to bring.


With M’s 2nd birthday quickly approaching (in almost 2 months.. eek!), a huge topic of conversation between hubby and I is if we are ready to start thinking about baby #2.

My body feels ready.  My maternal instincts definitely yearn for another little baby.  Its pretty obvious I do want one every time I’m near a friend or family member with an infant..

The same goes with Hubby.  We’re constantly fawning over family and friend’s babies..

So.. basically.. we’re ready.


But raising baby #2 is definitely going to be a different experience than raising M.

For one, we have M.  She’s a full blown active toddler.

My mind can’t wrap around the idea of doting over a newborn while wrangling an active toddler.  Do I have the capability to take care of both children?  PLUS.. can I do that in public.. by myself, if needed?!

That idea alone makes me think twice about introducing another kid into the family.

Second, M is very attached to me.. she’s my little buddy.. she’s my little sidekick.  We’ve got a bond that is so strong.. it’s not that I doubt if I’ll have that same bond with a second child.. it’s not that I doubt if I’ll be able to love a second child with the same intensity as I do M.. it’s not that at all.

It’s more about M.  I know tons of “first borns” have to deal with the arrival of a sibling, in fact, I did it myself!  I just worry about her.  I know she’ll adjust.. just like everyone else’s firstborns.. I know, in the end, she’ll be fine.  But.. there’s just that little bit of concern that tugs at my heart.. I just feel like she’s so young and won’t be able to understand everything… I’m sure every parent went through this thought process when thinking about baby #2.

It’s obvious I’m totally on the fence about the whole baby #2.

I know I’ll probably never be 100% ready.. but I also know that I’ll be able to pretty much handle what the future holds for our family..

I’ll keep you posted..

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