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A year or two ago, I joined the Top Mommy Blogs network.

The idea was to help generate traffic by climbing the ranks of the network through reader votes.  All the readers had to do was click on the little button I would paste at the end of each blog post.

At my best, I was within the top 50 blogs of my category.

Now that I’ve taken a year off of actively pasting the button on the bottom of entries, I’ve dropped down to around #150-ish in my category and about #570-ish overall.

Can we change that?

I’m going to start pasting that little badge at the bottom of each blog post and all you have to do is click it!  There is no sign-up.  There is no subscribing.  Just click the badge.

Clicking the badge will send you to the Top Mommy Blogs voting page.   If you like my blog, please consider clicking the ‘yes’ side of the screen.  Clicking that will send you to the actual Top Mommy Blogs site where you can browse other blogs, or you can close your browser and call it a day!

Click the badge each day after a new blog post is posted.  One vote per day will help me climb the ranks once again and help me gain more exposure.

Seems easy, right?

Vote For Me @ The Top Mommy Blogs Directory Vote For Me @ The Top Mommy Blogs Directory

I’ve been a part of the Top Mommy Blogs network for almost two months now and I have seen some great results.

In the specific category that I have chosen my blog to be in, I have been ranked around #22.  Overall, I’m ranked at #102.

It’s truly been a blessing to be voted for and for climbing the ranks to those spots.

Here is your little reminder to continue to click the badges at the bottom of each post whenever you read my blog.  All you have to do is click.  There is no need to sign up.  There is no need to contribute anymore than just a click.

Let’s try to get me into the top #100 blogs in the network! 

Thanks again for all the support.  Let me know if there is anything you would like to see me review or if there are any topics you want to see me cover!

(Don’t forget to click these badges to rate my blog and vote for me. All you need to do is click!)
Rate My Blog @ Top Mommy Blogs Visit Top Mommy Blogs To Vote For Me

Some of you may have noticed that I have added a badge to the upper right side bar of this blog.

Last week, I submitted this blog to Top Mommy Blogs.  Yesterday, I got the word that this little blog ‘o mine has been approved!


Now, I can wear that badge proudly, but I need help from you!

If you love reading this blog, and other mommy blogs, I encourage you to click the badge.  Not only will it redirect you to a great source of other fun and informative mommy blogs, it will count as a vote towards my own blog!


Votes get reset at the beginning of each month, so you will definitely hear from me about this at least once a month.

Help a mommy blogger out by clicking the badge and casting a vote for my little piece of the internet!

Thanks so much in advance!

January 1st, 2009 was the very first entry on this blog..

That means I’ve completed 4 years of blogging, and I am entering into my 5th year..

In 2009, I wasn’t married.  Hubby and I had been dating for about 8 months and he was away on an Asian vacation.

I was still living at my parents house and working in the bacteriology lab in San Bernardino.

I was about halfway through my MBA program at the University of Phoenix online…

The blog was about my life but it had no real direction.  I didn’t know what exactly I wanted out of the blog, but I knew it was going to be more well-thought out than previous blogs I had in the past.  I wanted this blog to mean something, what that was, I had no idea at that point. 

Who would have known that this blog would become a wedding blog, a married life blog, and eventually a “mommy blog?!”

Beginning this 5th year of blogging, I’m curious to see where it all goes.  This year is the year I plan to blog every day…

We’ll see what this year has planned for me and this blog..

How long have you been blogging?!

At dinner..

M:  Mimi!
Me:  Yes, baby?
M:  Up?
Me:  Not yet, you have to finish your food.


M:  Mimi!
Me:  Yes, baby?
M:  Up?
Me:  Not yet, you still have to finish your food..

Finished food, but I’m busy eating mine while she’s still in her highchair.

M: Mimi?  Mimi?
Me:  ….
M:  Mimi!
Me:  …
M:  MOMMY!!!!
Me:  Yes, sweetie?
M:  UP, UP!!

So I guess she can say “mommy.”  But I totally prefer the Mimi… hee hee..

Little M has finally learned who we are.. she knows Mommy, Daddy, and her grandparents..

Every once in a while, she does a roll call.. especially when we are video chatting with my parents on the iPad..

M:  Mimi!
Me:  I’m here, baby!
M: Dah-day!
Hubby:  Hi, M!
M: Ama!
My mom:  Hi, sweetie!
M:  Apa!
My dad:  Hi, baby!

Sometimes she does it in the middle of playing..

M: Mimi!
Me:  Yes, baby, I’m here!
M: Dah-day!
Hubby:  Hi, M!
M:  Ama!
Me:  Ama is at her house..
M: Apa!
Me:  Apa is at his house..

It’s so cute.. she’s always checking up on us!

Little M is obsessed.

She’s obsessed with Dora the Explorer..

Me:  M, what do you want to watch?
M:  Doh-wah.

She’ll take the remote control while Hubby and I are watching television, press a few buttons and say:  “I wat doh-wah.”

That could be interpreted as “I want Dora” or “I watch Dora.”  You decide.

She LOVES her Dora.

So to compromise, we’ve been having her watch one or two episodes on Netflix some night before bed.  It helps her unwind and settle down after playing around all day.  On nights where we don’t let her watch Dora, she makes us read her little Dora book that we had purchased on a whim one trip to Costco.  Thank goodness for that whim, it’s become her favorite book!

Oh Dora, what have you done to my kid?!

It’s been awhile.. I know.

Life is busy, like everyone else.

I’ve been having a hard time trying to find the time to update and add entries.  So much happens, especially with a toddler and I wish I could find the time to write all about it..

But I’m trying.

So I’m pushing myself to really try to keep up with this.. It’s ideal for me to update daily. 

Life with a toddler is an endless supply of stories..

So, let’s set a goal month-to-month, that I will be able to update daily. 

If there is anything you want to see me write about, please feel free to leave me topics in the comments. 

I’d love for this to be more interactive.. it could be fun!

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