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I tried to run on Wednesday.

Ok.. I didn’t TRY, I DID run.. kinda..

I’ve been at my parents house this week, and lucky for me, they have a treadmill in the family room.

Easy, peasy.   I can run and be with M at the same time.. no problem..

Little did I know that a moving treadmill for a toddler is like a flame to a moth.. She loved watching it move AND she wanted to touch it..

Five minutes and a quarter mile, I was motiviated.. I was pumped.

Then I had to jump off and take the emergency key off because she wanted to climb..

Ok.. I got back on and tried again.. but it was harder now.. I was getting tired and turned it into a brisk walk…

I started up to a jog again when I had to stop it once more because M wanted to play tea party and laid the teapot onto the moving treadmill.. good thing I didn’t trip on it!

I tried to start again, but by then, I was too tired to think about jogging.. so I walked..

I finally had to stop because M tripped on a pillow and ALMOST face planted onto her little bench.. good thing she didn’t, but she was shocked about the whole thing, she wanted her “mimi.”

Overall, it took me about 15 minutes and I got in a half a mile.

I learned two things:

1.  I’m really out of shape.

2.  No running on a treadmill with a toddler in the room.

I guess I’ll try again next week when I can run the treadmill in the apartment gym away from M..

It’s a start..

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