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It’s getting to that time of year..

It’s getting warm and sunny!

Yesterday, I stayed home with M and we had a blast.

After lunch, I lathered her up with sunscreen and we had a little outdoor adventure. 

We started off in the little play area of our apartment complex.  She loves slides and those little animals you can ride on.  She thought it was some sort of horse, or dog… I think at one point she called it a camel!

She’d go up to it and say, “Good boy, atta boy.” Even at the end of the day, while we sat together to look at the pictures I took of her, she would point at it and say, “Good boy.” I wonder where she got that from?!

She had tons of fun in the little park. It makes me so happy to know that she’s old enough to enjoy such things!

This dome freaked her out a little bit when she walked into the middle and discovered she was surrounded.. she climbed out pretty quickly.. it was an interesting experience for her. 

We ended the little outdoor adventure with a trip to the pool.

It was very impromptu.  I didn’t have any swim clothes on, neither did she.  But I wanted her to experience the pool and I wanted to see how she would react.

When I first tried to get her in, she freaked out a little bit.  She didn’t want to go near it..  I think the size of the body of water was intimidating..

With a little gently coaxing, I got her to come with me towards the pool.  With her little shoes off, we sat at the edge and I dangled her feet into the water.  I held her sooo tightly because I didn’t want her to accidentally fall in.

She just had so much fun. I tried to take her out at least three times but she wanted to go back for more.. now I know she’s ready for the pool!

Finally it was nap time, so we went back to the apartment.  The little adventure must have tired her out because she didn’t fight me at all!

In fact, she napped for about two and a half hours!  It was definitely a good day.. I hope we have many more of these days as she gets older..


You know you’re a Catholic mom when you have to constantly stop your toddler from “blessing” themselves with any and every type of liquid they can get their hands on.

For example.. M has “blessed” herself with the following…

-The cat’s drinking water
-Water she’s shaken out of her sippy cup and onto a table or her highchair tray
-The pee that splashes out of her Elmo potty chair.. yes.  This is true.

I love that she knows how to do the Sign of the Cross.  It’s the cutest thing to hear her little voice say “Amen” with the rest of the congregation during the opening blessings at Mass. 

But please.. pee?

Toddlers have so much to learn.  I cherish her innocence and curiosity.. but sometimes.. it’s just kinda gross.

M has discovered a plethora of nursery rhymes on Youtube.

She particularly loves the videos from The Mother Goose Club and from a YouTube account called HooplaKids, or something to that effect.

She’s constantly wanting to listen and watch these videos.. the following are her favorite:

Baa baa sheep (Baa baa black sheep)
Twinkle stah (Twinkle, twinkle little star)
No monkey bed (5 Little Monkeys Jumping on The Bed)
Baby ah-haa (The Wheels on the bus – because of the baby on the bus saying “wah wah wah.)
Teapot (I’m a little teapot)
McNonald (Old Mc Donald had a farm)
‘A’ apple ah ah (Phonics songs)

And that’s all I can think of at this time.  She LOVES these songs at the moment and it’s so cute watching her eyes light up when she sees these videos..

She loves when I help her out with the actions on The Wheels On The Bus, or when we shake our fingers when the doctors says, “No more monkeys jumping on the bed!”

There are even times when she tries to sing along.. it’s so cute.  She can pretty much say the last word of every line of every song. 

I love that music is starting to make an impact in her life.

Yesterday, I picked up M early from work.

We had a cute little lunch date at Boston Market, then we went home because it was her afternoon nap time.

We got home.. and she was just not sleepy.. not even a little bit.  She never yawned, sucked her thumb, or gave me any indication that she was tired.

She was just so excited to be home with me, all she wanted to do was play..

I tried to hold her and sway her.  I tried to lie down with her and tried to get her to wind down.  I tried to turn all the lights off and turn the tv off.

None of it worked.  She just wanted to spend time with me.

So.. I gave in. 

We had afternoon snacks, and we played.  We colored.  We sang.  We danced. 

I was hoping to tire her out so she could take a quick nap.. but she never did.

I was anticipating a very grumpy, tired girl by dinner time.  However, I was pleasantly surprised at how great she was.

I thought she was going to go to bed by 8 or 9 pm.  She was starting to show signs of sleepiness by then.  Her eyes were getting droopy, she was yawning more.. but still not a grumpy outburst at all.

Eventually, by 10pm, after her bath and night time routine, she looked at me and said, “go bed?”

So, she had some milk and off to bed we went.

It didn’t take any more than 5 minutes and she was out!

It was awesome!  She didn’t stall at all!  It was a wonderful feeling!

Ok.. I know naps are still important at this age.. but her lack of afternoon nap resulted in the best bed time ever!

It’s nice to get those little breaks in the system..



She has been M’s friend since her first Christmas in 2011.

They were good friends in the middle of 2012.. but as the year went on.. they slowly drifted apart and Violet ended up at the bottom of the toy bin.

Jump forward to now.. April 2013.

M discovered this video on Netflix:

It’s M’s favorite video right now and all she wants to watch.

Last night, when she was watching this video.. I pulled Violet out from the bottom of the toy bin and showed it to M.

Oh my goodness.. M was so happy!  She hugged Violet as if she was a brand new toy!

She sat Violet next to her as they watched the video together.. and she brought Violet with her as she climbed onto the couch to snuggle with me we started her nighttime routine..

I’m so glad she’s finding a new appreciation for her toys..

It’s so amazing how much a toddler develops in such a small span of time..

