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I’m sure you have noticed that Tuesdays have become product review days on the blog.

So far, they have been things that I have been items around the apartment, items M loves, and items I use on M.  

I always make sure that we had been using the items for at least a month before I write a review for them.  Using them for a month gives me a better idea of whether I like them or not.  A month gives me enough time to find the little pros and cons of each item.

I feel that having the item for a period of time gives me the opportunity to really give an honest review of the product.  It’s what every mom wants, right?

If you notice, I have links that lead to  Those links send you to the product using my amazon associates account.  If you decide to purchase the item featured on my product review, please consider purchasing it through the provided link.  I will get a small percentage of the purchase, almost like a commission.  

Do you have any items that you want me to review?  Please feel free to leave a comment with what you want me to review!  I’d love to try new things and see how they work for my family. 

Look for my blog on Tuesdays for these product reviews! 

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I’m working on setting up a lot more toddler item reviews.

I started trying to do some reviews earlier this year, and then I sort of just stopped.

I blame laziness. 

Because this has become sort of a mommy blog, it’s important to sprinkle a few reviews every now and then.

So my question for you is this…

What do you want to see me review?

All the items I have reviewed and will be reviewing are items that I have either purchased myself, or borrowed from the library, or have borrowed from friends or relatives. 

At this point in the blog, no one is sponsoring me.  No one is sending me items to try, although I’m definitely not opposed to the option.

All the opinions are my own.  All my reviews are personal experiences with the product or place.  My daughter will have tried every single item reviewed when pertaining to a toddler item.

Please let me know if there is anything you’d like to see.  If we have it, or it’s easily attainable, we will definitely put it in the queue to be reviewed.


As you noticed, I am doing a pretty good job with keeping up with my blog again.

I’ve been posting everyday and I have been pretty diligent about finding some short little things to blog about.

It got me thinking..

What is this blog about?!

Ok.. it’s my life.

But.. should it be more than that?

I can fill this blog with endless stories about my life.. my husband.. my daughter.. and any other chapters of my life that will come and go..

But.. should it be more than that?

As of this point in my life, this is a mommy blog.  Let’s face it, I’m a mommy.

So you’re going to see a lot of stories of motherhood.

But.. should it be more than that?

Motherhood isn’t about random stories of what my kid is up to.. well.. not all the time..

It’s about things I use and experience on a daily basis as a parent, as a mother..

So.. I think I’m going to add a few product reviews based on my life with a toddler.

I’m not asking for people to go out and buy me stuff so I can review them.  I’m not being paid by anyone to do any sort of reviews of any of their products.

These will be totally honest, organic and simple.

I’ll go through Little M’s things and write reviews based on what she and I like and/or dislike about it..

Super simple.  Super honest.

And it’s not going to be all the time.. just when I find the time to do so..

So.. look for that in the coming entries.. I hope you enjoy them when they do start to appear..

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