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‘Me time’ happens when the girls fall asleep.

It’s during that time that I can watch endless Youtube videos, catch up on podcasts, blog, work on products for the Etsy shop, play games on my phone…

Because of this, I go to bed late.  Very late.  I go bed between midnight and 2am.  It just depends on what I’m doing..

The girls will wake up between 6:30am – 8am depending on whether or not there is school that day.

The logical response would be, “Go to bed earlier.

I guess I could.  There are some nights that I do.  Some nights, I’m just so tired that I abandon all that I feel I need to do and I just fall asleep.  It usually happens after staying up several days in a row.

So I know when to rest.

I’ve always been a night owl.  I like staying up late and I like sleeping in.

I haven’t been sleeping in because the girls like to wake up early.  So while my body is adjusting to waking up early, it hasn’t quite gotten the memo about learning how to sleep earlier.

It’s just the way it works…

Plus, the quiet and the stillness of the middle of the night helps me think better.  I feel much more productive.  My brain seems to work better at night…

At least, that’s what I like to tell myself…

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Finding some “me time” is currently impossible.

The only “me time” I can get is when I take a shower, and finding time for THAT is close to impossible.

Am I complaining?  Maybe a little.

When it was just M, it was easy.  She could go to me, then she could go to Hubby, and then I’d get some time for myself.  I could craft, blog, watch some TV, do what I needed to do to refresh.

Now that we have two kids, when K spends some time with Hubby, I need to make up for the time I couldn’t spend with M because I had been so preoccupied with K.  You see where I’m going?

I know that we just started this whole “two kid” parenting thing.. and K is still really young and still really dependent.

I feel like I just got so used to M being so much older.  I forgot how it was when M was young and completely dependent on me.  I know that I hardly had any time for myself back then, as well.

I know we are all still adjusting… but I do miss those moments I get to myself just for a little refresher…

I know that day will come soon…

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