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It’s weird.

When  M was sick, she didn’t really want to play, so our living room was pretty clean.  There weren’t many toys on the ground.  We could walk through our living room without hurting our feet by stepping on one of her toys.  The place was clean.  The place was presentable.

But it came at a price.  The cleanliness came because M was too sick to play.  She wasn’t in the mood to pull all her toys out.  She just wanted to lie around with me.  She just wanted to sit with me.  She was fine with just a book, or her iPad.  She didn’t climb.  We weren’t heard saying “M, no! Don’t climb that!  Get down!  Be careful!”

Now that she’s better, the bins are empty and the toys are scattered all over the place.  Every five minutes “M, be careful!” can be heard in our apartment.  Her books are all over the place.  We can no longer walk in a straight path because there are toys in our way.

Honestly, I’ve never been happier to see the mess.

It tells me that she’s better.  It tells me that she’s pretty much back to normal.  It tells me that she has the energy and strength to play around again.  It tells me that she’s happy to be out and about.

I wonder how long this “happiness” is going to last before my head explodes from the clutter?!

Ok.. so something happened within the last few weeks and it’s been almost impossible to get M to use her Elmo potty..

She was doing so well, keeping a diaper dry for most of the day..

But suddenly.. it stopped after her whole constipation issue.. since then it has been absolutely impossible to get her on the potty.

It got to the point where she would actually kind of whine and cry every time I tried to sit her down on it. 

I would cater to her little whim of removing all her clothes when she would sit on the potty.. but no success.. 

I figured it was because she was watching a video or playing a game, so I would physically show her that I would pause the video or put her toy to the side so that she would know it was waiting for her to come back.. no success.. 

Then.. I tried something.. 

I decided to take the potty OUT of the bathroom and into the living room.. maybe a change of scenery would help.. 

And it did!

I don’t know why I tried a different room.. and in hindsight, I should have just tried to use the other bathroom.. but I was desperate and took the potty to the closest area I could find..

We started it this weekend and it’s actually worked well.. she’s told me several times that she’s wanted to go potty to poop.. and we’ve been pretty successful about catching her before she wets her diaper..

I’m going to slowly move the potty back towards the bathroom, but I will make it a slow process to make sure she gets used to the potty again..

Has anyone else done this?? 

I promise that I will not let her go to the potty in the living room if anyone is over to visit.. hee hee!

At the end of last year, I said that things were going to be changing..

One major goal for this year was to utilize the space of our apartment, reorganize, and make better use of our space.

We’ve been working a lot on our living and dining rooms and it’s marvelous!

For the living room, we replaced all the cardboard boxes we were using to store M’s toys with a piece of Ikea toy storage furniture:


And pink and white bins.. she’s a girl!

With all the toys and books that M had, I was really surprised that the Trofast holds it all. Using this instead of the cardboard boxes of diapers and wipes really made our living room look more organized, less cluttered, and so spacious!

M really loves the bins too, not only does she love pouring the contents all over the living room floor, she loves sitting in them, or climbing on top of them..

We also replaced the TV stand with an old one from my brother in law. It has a smaller footprint than our old TV stand, so it also gave us a little bit more room.

I’m loving our living room. M has so much room to run around, when she doesn’t scatter her toys everywhere.. and it’s so easy to just take and toss her toys into the bin at the end of the day.

I’m loving this reorganization!

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