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Every beginning of the new year, I’m always strangely and overly optimistic that this is the year that my life is going to change profoundly…

Ok, 2010 was one of those years..

Oh.. definitely 2011 was one too..

But, every year, I think to myself that things are going to change.. life is going to change.  I always take the beginning of the year as a fresh start..

“This is the year I’m going to change the world!”

This feeling usually dies down about a week later.. when I’m living my life day to day the same way I was living it the previous year.

I’m still in the middle of feeling very optimistic..

This is the year I will learn to save money!  This is the year that I will start scrapbooking, or at least Project Life!  This is the year I will get my Etsy store set up and actually selling things!  This is the year I will take couponing a little more seriously!  This is the year that I will do exactly everything I say I will do!  This is the year I will be more organized!  This is the year that I will lose all the baby weight!

This is the year I will keep my motivation up!

2013 is my year!

Every year, around this time, I try to write out my resolutions, or expectations, for the following year.

In 2013, I’m going to turn 33.  M will turn 2.  I will be married for 3 years.

I want to see some changes in 2013.. these are my expecations:

I want to retake control of my life.  In 2011, I became a mom.  In 2012, I spent all year trying to figure out what being a “mommy” really means and how it fits into my life.  In 2013, I want to see if I can bring back a little bit of myself while balancing my “mommy” self.  Now some can argue that my “mommy” self is who I am now.  But, I don’t know.  I want to regain a sense of myself outside of my motherhood.  Meaning, I want to be able to redo my wardrobe and fill it with things that are more “me” instead of things that are just easy because I have to chase a toddler, or avoid vomit.  I want to regularly get mani/pedis or massages, just think about me a little bit more than I have been lately.

I want to reorganize and utilize all the space in our apartment.  I like our apartment.  It’s got tons of space that we have not taken advantage of.  I want to reorganize how we have M’s toys.  I want to reorganize the craft space.  I want to utilize the storage units we have so we can have more space.

I want to save money.  I have to start thinking about things on a WANT/NEED basis.  It’s just good practice, especially if we want to eventually get out of this apartment eventually.

I want to blog everyday.  The plan is to try to have an entry everyday.  I’ve done well these past few months.  I think I can keep this going.

I want to start up my Etsy shop again.  I want to get my craft blog active again.  I want to be able to find the time to sit at my craft table and just create.  I want to bring back the Etsy shop so I can use that money to fund the hobby.

These are my expectations for 2013.  I’ll take it one day at a time and I hope that at the end of next year, I can look back and say that I lived up to these expectations..

I’m in a complaining mood, but I have decided not to give into it.

Instead, I’d like to talk about my goals for the rest of the year.. in “list-form..”

I have more the exceeded my initial goal for Disneyland visits, and I have done my fair share of Vegas vacations this year.  I’ve gone to the beach.. I’ve had fun this year.. and now that we are counting down to the end of the year (crazy.. I know!).. it’s time to set some goals, plans, promises.. and/or resolutions for this last half..

1.  I promise not to stress out on Christmas gifts this year.  Every year is the same problem.. I never know what I am going to get various people in my life and I start to stress out just thinking about it.. I’m a terrible gift-giver.. I’d rather people just tell me what they want.. it’s so much easier that way.. I can never figure out what people want or like..

2.  I want to go to snow this year. I would love to go up to the mountains and go to the snow.. of course.. being Southern California.. the snow usually comes in January – March of the following year.. but you understand what I’m trying to say..

3.  I want to go to Disneyland (and take the boyfriend) during the holiday season.  To me.. Disneyland is at it’s best when it’s all decked out for the holidays.. it’s a must-go.. so I must take him!

4.  My girlfriends and I have to get together for the Xmas gift exchange BEFORE Christmas!  We always buy each other Christmas presents.. but our busy schedules always cause us to get together and give them to each other after Christmas.. sometimes.. several months after.. like.. in APRIL!! 

5.  I will not get suckered into singing something during the cold winter months.  I get so stressed out when I have to sing during the winter.. cold air makes it hard to hit the high notes.. and then I’m so susceptible to getting sick during the winter.. I know I say I will not get suckered into it.. but I know I probably will.. I can never turn down an opportunity to sing..

There  you go.. my list of five things to hold myself responsible for… for the end of the year..

So remember when I said I was going to make it my resolution to go to Disneyland at least five times this year..

Well.. it’s been done!

I went to Disney’s California Adventure yesterday with OT.

On April 2nd, I plan on going to Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure again with some family.

