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This pregnancy has been pretty rough so far. 

The nausea has been pretty persistent. 

During my first OB-GYN visit, the midwife suggested I take Vitamin B6 to curb the nausea. 

Not wanting to swallow more pills, I looked for more natural methods to increase my Vitamin B6 intake.  In other words, “what can I eat?”


” Foods such as bananas, nuts, green beans, carrots, cauliflower, potatoes, lean meats, and fish are good sources of vitamin B6.” (

So, a banana a day!

If you know me, you know that I am NOT a banana person.  There is a small window in which I will eat a banana.  From the time it turned yellow, to right before it starts getting those brown spots.  That usually means that I only have about a two-three day window to enjoy bananas.  

But this time around, I have to endure the banana even when the brown spots start to happen.  I have to sacrifice my little fruit quirk because the bananas are working.

What remedies did you use to curb your nausea and morning sickness?  I’d love to hear your stories in the comments below! 

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Hello Nausea.. we meet again.

I thought you were gone.. you are supposed to be gone.. I’m entering into my second trimester.. .why are you still here?

You came with another friend, Sleepiness.


What happened to second trimester energy?  It doesn’t look like that’s arriving anytime soon..

I was really excited when you left, and took Sleepiness with you.. I thought I had my life back again..

Hunger did try to replace you.. and I think you two are fighting for my attention.. but sadly, looks like you win again, Nausea..

I guess, in a way.. you’re a reminder of the little one growing in side of me.. you’re reminding me that my body is full of hormones and those hormones are good for keeping the baby in me.. but.. why must you make me feel so blah?!

Besides, I do have other reminders that I’m pregnant.. like.. that belly I’m growing.. that’s a reminder enough..

Well.. looks like it’s you and me again for awhile.. I hope you don’t stay too long..

It’s been an interesting week. 

I lost my phone on Monday.. I really can’t remember the two-five minutes that lapsed between the time I left the restroom and the time I got in the car.. it kills me that I can’t remember..

How soon is “baby brain” supposed to hit you?!  I thought that it was supposed to hit later in the pregnancy.. but then again.. this is me.. and it’s not really unusual for me to have brain farts.. hahah!

I miss my phone.. it’s made me realize how much I actually depend on that thing.. it’s like a lifeline.. I feel so disconnected from everyone and everything..

But I guess it’s been a nice “techie-break” for me.. to really concentrate on what’s important.. but then again.. my brain is soo consumed with the missing phone.. I’ve been a big ball of emotions..

It’s not fun..

On the other hand.. my morning sickness has been getting milder and milder.. it’s getting more tolerable that I dont have to feel like I’m constantly having to put food in my mouth..

However.. food is starting to taste really bland to me.. EVERYTHING is bland.. unless it intensionally had strong flavors.. nothing tastes good..

Oh well, I’d rather have the bland foods than the neverending nausea.. and I’d rather have my cell phone than be without it..

What a week..

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was hoping to be one of those exceptions that didn’t get the morning sickness.  My mother would often tell me that she never really experienced the nausea of morning sickness with her two pregnancies..

I, unfortunately, am not so lucky.

Even when I’m not pregnant, one of my monthly symptoms was always a slight nauseous feeling.  So I guess that this nausea would be around full force being pregnant.

Thank God I haven’t been throwing up… it’s just nausea.. and sometimes I feel like that’s so much worse than throwing up.  Sometimes I feel that maybe if I just threw up, I’d feel better..

The only thing that totally allievates my nausea is to have a full stomach.. so that means that I literally have to graze all day.. I have to eat about every two hours..

Trust me.. I’m so sick of eating.. it’s literally become a chore..

The thing is.. I can’t just eat those quick remedy foods that are posted on all the pregnancy sites.. saltine crackers make me even more nauseous.. and grazing on dry starchy foods just adds a very uneasy lump in my stomach..

The only things that remedy my nausea are nice warm, homecooked foods.. like.. really meals.. this snack stuff totally doesn’t cut it.. it has to be a meal every two hours.. or like a nice warm hearty soup.. or chicken strips and fries..

I feel like I’m gaining way too much weight, way too fast because of it.. but what can I do.. I feel lousy if I don’t..

Which introduces another issue of trying to eat hearty every two hours while at work.. I can’t.. so I obviously feel this lingering nausea while at work.. I can’t go into a kitchen a whip myself some meal while working.. so I try the crackers.. I try the snacks.. that’s the best I can do while at work..

I’m going to try ginger snaps at work.. I’m hoping the ginger will calm my nausea down and not require me to eat actual meals.. and can hold me off til lunch time..

What kind of foods or drinks did you do to remedy your morning sickness??

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