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Remind me the next time I get prego and planning the shower.. that we spread the errands over a long length of time instead of trying to cram it all in one or two weekends..

Also.. remind me to never get pregnant in which I have to spend my entire third trimester in the sweltering heat of summer…

When mom and I were planning the shower, I thought I could be brave enough to tackle the errands a week or two before the big day.. that’s when I was in my first and second trimester and life was peachy and comfortable..

The reality is.. while it was really fun hanging out with mom and getting stuff done like old times.. it was really hard.  By the end of the day, I could barely walk at a decent pace.. everything felt swollen and sore.. and I was really trying NOT to get grumpy over it.  I actually did a pretty good job with that.  I had to keep reminding myself that we were doing this for the baby.. and it really wasn’t as bad as I was feeling.. and it was really nice spending time with mom and shopping and browsing.. just like old times before I moved out of the house..

A lot of the tiredness stemmed from the heat too.. I think I wouldn’t have gotten so worn out if it wasn’t for the summer heat.. even mom felt it.. so I know it wasn’t all about being prego..

Despite all that.. mom, me, and a family friend had a great time going around my old stomping grounds getting things for the shower.. we did get a lot accomplished and I’m glad I got to help out..

There are a few more things that have to be taken care of.. but the majority of the errands are done. 

Planning a baby shower.. who knew it would be THIS involved.. I swear.. it’s like planning my wedding all over again!

Today starts the third trimester for me and this little one..

I am definitely starting to feel the difference.. my stomach always feels stretched to the maximum.. it’s starting to get uncomfortable.. my back is starting to really ache at times.. all I want to do is lie down.. oh.. and I’m sooo sleepy!

I think I’m a lot more sleepier now than I was in my first trimester.  I don’t remember really taking a lot of naps when I got home from work.  Now, it seems like I crash on the couch and have the hardest time trying to get up to cook dinner because I’m so tired.. yet.. I still fall asleep quickly at night.. like I never took that nap.  It feels like I can never get enough sleep..

The summer heat isn’t helping with my comfort levels either.  It just feels like it gets worse and worse. 

The great thing about this trimester is that the baby has grown considerably.. and now I feel every little move and kick and roll.. I love it.  I love feeling her move and I love that she interacts with me now.  I poke at my belly a little and sometimes I feel a little poke back.. it’s great.  I feel like we are totally bonding already and it makes me feel like a pretty good mommy..

It’s pretty much a countdown now.. from here on out.. it’s a countdown to d-day.. delivery day..

I’m most worried about that.. scared.. but I’ve mentioned this several times already so I don’t want to sound redundant.. but.. I am pretty scared about it.. but I know I can get through it.. I have to.. how else is she gonna come out?!

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