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They’re up!

The Mother’s Day greeting cards are up in the Etsy shop, CutieQ Cards n Crafts!




There are three card designs.  I made four of each card design.  That means each of these cards are in very limited quanities, so if you would like to purchase one, act now!  Once these are all sold, then they are gone!

I’m also asking that if you want to make a purchase, please consider purchasing ON OR BEFORE APRIL 30TH.  This helps me make sure that they get shipped out in time for Mother’s Day.

I will also be sending limited quantities of all of these cards to the flower shop, All That Blooms, in Chino Hills, CA.  I sell my cards there.  If you find yourself in that area, please stop by and look at the cards I have for sale.

Are you ready for Mother’s Day?  Make sure you have the perfect card!

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To continue in the ‘mother’s day’ spirit,  I want to share with you something I wrote about becoming a mother on my Instagram on Sunday.

In January 2011, my dreams came true when I got a positive result on a pregnancy test.  Being a mother was something I had always wanted for as long as I could remember.  Nine months later, this precious girl came into my life and my world has never been the same.  She’s exhausting, challenging, and has taught me more about patience than I ever expected.  She’s also entertaining, charming and probably the sweetest, most loving person I know.  She is unconditional love.  I cherish every second that I am your mother.  You, my dear made all my dreams come true.  I love you lots!

Motherhood is something I try not to take for granted, ever.  I love being a mother.  I love being HER mother. 

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Yesterday was Mother’s Day and it was great, like always.

My parents came over for the weekend and my younger brother surprised my mother by showing up for the weekend also.

It was a very laid back holiday.  We ate out, then hung out at home.

When my family left, we ended the day having dinner with Hubby’s family.

It was a day full of love and appreciation.

Did I get anything for Mother’s Day?  No.  I never do. 

Is that a problem?  No.  It never is.

Why?  Because gifts don’t really matter to me. 

All I needed was to hear M tell me, “Happy Mother’s Day.  I love you, Mimi.”  Ok, so I had to tell her to tell me all of that, but hearing it all in her little voice made me melt regardless.

One of these years, she’s going to tell me all of that on her own accord, and it will be just as special.

Motherhood is the best.

Happy mother’s day to all the mommies of the world!

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Yesterday was a pretty awesome Mother’s Day.

It’s started off like any Sunday.. we went to Church, then went to lunch.

We went home after and I had the BEST Mother’s Day gift a mother could ever ask for… A NAP!  Yes.. I took a nap!

Because M fell asleep while we were all eat lunch, she missed out on eating with us while at the restaurant.  We went home for her to eat lunch and my mom and Hubby took care of everything while I lied down on the couch.. before I knew it, I was waking up!

Oh.. it was a wonderful nap!

Then, because it was such a wonderfully warm day yesterday, we took M and spent a good two hours in the pool!  She LOVED it.. it was the first swim of the year and I can’t wait to do it again!

We ended the day with dinner with Hubby’s family.. and then we went home for me to spend some time at the craft table..

All day, it’s like M knew.  She showered me with kisses and hugs, more than most days…

She really knows how to make her “mimi” happy!

I hope everyone else had a great Mother’s day!

Mother’s Day is coming up..

It’s my second one. 

Last year, M was only 8 months old.. didn’t do much.. but reading last year’s blog post reminded me of what she was like that time..

This year, at 20 months, she’s a completely different person.. and I feel like I’ve grown as a mother..

This past year has taught me patience, as M is approaching the “terrible twos” I have noticed a slight change in her personality and her need to do things without my help.  The crying fits that seem to be controled by a hair trigger have taught me a lot of patience.  Potty training has taught me patience..

This past year has shown me a love I’ve never known.  That love between a child and mother is so pure and precious, I could never take it for granted.  I thank God everyday for this particular blessing.  Her hugs are so genuine.  When she looks me in the eyes and says, “mimi?” when she’s doing something she’s proud of.. I feel her love and admiration. 

She loves me even after I have to be firm with her.  She loves me even after I have to pull her away from something she wanted but couldn’t have.  She loves me after she cries her eyes out when I tell her she can’t do something bad or dangerous.  Seconds later, she’s in my arms and smiling and playing with me again.

She is unconditional love personified. 

On this Mother’s Day, I don’t ask for anything special.  I don’t need flowers, candy, jewelry, or pampering..

On this Mother’s Day, I get all the thanks I need from the special little girl I call my daughter.  I get all the thanks I need when she comes home from being at grandma’s house, runs over to me and gives me the biggest hug she knows how.  I get all the thanks I need when she calls me “mimi.”  I get all the thanks I need just knowing that she’s happy and loved. 

Happy mother’s day to all the wonderful mothers, grandmothers, and mothers-to-be..

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, my first Mother’s Day.

We didnt’ do anything super special.  We went out to lunch with my mother, and then we all had dinner with Hubby’s mother. 

On Saturday, my mom took me out for pedicures and shopping. 

Little M is too little to really do anything special for me, but she did shower me with her sloppy little kisses all day.  I didn’t even need to ask for them most of the time.. it’s like she knew it was my day and that was her little way to show me how much she loves me. 

She’s got those little kisses down to an art.. she opens her mouth wide.. puts it on my cheek.. sucks in a little and pulls her face back.. pop!  She looks at me with her gummy grin and goes in for the cheek again.

By the time she’s done, my cheek is soaked with baby love in the form of saliva.. its the cutest (yet kinda gross) thing in the world.. I couldn’t ask for anything more!

I really think that’s part of what being a mother is all about.. those things that you used to find gross become the things you seem to cherish the most..

I can’t believe how different my outlook on life and bodily functions has changed since I became a mother.  I’ve touched poo, been pee’d on, dug for boogers, caught spit up, been a thrown up on.. etc.. etc.. etc..

But I’ve also been kissed, hugged, hugged with a little pat on my back with her tiny little hands, smiled at, coo’d at, called “mama”, been crawled to, sought comfort from, laughed with, smiled at, slept on, cuddled on, snuggled on, depended on, and looked at with eyes of unconditional love and adoration..

You can’t ask for anything better than that.

Mother’s Day is coming up.. this Sunday.  Is it just me or did it seem like it’s earlier than most years?!  It just seemed to pop outta nowhere..

Being pregnant with our first child.. and Mother’s Day coming so quickly.. it got me thinking.. Does this Mother’s Day actually count for me?!

In my opinion.. it’s a toss up..

I could say no because the baby isn’t born yet.. and most pregnant women are referred to as “mommy-to-be.”  I could also say no because I can’t really identify with other mothers yet.  I have no “war stories” to compare with.  I don’t know the sleepless nights.. the highs.. the lows.. and all that comes with raising a child.  I still don’t know and experienced the true meaning of “mother..”

Or have I?!

I feel like the instant I found out I was pregnant, I became a mother.  My protective maternal instincts kicked in the second that pregnancy test came out positive.  I worry day and night that the child growing in me is safe, healthy and strong.  My mind is never too far away from our baby.  My life has changed in the sense that I am fully aware of the impact my actions may have on my child’s life, in and out of the womb..

I’ve felt the beginnings of “mommy sacrifices” because of the morning sickness.. the aches and pains of pregnancy.. sacrifices I deal with knowing that it’s our child in me.. and trying my best to make him/her feel safe in her temporary home..

So.. does that make me a “mommy-to-be” or just a “mommy?”

I guess it could really go either way.. what did you think when you were pregnant on Mother’s Day?!

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