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Toddlers don’t know how to walk..


I’ve seen, known, and even babysat many toddlers in my day.. so this is my expert opinion.

Toddlers don’t walk.. then run.


They can’t walk.  It’s not in their blood.

They just run.

They are in a hurry all the time.

My daughter is NO exception to this..

I constantly see her zipping through the hallway.. zipping through one end of a room to another.. she’s like a little pink blur in the apartment.. always zipping from one place to the next.

Sometimes I have to just stop her and say, “M, walk.. walk..”

And almost as if mocking me, she’ll slow down and take some exaggerated steps and say “Walk.. walk…”

Sigh… toddlers are fast!


I tried to run on Wednesday.

Ok.. I didn’t TRY, I DID run.. kinda..

I’ve been at my parents house this week, and lucky for me, they have a treadmill in the family room.

Easy, peasy.   I can run and be with M at the same time.. no problem..

Little did I know that a moving treadmill for a toddler is like a flame to a moth.. She loved watching it move AND she wanted to touch it..

Five minutes and a quarter mile, I was motiviated.. I was pumped.

Then I had to jump off and take the emergency key off because she wanted to climb..

Ok.. I got back on and tried again.. but it was harder now.. I was getting tired and turned it into a brisk walk…

I started up to a jog again when I had to stop it once more because M wanted to play tea party and laid the teapot onto the moving treadmill.. good thing I didn’t trip on it!

I tried to start again, but by then, I was too tired to think about jogging.. so I walked..

I finally had to stop because M tripped on a pillow and ALMOST face planted onto her little bench.. good thing she didn’t, but she was shocked about the whole thing, she wanted her “mimi.”

Overall, it took me about 15 minutes and I got in a half a mile.

I learned two things:

1.  I’m really out of shape.

2.  No running on a treadmill with a toddler in the room.

I guess I’ll try again next week when I can run the treadmill in the apartment gym away from M..

It’s a start..

Ok.. so it’s February..

So this is the month I begin my fitness challenge for the year.. run a mile at least twice a week.

I’ll start next week.

I know,  I know..

It’s the beginning of the challenge and I’m already making excuses and procrastinating..

But really, I’m not.

I had intended to do the runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays.. today is a Friday.

So I have a perfectly legitimate reason why I can’t start today..

So there. 

I’ll keep you posted.

I’ve noticed lately that whenever we go out as a family, the stroller is being used for holding our stuff than it is used for holding M.

Whenever she’s in the stroller, she insists she walk.. all you hear as you wheel her around is, “Ah-walk, ah-walk, ah-walk..”

The same happens when we are at Target or a grocery store and she’s in the shopping cart.  She’ll be ok for awhile, and then realize that she’s not walking and starts staying, “Ah-walk, ah-walk, ah-walk.”

It’s pretty cute because she’s pretty persistent..

So, early on in her walking days, I taught her that she had to hold hands with either me, Hubby, or her grandparents when she would walk around in public.

I’m so anti “baby-leash” and Hubby always wanted to try it because he was scared of her running off..

I told him to let me try to teach her not to do so..

It started somewhere public.. either a mall, grocery store, Church.. I forget the details..

She wanted to go down and walk, so I let her down.  I went to hold her hand, and she lets go of it immediately and runs off..

I chase her.. and hold her hand again..

She lets go, and runs off..

I chase her one last time, telling her that if she does that again, I will carry her.

She does it again.

I catch and carry her.  She cries a little.

A minute later, she wants down..

I tell her to hold my hand or it’s up in my arms she goes..

She tries to let go, I pick her up and carry her..

A minute later, she wanted down..

I tell her again, hold hands or carry.

And just like that, she held my hand and I took her where she wanted to go!

Now, when ever we go out in public and she wants to go down, she knows to hold hands..

She loves holding both mine and Hubby’s hand.. she’ll say “Han mimi, han Joe” as she reaches for one of our hands..

Now we don’t need a baby leash!  Gosh.. I hope everything that I’ll need to teach her about discipline and listening to us will come that easy.. one could only hope!

So, I’ve decided that I WILL lose these last 15 lbs before the end of this year..

It’s important I lose this weight for several reasons..

First, my sanity.  I KNOW in my deepest of hearts, I shouldn’t be this current weight, which this morning was 143.2.  I KNOW that I should be weighing between 125-130 lbs depending on the time of the  month.. I shouldn’t be 142-145lbs.. that’s JUST NOT ME.  It’s driving me insane!

Second, my clothes.  While almost all my pre-prego clothes fit, they don’t look like they used to on my body.  I can get them on, but some tops look so snug.   I’d also like to buy jeans and know what size I am instead of guessing.. and always guessing too small and feeling discouraged when I have to reach for a size bigger.  Right now I’m a little too small for a size 8, but too big for a size 6 in jeans.  I hate that “in-between” stage.

Third,  if I want to have another baby again this year, I want to start small.  I had gained soooo much weight with the first pregnancy.  If that ends up happening again, I don’t want to start off heavier.  I want to go back down in weight and just work my way up again.  AND I don’t plan on gaining as much weight as I did with M.  Lesson definitely learned there!

So, this year, I’m taking CHARGE and I WILL lose this weight.

Starting in February (because I have a huge craft project I’m doing for a friend), I will set a goal to run a mile 2x a week.  I’m hoping that mid-year, I can bump that up to 3x, but I’m going to keep this goal small and attainable. 

One mile, twice a week, on a treadmill. 

