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When I became a mom, I started looking at the world differently.  I looked at things differently because my life definitely changed.  I look at the world through “mom eyes,” if that makes any sense.  I’m sure other mothers can agree, the minute your child came into this world, the world became a whole new place.

And because of this new perspective on the world, I’ve come to realize that I need to stand up for something that I truly believe in.  I need to stand up and fight for the rights of mommies with babies in diapers.  This is my moment to truly make a difference in this world.. and all that yadda-yadda political jargon.

I believe that ALL public restrooms should have a changing table.

I never noticed the lack of changing tables in restrooms until Little M was born.  It’s fine to wait for us to get in the car to change a pee-pee diaper.  But when Little M surprises us with a poopy diaper and we are stuck with in a bathroom with no changing table, do I really need to trek to my car to change her?  What if the car is parked pretty far, or it’s raining and/or really cold?  I can’t expose her bare bottom to those elements!  C’mon people!  Give us mommies some help!

Now some of you mommies might tell me to just pop a squat on the nearest bench or table top, but is that really sanitary?

I’m speaking for the people that will eventually use those benches and tables after I’m done cleaning up my baby’s bootie.  Ok, so I have a changing pad and blankets, so the stuff never directly touches those surfaces.. but how would you feel if you knew that the person before you had changed a kid’s poopy diaper on the table right before you went to eat your lunch?

I also want to respect Little M’s privacy.  Okay, she’s only 5 months old, but do I really want her bare bottom and other bits out for the world to see?  There are a lot of wierd people out in this world and I don’t want to add to their urges by displaying my baby’s naughty bits on a bench or table.  Nuh uh.  I didn’t even post her ultrasound baby bits on Facebook when we found out Little M was a girl! 

Once, I was at Omaha Jacks in Rancho Cucamonga (yes, I’m calling you out!) with the family when Little M decided to give a little gift.  I had assumed since this place is sort of big and a lot of families to go to eat that there would be a changing table in the bathroom.  WRONG!

It was rainy and cold, so I didn’t think it was a great idea to bring her outside, but I didn’t want to wait til we got home to clean her up. 

Reluctantly, I used the booth behind us to change her diaper.  It was dangerous because Little M likes to turn over once on her back, especially during diaper changes.  It also hurt my back because the booth seats were lower than my back could tolerate.

I wiped the bench down with my baby wipe after even though she never did touch the actual surface, but I still cringed to think of the next guest to sit in that seat.

I’m just not that person that can just change a baby’s diaper in public if I really didn’t have to.  I just don’t have it in me. 

I’d love to see some sort of regulation for all public restrooms to have a changing table.  A simple place to privately change a child’s diaper is all I’m asking for.  It’d be great if there were “family restrooms” at every place, but I know that’s asking too much.  Just give me a little changing table and I’ll be happy.

Mommies, don’t you agree?

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