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Got a new power cord for my laptop, so I’m back in business!  Thanks for the patience with the posts that were created with the mobile app.  I hope there were too many typos and mistakes!!

I know sleep deprivation should occur AFTER the baby is born.  I mean, there’s a good reason for lacking sleep once the baby is born..

I should be taking this time to get as much sleep as possible, right?

I wish!

Every night is a practically sleepless night.  While everyone is snoozing away, I’m wide awake.

Sometimes it’s because the baby is moving and fighting every sleeping position I try.

Sometimes it’s because I’m so uncomfortable.  Two pillows under my head is too high and hurts my neck.  One pillow under my head causes my back to hurt badly when I wake up.  Where’s my happy, comfy medium?!?

Sometimes it’s just because I’m not sleepy!

I didn’t have this type of insomnia when I was pregnant with M.  I think it was because I was working during that pregnancy and was tired during the day.  During my pregnancy with M, I slept so well.  Why is this time so different?!

Has anyone else dealt with pregnancy insomnia?

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I’m uncomfortable.

The lying on the bed doesn’t feel good.

The couches don’t feel good.

I’m tired of lying on the recliner.

I feel so stretched out (that reminds me, I’m long overdue for a belly pic).

There is no position that relieves my discomfort.

I’m uncomfortable.

I don’t remember feeling this yucky with my first pregnancy. Then again, there were a lot of things I forgot from my first pregnancy that came flooding back during this pregnancy.

I hate to complain, but I feel like if I get this off my chest, I will be able to relieve some pent up frustration and find some comfort.

How did you deal with the constant discomforts of pregnancy?

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