I’m totally inspired by one of the blogs I frequent.  She ran a mile a day from Thanksgiving til the New year, read here.  I honestly think I can’t do that right now, so I’m making my challenge more attainable to me.

Currently, it takes me about a 20-30 minutes to run a mile.  Yes.. slow.. but I’ve always been slow about that.  I could never do a mile in 12-15 minutes.. even in middle school!!

I’m hoping that by doing this challenge, I can knock my time down to about 15 minutes eventually. 

I’ll try to keep track of my progress here.  I can’t wait to see what I have to say about it at the end of the year.


Ok.. so I had started this whole “weight loss accountability” stuff after I had Little M and then never returned to it.. so much for “accountability.”

I had wanted to be able to wear my pre-prego jeans before I returned to work.. that didn’t happen..

I wanted my weight to be below 130 lbs before I returned to work.. that didn’t happen..

But it’s happening now. 

Ok.. so I had to buy a couple pairs of jeans before I went to work.  I thought I’d be a ridiculously insane size.. but I was really only a 12 at American Eagle.. and a 10 at Target.. not my best sizes.. but I DID just have a baby, right?

The great thing is.. I already am too small for my size 12 American Eagle jeans.. go me!

My weight has been toggling between 156-159.. depending on the day and how much I ate the night before.. that’s better than being stuck at 160.. but I’d still like to see it go down and STAY down..

I wanted to join the local Bar Method where I live.. but.. I’d rather NOT spend money.. AND we have a little gym in our apartment complex.. I should just make full use of that!

So… I started running again.  I started last weekend.. and ran once this week.  I plan on running again today..

I figure I’ll start slow.  I takes me about 20 minutes to jog/walk a mile.. so lets just do a small 20 minute run.. my goal is to see how far I go in 20 minutes.. then when I can do about two miles (maybe) in 20 minutes.. I’ll start working on lengthening the times of my run..

After the run, I play around on some of the exercise equiptment to work on my arms and tummy..

There’s no actual logic to my system.. but it just works for me to stay motiviated..

The hardest part is really getting started.. right?

So.. I weighed in today at 157.4.. ugh. 

My goal is to look decent before the big family trip in June…

Remind me to keep you all posted.

You know how some people say they suddenly wake up and hit this point in their life where they realize that they are old?!

I finally hit that point.

I was sitting on the couch last night, on the computer doing my homework.. I had an ice pack on my knee and a heating pad on my back.. I look up from my computer and I suddenly think to myself.. “OMG.. I’m old!”

My body is falling apart.. my back was killing me yesterday.. and my knees cannot handle running..

I’m in my late-twenties.. when did that constitute as being “old!”  My body just ain’t what it used to be..

In other news..

My running has been going well.. my knees.. specifically my right knee.. is feeling it a little bit.  It’s like the most babied part of my body at the moment..

Before I run, I sit there with the heating pad on my knees for about 20 minutes to warm them up.. during the run.. I’m wearing a knee brace.. after the run.. the knees are iced for about 15-20 minutes.. then.. before I sleep.. they get the heating pad again for about 20-30 minutes..

It’s been working so far.. so why stop..

The running schedule has had me doing a 5min brisk walk to warm up.. then two sets of 90sec jogging, 90 sec walking, 2min joggin, 2 min walking.  That has me jog/walking for a little over a mile for 23 minutes.  Not bad for someone that took an entire HOUR to do four laps around the track in high school..

Each day gets easier as I do the repetitive schedule three times a week.. by the third time.. the schedule is a breeze.. but it only gets harder and harder.. I’m ready.. bring it!

Let’s see.. Church news..

I recently went to my old Church.. the Church that I used to sing and do many, many ministries with before I moved Churches to sing for the Filipino Choir.  I went to the 5pm Saturday Mass and they were asking for someone to lead them in the singing..


I signed up for the offer.. and though I am not obligated to go every Saturday.. I am going to try my best to go there as often as I can.. it’s the least I could do.. I love that Church.. I practically grew up there..

That’s all that’s new with me for now.. who know that I’d have anything interesting going on?!?

I’m right smack in the middle of WEEK 2 of my “Couch to 5K” marathon training.

This weeks run schedule consists of a 5min brisk warm-up walk, followed by alternating 90sec of jogging with 2mins of walking to total 20 minutes.

Monday went ok.  I wore braces on both my knees, but I don’t think I wore them in the correct position because they started to tighten up anyway.  I iced the after like I always do, but the back of my left knee started to tighten a lot, making it a little harder to straighten as the rest of the night progressed.  I decided to put a warm compress underneath my knee for a while before I went to bed.

I woke up the next day and my knees were perfectly fine again.

I missed yesterday’s run because I was out of town for the day and got home really late.  I am going to do the second run of the week today and the third run on Saturday.

So far.. so good..

I’m exhausted at the end.. but it’s working out so far.. I’ll keep you posted!

Lots of things have been going on in the last few weeks..

School is getting busy.. busy.. busy.. but I have decided that I am going to start on a new exercise regime..

I am going to take that “Couch to 5K” training schedule and I am going to tackle it.. three times a week.. 20-30 minutes a day..

I am going to try to tackle this.. and I am going to do it.. and I am going to succeed..

I will hopefully blog about it on a daily basis.. each time I do a workout.. not like it’ll be more than..

I walked briskly.. jogged and walked.. the end.

It won’t be exciting.. but I’m sure that some people may want to know..

I’m not a runner.. so this should be interesting.. wish me luck!

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