M has started to really think for herself and say things for herself and is starting to observe the world around her.. it’s amazing to see her mentally develop in this way..

Yesterday, before M and hubby came home, I decided to repolish my nails.

I turned all the fans and vents on so that the apartment wouldn’t smell so strongly of nail polish..

M came home and ran straight to me.. she looked at me and suddenly said, “mell?”

She repeated it several times, and then said, “mell hair?” and then grabs a bit of my hair and smells it..

That’s when I realized she was talking about the smell of nail polish!

She thought it was my hair!

I told her it wasn’t my hair and that I was painting my nails.  Once I helped her solve the mysterious smell, she went on to play with her toys and start her afternoon/early evening..

I didn’t realize she was at the age to observe those things already…

What a big girl!

When 2013 started, I decided this was the year to scrapbook.

The method I chose was Project Life.  Because I wanted to save money, I decided to NOT use the official PL products, but use what I have and make it work.

You can see the progress on my scrap blog, CutieQ Cards n Crafts.

Yesterday, M and I were looking through the pages I had already finished.  We were pointing at people and objects.  She was saying who they were, and what the objects were.  It’s always so cute seeing her pointing out my pictures and Hubby’s pictures.

When it came to her pictures, I was expecting her to say “pishure.”  For the longest time, she would identify herself as “pishure” (translation – picture).

So last night, when we were pointing out faces, I pointed to hers and asked her who it was..


She said her name!

The emphasis was on the wrong syllable.. it’s should be “mah-LI-ya” but hey.. it’s better than “pishure!”

She loves looking at pictures, and I’m so glad I’ve decided to start scrapbooking.  Nights like last night that make it so worth it!


M currently enjoys hearing Alicia Keys “Girl on Fire.”

Here’s how we sing it together..

Me:  (sings) This girl is on…
M: (sings) Maiah…

Maiah is M’s cousin.

Apparently.. this girl is on Maiah..

Silly girl.

It was inevitable.. the more M spoke, the more her words would be less “baby babble” and more “words.”

I’ve noticed lately that she’s been correcting herself when it comes to certain words and pronunciations..

She hears it so much from us that I guess it was bound to happen.. she’s starting to learn to say her words correctly..

But I do miss her little interpretations.. and she’s also starting to call things by their correct name..

Before: Ah-mahn
Now: Wiper..
Refering to Swiper the Fox in Dora the Explorer

Before: Wah-wah
Now: Wah-teh

Before: Mimi
Now: Mommy
This actually breaks my heart because I LOVE that she calls me “Mimi.”  This isn’t a permanent fix, she still calls me “Mimi” on her first instinct.  It only changes to “Mommy” if she hears it from somewhere else

Before: Mouse
Now: Mickey..
She also does the same for Minnie..

Before: Mulk..
Now: Milk..
I love hearing her say this one…

There are others that I can’t think of at the moment.. excuse the “mommy brain.”

It’s good to know that her language development is progressing well… it just makes me realize that she really is growing up.. a little too quickly for my liking.. but still.. she’s getting to be a big girl now…

Who ever said potty training was a test of patience wasn’t joking!

This potty training thing is difficult..

I guess you can say that I’m not training her in the sense that she has to be out of diapers by a certain time.  I’ve been taking my time with her and letting her own nature take it’s course.  So far she’s been progressing fairly well.. and granted there are good days and bad days.. for the most part.. it’s all been good.

I haven’t taken her out of diapers yet.  She’s only 19 months!  I know we aren’t ready for that step.

But I have to say, there are days where we won’t have to change her PullUp until the lining inside gets all bunchy and outta place.

Over the weekend, she wore her Pull Up from 11pm til about 2:30pm the next day!  That’s over 12 hours of using the potty!

She’s really progressing on her own, and I’m glad that it’s a “no pressure” situation for her and all of us.

It DOES take a toll on me..

While I welcome in whole-heartedly, she will wake up slightly into the night and ask to potty.  I’m a girl that LOVES her sleep, so having to get up in the middle of the night to take a half-asleep kid to the potty just kills me a little bit.  But I know that I shouldn’t hinder her progress and I just give up as one of the many mommy sacrifices I must make in my life.

M’s also starting to be very vocal about her needs.. which is great.  She lets us know that she has to go even when we are out running errands.

I’ve taken to bringing a portable potty, but she’s still not used to it.  I’ve tried to sit her on the adult potties and holding her carefully, but she’s too scared.  I’ve tried to bring her Elmo potty with us on the road, but there’s too much distraction sitting on her potty in the trunk of our SUV..

She won’t go when we are out, but then she’ll also hold it in as long as she can until we go home.  She’ll even beg to go home because she needs “potty.”   I feel so bad that I tell her it’s ok to go in her diaper.. but sometimes she just won’t go.  Poor baby holds it in til we get home..

The travel potty and bringing her Elmo just won’t work right now because she’s still at the stage where she needs all the conditions to be “just right.”  I know eventually she’ll get over it and learn to go in whatever potty is presented to her, but it’s just a frustrating process for her and I together.  I wish there was a way that she could go potty outside the home in the receptacles I provide her…

Last Sunday, we went to Mass.  I don’t think I sat in for half of it because most of the time we were outside on her Elmo potty in the back of our SUV.  She really had to go but just couldn’t do it.  She had fallen asleep and missed out on our lunch… it seemed like hours and hours.. once we got home, I put her on her potty and she did her business.  She held it in for so so long.  I can’t help but feel bad.

How did you do the whole potty training thing when they had to go outside the house but just couldn’t do it?  Suggestions?

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