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This is the story about sprinkles.


Yes, those sprinkles.  Those sprinkles are M’s favorite ice cream topping.  No matter where we go for ice cream, she always wants sprinkles.

One time, Hubby and M went on a daddy/daughter date to a local ice cream place.  Hubby, always wanting to save an extra buck, decided to put that bottle of sprinkles into his pocket to add to M’s ice cream after ordering it.

The ice cream was ordered, and they went outside to eat their treats.  Hubby pulls the sprinkles out of his pocket and adds them to M’s ice cream.  She was delighted at the idea of “pocket sprinkles” and Hubby was so happy he was able to save a dollar.


Now, whenever we have ice cream at home, M always makes sure to ask for “pocket sprinkles.”

It’s totally a thing for our family now.

Sprinkles will just never be the same.


I sat here for the last 10 minutes staring at a blank “new post” form wondering what to write about..

I still sit here drawing a blank, but I thought I’d try a “free-write” for today and see where the thoughts take me.

I usually have an interesting story about my family.. or some insight on my daughter’s development.. or some analysis of my life thus far..

But today.. I draw a blank.

Honestly, I have no idea what to talk about.. I guess you can say it’s “writers block” or you can call it laziness..

To prepare for the week’s worth of blog posts, I have a list of potential topics listed in the “Notes” app of my phone.  There lies the many stories and thoughts that develop into blog posts.  I have one note for this blog, and another note for the crafting blog..

Actually, the crafting blog has a much longer list.. but I write that blog twice a week.. so the topics accumulate.

So.. it’s not writer’s block..

And my life is definitely NOT boring.. in fact, I was home all day yesterday and got to spend some quality time with M.. it definitely wasn’t boring..

She spilled a cup full of Cheez-its all over the living room..

She flipped a bowl full of corn upside down and swung it around creating the biggest radius of mess our little apartment has ever seen..

She continuously spilled her box of crayons and would exclaim “Oh mess!” to whatever character she was watching on TV..

She found a coin (which we NEVER let her play with.. money is soo dirty.. and a choking hazard!) while I was cooking lunch and the look on her face was the ultimate toddler triumph.. she was laughing in delight when she realized she grabbed the coin without anyone stopping her.. that triumph was short lived as I got out of the kitchen and took the coin away..

I woke up with some pretty bad hives up and down my legs which made me reconsider going into work yesterday.. luckily an allergy pill helped alieviate the itching..

I got my palm caught in the seam of our accordian door while checking on some laundry.. I tried to put M’s Boo-Boo-Buddy on it and it just made it sting so much more..

I was able to be a totally June Cleaver and have dinner almost done by the time Hubby got home from work.. I should have put on a dress, heels and some pearls..

All this, and so much more, seemed to happen all in one day.. I love that about my life.. it’s so unpredictable and full of little adventures..

Ok.. so I didn’t see it that way when looking over and seeing those big messes all over the floor.. but after all is said and done… this phase in her life is going to go by so quickly.. her exploring, discovering and learning.. the innocent messes she’ll make.. it’ll will all go away in the blink of an eye..

When being a parent to a toddler, the one thing I’ve learned so far is that you have to take the good with the bad.. and angelic with the mischevious.. the laughter and the tears.. and you have to embrace it all.. because they grow up so fast.. and before you know it.. all those things just become memories..

Wow.. what a free-write.. who would have thought it would have lead to that!  Sometimes it’s good to just let the brain run free and type whatever comes to mind.. your brain and fingers always find away to steer you in the right direction!

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