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When M was younger, I used to be able to play with her hair all the time.  I have tons of photos of her in pigtails and bows.  I loved it.

Then, she learned that she could take out the rubber bands in her hair..

I would fix her hair so super cute, like this:


And within minutes, she’d be doing this:

(Ignore the Hubby photobomb)

So this is the story from last night…

I had an itch to play with her hair, so took the rubber band that was holding my hair together and put M’s hair in a half pony tail.

As usual, within minutes, she pulled it out and handed the rubber band back to me.  In true “me” fashion, I took the rubber band and pulled her hair back up into a half pony tail.

In true “M” fashion, she pulled the rubber band out of her hair.  I asked her to return the rubber band back to me.  I think she had a feeling that I was going to pull her hair back again, so instead of handing it back to me, she walks down to the hallway, and throws the rubber band down the hall.

Ha!  She’s too smart for her own good.  Lucky for her, she has a persistent mother.

Laughing, I walk over to the hallway, grab the rubber band and tie her hair back again. 

Feeling a slight sense of defeat, she left it in.  Score one for me!

Hubby started getting her ready for bed.  They removed the rubber band and left it on the bathroom counter.

I took the rubber band again, but had no intentions of putting it back in M’s hair. 

However, when she saw me grab the rubber band, she told me, “No Mimi!  Put it away!”

Why does she hate getting her hair fixed?!  She’s so cute with her hair up!  One of these days, she’s going to let me play with her hair.  One of these days she’s going to learn…

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