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I can’t believe we are here.



Christmas shopping.

Christmas activities.

Because of the unpredictability of this pregnancy, we are trying to squeeze in as much Christmas for M as early as possible.

That means, the tree is up, she’s already decorated a gingerbread house, and we put lights up outside.

That also means that we are going to decorate the inside of our house soon and we will be scheduling our Santa visit soon.

We’ve already purchased her Christmas presents, both from us and from Santa.

We also plan on going to visit some of those neighborhoods with the festively light houses.

I know it seems like we are trying to squeeze a ton of Christmas stuff so early into the month, but I just don’t want to deprive M of a proper Christmas.

She’s at that age where she in absolutely in love with everything about holidays.  She’s currently in love with anything and everything that has to do with Christmas.  She loves browsing the holiday section at Target just to see the various ornaments and trees on display.  She loves browsing Pinterest for different Christmas crafts she and I can do together.  She loves watching her favorite TV shows do their holiday episodes.  She LOVES Christmas.  Who am I to keep her away from that because of this pregnancy?

I’m hoping we have this baby AFTER Christmas, but if we do, I’m confident that we are prepared to still provide M with a Christmas she deserves.

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Hubby asked me, despite everything that has been going on, if I still love being pregnant.  Here’s my answer:

I love being pregnant.  I love feeling the baby move around.  I love knowing that I’m not alone at the moment, that there is always someone with me, even when I’m up at night while all of you are asleep.  I love trying to figure out what body part is poking out of my tummy.  I love trying to figure out what kind of personality this little person in me is going to have based on her movements and how she interacts when I rub my belly.  I love imagining what she’s going to look like when she comes out. 

I don’t like the constant aches and pains.  I really don’t like the first trimester of constant nausea.  I really don’t like the third trimester of constant discomfort.  I don’t like that I waddle.  I don’t like that I gain too much weight during each pregnancy.  I don’t like that this pregnancy had way too many complications.  I don’t like being confined to a wheelchair when we go places.  I don’t like that I’m not allowed to do too much stuff.  I don’t like the sore abdomen muscles.  I don’t like the sore groin muscles.  I don’t like it has to hurt to give birth.  I don’t like the healing process after giving birth.  I don’t like, even though labor is practically a routine thing, that there is always a chance of complication.  I don’t like that I get so irritated so quickly when my hormones go all haywire. 

Hubby says that it seems that the dislikes outnumber the likes.

While it may seem so, the truth of the matter is, I really do love being pregnant and all those dislikes are nothing comparent to the feeling of holding my sweet newborn when all is said and done.


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There I am.

Today, I’m 29 weeks.  Third trimester.  Counting down to our new little girl’s arrival.

At our last appointment, the baby was bottom down, head up.  Not ready for birth.  This week, I feel like she’s transverse, but I will be having an ultrasound tomorrow so we will see what position she really is in.

I’m feeling VERY, VERY stretched.  I know that I’m still going to get bigger.  My ribs and abdomen muscles feel very sore.

This baby has found that little spot under my ribs that her big sister used to sneak into.  This baby may not be big enough to stick herself into that spot yet, but I feel like she’s definitely found it.  She LOVES to hang out on my right side, just like her older sister.  M really made a nice niche for this new baby to reside in inside me.  It feels exactly like it did when M was in there.

I don’t stand up too often, but I definitely feel every ounce of the baby when I do.  Walking is difficult.  I don’t know if it’s because of the bedrest, or because of the nerve compression, or the baby weight, or all of the above.

She keeps me up all night.  She’s super active in my belly from about 11pm to 3:30am.  While everyone else is fast asleep, I’m wide awake with a baby kicking up a storm inside me.  She is not a fan of the wedge pillow I use to lie on my side and have some belly support.  If I lie on it too soon into the night, she kicks at it until I turn to my back.

She’s not a fan of things that constrict her.  Many times she’s kicked baby monitors that were strapped onto my belly and then hid so the nurse had to go searching for her again.  She is not a fan of the full-panel maternity pants.  When M sits on my lap, the baby constantly is kicking at her until M just decides to get off.  She doesn’t like when I lean forward.  She doesn’t like when I twist a bit to reach for something.  She’s very particular about being comfortable.

It’s like I can almost sense her personality already.

While I can’t wait to meet this little lady, I’m very thankful for every week that goes by and I’m still pregnant.  I’m hoping that she makes it to after Christmas.  I just want her to be born at a healthy age. I’m in the final stretch.  I can’t believe we’re almost done!

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It sure seems like 2014 is another year of the baby…

There are so many people that I know are expecting to have a baby this year..

Maybe it’s because we are hoping that 2014 is the year that WE will be having a baby… 

Seeing all the pregnant mommies, hearing about pregnant celebrities in the news, seeing pictures of everyone’s newborns..

Babies.. babies.. babies!

I’m definitely getting the baby fever and getting pregnant just couldn’t come fast enough..

But why am I in such a rush? 

I’m putting so much pressure on myself to get pregnant that I think it’s actually preventing me from being so..

With M, it was easy.. we said, “It’s a good time to start, lets try.”  Then, BAM!  Pregnant!

I think the ease of her conception has spoiled me.. if I got pregnant so easily with her, why can’t that happen again? 

Well.. it’s not!

Granted this will only be the second month since we made the decision to finally go for it.. and I know God will bless us with the right little one. 

I have faith..

I just need patience..

This year, little M will be turning two.

When we were first pregnant with her, we had decided that once she turned two years old, we would start trying again for baby number two.

We decided this for several reasons:

First, I’m over 30 years old. I’m 32, to be exact, and I’m definitely not getting any younger. I don’t want to be a high risk pregnancy due to age if we decide to wait longer. Nor do I have the stamina to go chasing around toddlers if I wait any longer. I have a hard enough time keeping up with little M at this age. Running around with my cousin’s children in my early 20s was definitely easier.

Second, we got pregnant so easily the first time, I’m afraid we’d have a hard time the second time around. I heard of those stories where parents had difficulty conceiving their second child. If we started when M was two, this gives us a good amount of time to keep trying before I get too old.

Third, I would like to keep the kids close in age. I’d like to see them grow up closely together. I think it would be fun to see them play together, grow up together, and eventually grow old together.

Fourth, if we decide to have a third kid, I will have plenty of time to try for one… But that’s a major IF.

Trying for another kid once M turns two is ideal. But the more I think about it, I freak out.

What if M isn’t ready!?!

What if I’m not ready!?

The year just started. M won’t turn two until September. I have time to think about it.

Time just moves so fast… Before I know it, it’ll be September and a decision will have to be made…

I guess I will figure it out when we get there.

So.. with the end of my first trimester just days away.. I’ve noticed that my nausea is pretty much gone.. and I don’t go home and plop on the couch right away..

My energy level isn’t 100% what it used to be.. but I definitely see a change. 

With that said.. hubby is ready to start exercising with me again.. Ok.. not major cardio.. I’m not training for any marathons any time soon.. but I figure that I really should get back to getting active again.. even if it’s just walking on a treadmill for 15 – 30  minutes..

So.. after work.. we are going to add whatever needs to be added to the crockpot for dinner.. and then go to the little gym in our apartment and he can run and I will walk..

If I don’t make myself make the time to do this.. I will let the laziness take over and I will never get it done..

Now that it’s written on the blog.. I have to hold myself to it.. it’s all about the credibility.. Hee hee..

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