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This is the story about sprinkles.


Yes, those sprinkles.  Those sprinkles are M’s favorite ice cream topping.  No matter where we go for ice cream, she always wants sprinkles.

One time, Hubby and M went on a daddy/daughter date to a local ice cream place.  Hubby, always wanting to save an extra buck, decided to put that bottle of sprinkles into his pocket to add to M’s ice cream after ordering it.

The ice cream was ordered, and they went outside to eat their treats.  Hubby pulls the sprinkles out of his pocket and adds them to M’s ice cream.  She was delighted at the idea of “pocket sprinkles” and Hubby was so happy he was able to save a dollar.


Now, whenever we have ice cream at home, M always makes sure to ask for “pocket sprinkles.”

It’s totally a thing for our family now.

Sprinkles will just never be the same.


I’ve been wanting to try to make our own laundry detergent for some time now.  Transition from two incomes to one income has made me think about different ways we can save money, and all this talk about laundry detergent caught my eye.


Link to pin: here.

I did a lot of reading through various DIY deterent pins and this seemed to be the one that I was drawn to the most.

So we bought the ingredients that the blog post specified.


It was surprisingly easy to find all of these items.  They were pretty located in one section of one aisle at our local Walmart.  Seriously.  It was that easy.  Everything was there.  We spent roughly $30ish on all the items, including the large bin to store it all in.

The hardest part about making this deterent was the grating of the Fels-Naptha soap.


Hubby agreed to do it for me because he knows how clumsy I can be.  I would have certainly hurt myself if I had to do this.  He had all three bars of soap grated within an hour or less.


M had to watch what was going on.  She kept saying that it looked like daddy was grating cheese.  We had to tell her that was NOT cheese.  Thankfully, she didn’t decide she needed to taste it to be sure.  She just liked watching daddy do something out of the ordinary.

After all of the soap was grated, he poured the rest of the powders into the bin.  My suggestion is to do that outside.  Hubby was super careful about not stirring up too much dust, but I think a well-ventilated area would be much better for the next time.

We’ve used it several times.  The detergent doesn’t get all sudsy, but we’ve been pretty satisfied with the results.  Our clothes smell fresh due to the Fels-Naptha soap and our garage always smells like fresh laundry.

I’ll try to blog again about it after some time has passed, but so far, I’m liking what I’m seeing.

I’ve been trying to find ways to save a dollar here, and a dollar there..

I still use to earn points for gift cards, preferably to Target.. if you want a referral to Mypoints.. shoot me a comment with an email address..

I also have a Target credit card that saves me 5% off of every purchase… did you know that includes Starbucks coffee and the food from the food court?!  I recently found that out.. and I think it’s awesome!

I recently discovered ibotta.  It’s a phone app that is almost like mobile coupons.  Every so often, offers pop up on certain products.  All you have to do is perform very simple tasks about the product.  It could be a simple one-question survey, or you have to watch a quick 15-second video, or you have to just read a fun fact.  Each task has a certain cent value.  Depending on the tasks, you can save up to a $1.00 off each product.

Then, you go to the store and buy the product.  They have a huge list qualifying stores, so you pretty much can’t go wrong..

It’s a little bit of work once you purchase the product, but I think it’s worth it.

Once the product is purchased, you use the app to take a picture of the receipt and scan the barcode found on the product itself.  It takes a few minutes for the transactions to approve and poof!  I get some money back!

You have to accumulate a minimum of $5 before you can have the money withdrawn into your personal Paypal account. 

Super simple!

If any of my Facebook friends read this, let me know and I’ll send you a referral link via Facebook.  If you refer a friend, you get $1 into your account.  Every friend helps! 

If anyone else has some great money-saving apps or methods, please share!  I love finding fun ways to save money!  Every little bit always helps.

Venti Latte with Classic Syrup.

Every morning.

5 days a week.

Can you believe I spend about $5 a day on a cup of coffee every morning?

And it’s Starbucks!  I’m actually a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf girl.

Ok, so I have their gold card.. and after 15 drinks I get a postcard for a free drink.. but that means I have to spend $75 before I save $5!

I’m spending $25 a week on coffee.. that’s roughly $100 a month on a cup of coffee..

That’s $1200 a year on coffee!

Holy smokes!

Ok, something’s gotta change.. but I needs my caffiene. 

I’m already saving a lot of money by bringing in my lunch than eating out all the time.. so.. why not be frugal about my coffee?

My workplace provides coffee in the breakroom.. so I might as well start using that..

It’s not great coffee.. but it’s free.  And I really only need it for the caffiene.  And I don’t have to wait in long drive-thru lines..

I started this on Monday.  So far, that means I’ve saved myself $15. 

Maybe I’ll treat myself to Starbucks once a week.. or once every two weeks.

We’ll see how this goes.

I’ve learned to like coupons..

I have to admit, coupons have never really been  my thing.  Growing up, my mom would use them, but it wasn’t something that she would actively hunt for or consistently use.  If she found a coupon, then she’d use it, but she never let it really stop her from buying what she needed to buy.

In most ways, that’s my outlook on the whole “coupon phenomenon.”  I don’t think I will ever be an “extreme coupon” person.  I just don’t have that time or patience to really sit and search and calculate and do all that work.

But, I am finding that the internet and various stores are great sources of printable and loadable coupons. 

Target and Ralphs are my go-to places to find some great coupons.  The thing is, 90% of the things they have coupons for are really things that we don’t use in our little household.  So it’s really hard for me to find coupons that would benefit our needs at the moment.

Babies R Us has some good coupons when they have their mailers out.  I just find them on the website and once the baby is born I know we will be using those.

I just like finding the coupons.  I think it’s fun.. yes.. I said FUN.

Now actually USING them?!  That’s a whole different story.. hahaha.. lets just hope I remember that I have them and make some great use out of them..

Some great organization method would probably be best.. hmmm..

Several things have happened between the time I last wrote an entry and now..

For starters, I’m done with my MBA.  I finished the program on February 1st.  With Joe’s help, I managed to get an A for my last class.  It was a hard finance class.  I’m terrible with numbers and Joe’s really good with numbers… so he worked his magic and helped me.. a lot.

We’ve also got a lot of the big planning stuff out of the way for our wedding.

This week I’ll be working on making some Save-The-Date cards for the guests that will need to make major travel arrangements to attend our wedding.

Most people give Save-the-Date cards to all their potential guests, but our tight budget is only allowing us to make enough to cover the people that will be most likely making flight arrangements for our wedding.  That was the condition that the guest needed in order to get a Save-the Date.

That way, we only needed about twenty cards.

I’m going to be working on them with one of my best friends.  I’ll try to post pictures of the finished product as soon as they are ready…

According to my bestie, who purchased all the paper for me today.. should I not use a specific type of paper I asked for.. the entire costs of the Save-the-Dates would be about $20.. so.. about a dollar each.  I guess that’s a good price.. I mean.. there will be no shipping and handling costs from getting them printed from some online place.. and the price isn’t hiked up due to being charged for the labor of the workers doing them.. so I guess I’m getting a good deal making them with my friend.

And.. it’s FUN!!

I hope to get these out before the end of the month..


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