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Five days.. five days.. FIVE DAYS!!!

The excitement is definitely in the air.. not only for me… but for everyone.. and I mean everyone!

I’m so in love with everyone being so happy and excited for Joe and I.. it adds to the momentum completely.. didn’t I mention this yesterday?!

Anyway.. we’re starting to create piles of stuff to bring with us to the hotel.. the things we need for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.. and the things we’ll need for the wedding.. and the things we need to give to the coordinator at the reception..

Piles and piles.. bags and bags..

It’s insane.. I’m doing a lot of the nitty gritty crafty hands-on stuff.. so I delegated Joe to do all  of the phone calls.. it’s a good thing I kept him in the loop for a lot of things.. so he understands what he’s actually making phone calls about..

He’s been awesomely supportive during these hectic last few days.. I couldn’t ask for anything more.. I’m truly blessed to have such a helpful guy..

He’s also revealed his hidden talent for being awesomely crafty.. which has worked to my advantage these past few days..

One more day of work.. then I’ll be off to finish off the wedding madness..

I cannot believe that 10 months of wedding planning is going to be over this weekend..

Everyone tells me to cherish every moment.. I most definitely will!!!

I had every intention of starting this countdown when we were closer to 9 weeks away.. but time ran away from me.. and now I have to start this darn countdown at 8 1/2. 

Oh well.. what can you do?!

Can you believe that Joe and I are 8 1/2 weeks away from our wedding?!

There is still so much to do.. so many paper crafts I need to take care of for this big event.. it’s insane!

I’m currently working on the wedding shower thank-you cards.. doing those by hand again.. it’s pretty cool.. I love it! 

And Joe’s finalizing things with the Limo service.. so that should be done soon.. but there are so many meetings and discussions we need to have before anything else..

I’m losing my social life..

There are endless decisions we have to make about music, order of events, pictures, people, blah blah blah.. yadda yadda yadda..

We just gotta keep our eye on the prize.. love and marriage..

I’ll try to keep this countdown up to date.. it’ll be fun to look back on this next year and see the madness and appreciate the marriage.. hee hee..

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