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I’m a scientist.  I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology, with emphasis on Pathology and Microbiology.. and a minor in Chemistry.

I’m a scientist working on her Masters in Business Administration.

What am I doing getting a business degree?

Honestly.. sometimes I really don’t know.

I was fine and content with my science career.. and my science geek lifestyle.

I guess that was it.. I was content.

I needed change.. and I needed to stretch my brain into learning new concepts and learning how to think about things at a different angle.

Sometimes its working.. sometimes.. like now.. I feel like I’m killing my brain cells.. this class makes me feel so out of my element that I am killing my brain cells trying to absorb it all.

Someone remind me how great it will be once I get my MBA..

So I got back from my lovely business trip to Arizona on Friday.

I’m a wuss that can’t handle a one-hour time change.. and I have been battling whatever bug I have caught from one of my collegues or someone on the plane.. that I took today off from work and slept in until 11:00am.  That felt WONDERFUL!!!

I’ve been pondering what my big “comeback blog entry” would be.. and I think I have figured it out..

Things that I take for granted as a Californian.. the list..

In-n-Out Burgers
As we drove by an In-n-Out.. someone from Colorado told us how she made her shuttle person drop her off at the In-n-Out that she passed by on their way to the hotel.  She had heard about the place and new she had to try it when she saw one.  I.. on the other hand.. have several In-n-Outs within a 20-mile radius of me..

The beach
Someone also said they have never been to the ocean.. I live an hour from the ocean.. and I hardly go.. hearing that from that collegue made me realize that I need to try to go more often..

There weren’t any people from the Florida area.. so I was the only one that was closest enough to any sort of Disney park.  They all thought it was pretty interesting that I frequent Disneyland and own a premium annual pass.. I’m not sure if it was “interesting good” or “interesting bad..”  but it was “interesting..”

Frozen yogurt
I asked some of them if they noticed a sudden boom in “self-service frozen yogurt” places.  They said no, but saw a sudden surgence of smoothie places.. like Jamba Juice.. Hmmm.. interesting..

Sunny Southern California
We had wonderful weather in Arizona that week.. many of them lived east of Arizona and were going back to cold, rainy, snowy weather.  Someone said that their husband had said that they were having warm weather.. and when they meant warm.. they meant SIXTY DEGREES… I’m usually wearing a hoodie in that weather.. I love sunny southern california!

I’m sitting here in the living room of my suite.. and my feet are cold.

I’m about to transfer into my bedroom and put my feet under the covers.  That would be lovely.

I’m having fun here in this hotel.  The suite is beautiful and the things I am doing and learning are pretty fun for a science geek.  Last night I went out with some of my collegues and the instructors.  We went to the complimentary happy hour then we headed to the Cheesecake Factory a few minutes away.. walking!

I am literally an alley across from this high-end mall.. I love it.

Not going to buy anything.. and I’ve only been there once.. but I just love the fact that it’s next to me.. hee hee..

I’m here til Friday afternoon.. then it’s back home..

Tomorrow is a huge group dinner.. so I probably won’t be able to get online.. which is a little discomforting for an internet addict like myself.. but I’m learning.


That is the view from the elevator to our hotel room when we went to Las Vegas a few weeks ago.. I took that picture when we first walked down that hallway.  I didn’t realize how creepy it would look til this day..

Lots of things are going on this month.  Remember what I said about complacency?  Well.. it’s all going to change soon.

I’m going to be going to a conference for one week in Phoenix, Arizona.  This is the second time that I will be traveling by myself.  I actually like taking these little trips by myself.

I will be having an entire suite all to myself.  It will give me a lot of time to think about things and live my life according to what I want to do for that week.

I know it won’t be a very exciting week.  I’ll be doing homework most of the nights I will be there because I will have just started a class that week.  I won’t know anyone.. so I hope I make some friends that we can go out and have a good time for a night or two around the area.

I’ve never been to Arizona.  My cousin lives there but I don’t know how close she lives to Phoenix.  I’ll try to get a hold of her to see if she wants to swing by with her kids to say hi.

I’m excited to go.  This should be fun.  Take away my hum-drum complacency.. even if it’s just for a week..

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