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It’s been fascinating to see M’s imagination developing..

She loves to watch certain television shows and DVDs of television shows..

One in particular is Lalaloopsy Land.. something about pillow.. I can’t think of the name.

One of the main characters is called Pillow Featherbed.. she LOVES Pillow.. so much so that we actually had to scour the internet to try to find a Pillow doll for her..

Lately, she’s been pretending to be Pillow.  There are times where she’ll lie down on a pillow and say, “Shhh.  Pillow sleep.”  Or she’ll pretend to catch Sheep, Pillow’s pet.

Sometimes she likes it when we call her Pillow.

Or she’ll watch another show and she’ll pretend that she’s running and jumping with the other characters.. or she’ll copy their dialogue..

Sometimes, when the TV is NOT on, she’ll reenact dialogue or sing a song they sing while doing a dance they do.. or she’ll call her self that particular character and mimic actions they do in the show or movie..

It’s pretty amazing watching her imagination develop with the shows she watches.. and how she begins to actually interact with the characters she sees on tv and how she incorporates that into her play time..

It’s so much fun to watch..

I’m not one to confine my daughter to strictly girlie things..

It’s not my fault that she tends to gravitate toward pink things (or is it?!), or Disney Princesses, or Dora the Explorer..

When she was younger, Hubby and I experimented in the Target toy aisle.

Hubby and I grabbed an obvious “boy toy” and an obvious “girl toy.”  We picked some Avengers toy for the boy toy.  The packaging was all blue, has all those action toy graphics.. seriously boy.  For the girl toy, we picked some super pink Barbie thing.  The packaging was pink, with florals and swirlies.. totally girlie.

We took her to the middle of the main aisle, so the toys couldn’t cloud her judgement, and we whipped the toys out in front of her at the same time. 

Each time, she would gravitate toward the girl toy. 

Being the scientists we are, we did this several times, on several occasions.. and she always picked the girl toy..

That was when she was less than a year old..

Now, it seems that her love of toys and tv shows has gone beyond “girl” things. 

She currently LOVES Thomas & Friends and Jake & The Neverland Pirates.  Both shows seemed to be geared toward boys. 

Both shows have girl characters in it, but if you notice the marketing, it seems to be more towards boys. 

I really have yet to see any girl clothes with Thomas or Jake on it.  I would really love to get M a shirt, but we haven’t found one yet.  If you see one, please let me know! 

I think its really great that she’s into these things and that she isn’t restricting herself to all princesses and tea sets. 

She has one toy train, and one Jake doll.  She loves them both, and true to her girlie style, she loves to hug and kiss them. 

Would the feeling of acceptance be the same if M was a boy playing with girl toys? 

Share your stories of boy/girl toys here in the comments!

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