I know.. I’m a grown woman.. Disneyland should be the last of my priorities..

But seriously.. that place helps “destress” me when life gets too hectic.  It’s one of those places that you can just let things go and have fun..

Funny thing is that OT and I saw my ex’s best friend working at the park yesterday.  I wasn’t expecting to see him but I always knew I was going to run into him there.

It wasn’t a big deal.. I didn’t go over there and say hi.. why would I?  And I know he saw me.. cuz I saw him notice us..

He may something to the ex.. but I don’t care.. I’m so far detached from that relationship that things like that are no longer a big deal.

I just found it amusing that I finally saw him there..

Anyway.. I got one thing done of my list of goals this year.. and we are only three months into this new year..

Looks like this maybe be a good year.. let’s keep praying that’s so!

I’m running out of ideas for blog entries.. I’d love it if someone who was reading this would add a question in the comments.. get me going on something to write about..  I am struggling for something to write and I don’t want to be the type of blogger that rambles about aimlessly.

I’ve done that so many times on other blogs.. it’s not that fun..

I guess I can revisit a past blog entry.. Oh, the places I will go..

According to that entry.. it mentions Las Vegas.. Disneyland.. Solvang.. Comic-Con.. a cruise.. and going out of state..

Looks like I’m working my way through the list..

I have plans for Vegas.. so I’m not going to mention them here because I really don’t want to jinx anything..

I went to Disneyland again a few days ago.. I think I’m up to.. two visits.. OT took me for V-day weekend.. and I took Mom on Sunday..

Solvang looks like a lost cause this year.. I don’t know if I want to waste three hours of driving for Solvang.. or three hours of driving for Vegas..

Comic-con comes later in the year.. so we’ll see about that..

A cruise may have to wait due to some saving up of money.. need the money.. need the money.. need the money..

And out of state.. well.. I did just come back from Arizona.. so that totally counts!

See.. I’m chuggin’ along!

Yesterday.. (click here).. I complained.. and complained.. and complained..

Today.. it’s time to do something about it.. I have to.. I can’t spend the rest of my life complaining about what could be done.. and just not do it.. right?

Well.. ok.. here we go..

I’m going to start taking more control of my life.. start making myself accountable for things that I have been too lazy to do.. I’ll put myself on a cleaning schedule..

So far.. I designated Wednesdays as my laundry days.. and possibly Mondays or Thursdays to be my room cleaning days.. I refuse to fall behind on that.. and  I have to be mature enough to take care of it.. no matter how tired I get..

I’m not a kid anymore..  No one is going to do it for me.. (unless I pay them.. hahaha!)

Now that I zero’d out my credit cards.. I will make sure to keep them under control.. and try to limit my monthly card spending to $250-300 a month..

I’ve got student loans coming up next year.. I want to be financially prepared for all of that..

I started last year with the same outlook.. overhauling my life.. trying to be more responsible and more mature.. but for some reason my laziness got the best of me..

I really have to stop letting that happen..

I’m going to take it one week at a time.. and I know there are weeks where I will not live up to the expectations I put myself in.. but that can’t mean I give up.. I have to pick myself up where I left off and keep at it..

I think I can do it.. I hope I can..

It’s January, and it’s time for to set some goals for the year.  Ok, maybe these are goals in the traditional sense.  It’s more like a list of places I want to go to this year.  This will be fun, so that I can look at this again at January 2010 and see if I did go to these places.

Who knows.. maybe I can drag OT to these things.. it could be fun..

Las Vegas
I want to go here more than once this year.  I’m going in a week and a half.. so I’m halfway there!

I have a Premium Annual Pass, which means I have no blackout dates and can go anytime I want.. lets shoot for at least FIVE times this year..

I’ve never been, so I’d like to go.  I heard there was golf around there, so I could possibly entice OT into going with me..

I am not a comic book fan, but I am a huge LOST fan, and there are usually panels from the LOST writers.  I’d love to see one. .. and it’s in the area that OT lives in.. that’s always a good reason to go down to see him..

Some sort of cruise
I’ve never been on a cruise.. 2009 seems like a good year to start..

Out of state
Well.. Vegas does count.. but I usually see more California license plates so I hardly see that as “out of state..”

Well.. that’s all I can really think of right now.  Ok.. so I set the goals a little low.. and easy to attain.. it makes me feel somewhat accomplished once I do those things. 

It’s also a hard year for me to go crazy on the traveling plans.  Maybe next year, when I’m done with my MBA..

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